The story you tell – The power belongs to the storyteller.

The story you tell – The power of whatever happens is in the story you tell and how you decide to support the story. If there is no story – NO ONE – will know. Whistleblowing is a new and safe way to address compliance better. Internal whistleblowers is a way to help business identify compliance problems before they turn into more serious regulatory investigations. 

There can be:

  • No one is famous unless you look at them with admiration and let them lead – They too have a story The story you tell about them.
  • Heroes unless you look at them and say – wow they have superpowers.
  • Fear unless you think it
  • Hope unless you create it
  • Dreams unless you think them

Your mind controls what you think, The story you tell and you have the power to create anything, not all you want as you want it, but you have a unique gift to create your life to your satisfaction.

This does not mean being rich and famous, this means you have the power to play the role in life which will give you peace of mind and inner satisfaction.

It is hard work every day to aim for and to seek and find out what is right for yourself as you feel it and as you understand it becomes The story you tell.

The power of your story.

The power of you who are and want to be and how you want to create your life to fulfilled satisfy. It is not an easy thing, trust me it takes a lifetime to know what you are about and who you are.

You are so much more than you can ever imagine and if you for a second think that anyone knows who they are without hard work, think again.

You know people with inner peace when you feel their power and are letting you be you.

How often did that feeling come to you?

Can you ever recall meeting a person – how did that make you feel?

Satisfactions come from saying no.

Satisfaction does not arise from saying saying “yes” let’s do it, or all the time play along, it comes from standing up for what you believe, It becomes The story you tell.

It comes out of the trust in your own inner judgment of what is right and wrong for yourself, and don’t misunderstand me, it is not about judging other people, it is about what makes you feel good.

I have for many years been working in procurement and as you know procurement is the department who makes the decision of from whom do we buy, many departments are against procurement and for good reasons because when your choice of supplier is made, many decisions in quality and capability is already decided.

So it is with full understanding that the supply chain and other departments want a saying in from whom do they get their services. The story you tell and what it becomes.

If you ask me, many procurement people look too much at prices and too little at understanding the chain.

This is why I have found it necessary to improve my own knowledge of change management and life coaching.

Optimization is many times and changes so fast today that it is hard to keep up and adapt to the performance level which is needed.

Think out of the box.

To really understand the optimization that takes place today, think about Titanic and the trip to the US, it took 25 days to come the land of the US on a boat.

Then they optimized the boat and they improved the time to 18 days over sea later different harbors and ports.

Yet, most of the personal traffic is by plane today.

So, if you look at the process and procedure, procurement is the driver of change, make it better improve and optimize the performance.

And the most important thing to know.

It does not help to optimize the boat; the boat is out the future is the plane and totally different skills set are needed. 

Having said all this, where am I going with this, you need to see what is in your dreams….  Where will it take you.

Your dreams, what you see, and hope is up to you to create, form and shape.

I cannot see how you feel and I cannot understand what you tell me, unless you and take the time for you to fulfill me in what you want, how you want and what you want to do.

It is not ours here, which is why it starts off as a dream.

Facebook started out as a dream, and it is not something you can borrow, buy or get from someone else, it does not matter how much you like a star on Facebook or lean yourself against other famous people.

Your dream belongs to you and it is your responsibility to model, form and shape it.

Make your star shine, your star will not shine more from following people, watching movies, your star will shine from hard work, feeling, trying and doing.

You can follow and like as long as it is in balance in your own life.

You can play games and watch TV in balance with your own achievements

Making dreams come true is so hard work, look out in the world and see Walt Disney, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, all have thousands and thousands of people working for them to make dreams come true.

They all started out like a dream.

What is Facebook, it is a dream, boys worked to create, form, model and shape and along the way they kept on adjusting and modeling to make it adapt to what they felt it could be.

The hard part of a dream is that a dream is nothing, nothing and soon you have the feeling that you have nothing, and you may even take it until I am nobody and I have no impact.

Not true, you have what you need to create, form and shape your dream, keep going and never stop.

Life is giving and taking no matter what you think.

Life is energy and we exchange energy for money. If you add the right energy to a person you will in return get the money and it is equal to what level of energy.

I have for many years been life coaching a lot of people a little, at the end, I ended up spending all of my time helping other people just a little, meaning with nothing.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with al of the people I felt I helped, it is solely and only my mistake.

I took my energy and gave it a little to everyone and to them it was nothing, and to me, it ended up being everything.

Think about the expression value for money, I gave little value.

Today I know first give value to myself and stand for what I am about and give and take is, if you want to help someone, they must want your time and effort.

Show people early in the phase what you are, what you believe so you do not waste each other’s time.

My last experience was I was hired to do one job with one goal and a few months later a new boss comes in and it is a different job with different values and goals.

For the first time I said, this is not working for me. I cannot work like this.

I stood by myself, for what I believe to be right going forward.

Life is giving and take, and you end up losing yourself if you take from a source that does not serve your own values and purpose.

I would have been the loser staying in that job. Whatever results would have come I would never have found my own pride and, yes, I did it.

Which is more important than anything money can pay – satisfaction and the feeling of having done something so good.

Life is Waves

Or life goes up and down, life is smiling and sadness, happiness and struggle, life is difficult life is easy.

The only way we know all this is because we have been up and down.

You must know love to know what is not love.

You must know the color white to know the color black. You must know the Darkside to know the Brightside.

For many years and still happening, people use the trick, to bully and talk bad about other people to get into the spotlight themselves and it is working.

People listen to the messenger, then listen to what is said, we are so used to listening to the news, the snapshots of what is happening that moment in life.

We never stop for a second and think about that we only hear a fraction of a part of a frequency of a moment in a lifetime.

People love to judge!

Are you one of those people who love to hear a good story? And judge the people after?

The power of the story is enormous, and you believe the story you hear?

But you never really know the story, you know a story told by someone, who has twisted and wrapped it to match form and shape it, to the story they would like to tell.

A storyteller will always make the story match and model it into a story which will make him or her stand in the spotlight, you want to be proud of what you are doing.

I am telling the world the truth?


They need to know, I will tell them.

Which brings us forward to the power of what we do.

The power of what we do

You act from the story you hear, your response is to the story not to what it really is, and it is the power of the storyteller that is giving it value to you.

You do not know at all what is really happening unless you ask.

The fact is that most of the time you do not even want to know because it is too far away from your life and what you are thinking about.

The fact is that it is just a snap a moment of talk and then you are off to your life.

The fact is that in the world where we are today, where we place our eyes and our likes is energy and thereby money.

If you look at it, data will give you more of it, if you like it data will add you to the box if you like this and data is the energy exchanger.

  • What data says?
  • What do you do with your data?
  • How you use your data?

Data is the path you have walked and everything you do is measured and read into something that data says.

Data has the power of what you do. Data speaks for you. You add power to data every time you do anything.

No one really looks at you, you are data.

But are you? data or are you a person who is living your life the best way your know-how.

This brings me forward to help me help you.

Help me help you

What does that mean, it means I do not know anything unless you tell me? Behind your data,, there is a reason and there is a person who has feelings and is living life.

Who is that person, help me by telling your story and help me by telling me what it is that you want.

CALcaochingandlife is that support, you are so much more than you can ever imagine.

Your potential is google if you decide to work for it.  

A dream is your belonging and your power to work for. It is your responsibility to give it value.

Bridge the gaps because you can.

Our Resource Groups are our place to practice to be who we are and test, model and shape how we want life to be and become.

It is about being happy in real life.

Not just story for a moment.

It is your life and the way you feel that makes all the difference in the world not only to yourself but to everyone around you.

Help me take care of me, so I can help you take care of you

The support and the guidance you get from good friends and family are outstanding and one of a kind, not everyone is so lucky to have a family that can support and guides.

Not everyone has the same family or friends over time and you lose the understanding of the perception of the value to you.

Your way is what makes it best for you my way is what makes it best for me.

If people help you take care of yourself, you have the opportunity to help them with your skills, it is so important to hold on to?

What is right for you

– using the turn of life and the power of knowing where your challenges are can make all the difference in the world for yourself and everyone around you.

What makes a star shine?

You do, you make your own star shine by holding on to your dream and believes and you empower yourself through what you decide to give attention.

Your star will only shine if you work for you.

If you are believing you and you hold on to what you see as the right way forward.

What does not make a star shine?

Hard work and consistency, there is no easy way forward, to find out your own inner complexity and your way to satisfaction is a journey of many untraveled roads.

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