People Connections – We are truly embedded in the lockdown.

Dare I say it, People Connections in a –

New Working World

Getting used to the new working world, we are now living in.

This alien and sinister virus has turned our worlds upside down in a flash.

But we are developing our organisational communities as a result.

We are forced into this new environment of total remote working, which I don’t see us completely moving away from.

I don’t mean we shall never return to business offices or property

But organisations have a lot to learn about the gems that have emerged at this time.

The Power of People Connections

Suddenly new wellbeing strategies are being embedded, and top of corporate agendas, and that’s a win, if there ever was one!

Our language is changing

We are truly thinking about how our people are, and what are their circumstances outside of work.

We have strived to support workforces in bringing their whole selves to work prior to this pandemic, and yet at this critical time.

And we are willingly and openly doing this without the drives from diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The Boundaries between

That boundary between home and work is so important to maintain our sanity.

But having those sneaky peeks into our colleagues lives through the tiny eye on the laptop.

And those precious informal starts to our remote meetings is bringing our organisational communities closer together.

There is a greater sense of familiarity between us now and genuine relationships are truly building.

So what if that originated from the tongue in cheek comment about my scenic backdrop of the spare bedroom wardrobe.

Or the worse for wear ivy hanging off it, we are building and strengthening our connections.

We need these social connections to maintain our well-being.

After all we did stem from creatures.

That loved a good ole chit chat or communal grunt about the recent hunting and gathering expedition around the fire.

This human necessity has pitched up in our work lives.

We need to nurture and celebrate it for when we get to other side of this pandemic.

We are breaking down those internal barriers and silos through our connections.

Whether it may have started because another business area got wind of your fabulous virtual Friday quiz and want a piece of the action.

Those are the vital nodes that we channel organisations networks and connectivity through.

People Networks And How We Gain

We don’t just have opportunities to bring our whole selves to work.

Organisations are becoming ‘more whole’ because of the strength of our people networks.

Businesses previously governed by hierarchy are being challenged to being people led by really hearing and acting on the voice of their workforce.

The boardroom has come to the spare bedroom!

We mustn’t lose this unique opportunity and incorporate it into business as usual.

Only weeks ago businesses were concerned over their digital and systems capability to survive, but our people networks are critical for organisations to thrive.

As leaders and professionals what are you noticing about your people networks and connections at this time, and what will you do to develop them?

Pav Ponnoosami


I have spent my career studying and understanding people.

Not just through formal academia and my profession, but also through an open heart and mind, lived experiences and a hell of a lot of self reflection and people watching.

I take this into the world of Organisational Development and feed into:

How we can develop strong People communities in businesses by embedding the right cultures?

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