If a vision is to come true, if a goal is to be achieved if you set your mind out for it?

Why dreams get more popular – If you hold your destiny in your hand, if you are what you really desire.

Then it all started out as a dream, you may have adjusted your dream many times, but you had within,

you knew and have a driver inside that was so strong, a picture so clear, a feeling of knowing, the pen for drawing.

A dream, a vision a way.

That is why dreams do come true if you work them or like the saying the dream without a deadline is a wish.

Why, because if there is no deadline, will you work on it.

I have a dream, but if I do not add and dedicate resources and my time to the doings, that is what it will remain as a dream.

A dream of how I at that point in time saw my journey, my way of living.

If we decide to let go of our dream, that is a choice we chose, and please know, that even though there can be many sayings, and many reasons why you are the decision-maker.

There can happen other things in life that you find more important than spending time on your dream. Then that will become the choice you took.

From minute to minute we do not think about, we do and most times all out of habit, it is why the habits your build becomes so important in your life.

how we spend our time, but time is our witness, time is our storyteller.

Time is there to ensure and tell what we did. Time will also be able to tell how we did, and when we did it.

Why is it so important for us to read the story of others and how they did it? Because there is so much power in knowing the challenges from the story and learn to do wiser.

For all you want to achieve, you like to know what steps not to take, we spend an enormous time learning about what not to do. This is very strange if you think about it, because that is actually not important, what is important is what to do to achieve the outcome, goal that we are seeking.

Then why do we not just ask how to do it.

I like to be a millionaire, I like to be a world champion in soccer, I want to be a successful businessman.

Why is there nowhere, that I can ask for the recipe to achieve the goals and outcome I seek?

There is nowhere to achieve the recipe, but from the story of others, you hear their struggle their path, and how the dream was raised.

Dreams do come true,

They come from within and are created many times from pain inside, that is so strong that it moves us, something happens that makes our mind starts wandering off a creates a life of it’s own life, it starts doing because of different things.

Think about Michael Jackson and how much he went through and in the music, he found a way of expressing himself, think about Ronaldo and his childhood how much he went through and how he thought soccer has managed to use his energy and way, think about CALcoachingandlife, that is my healer from all that I have been through. In each dream, there is hope.

A hope that comes from something so strong within. That you can change the feeling within the hurt and the pain.

Often we believe that good will come from an angry mind, but this is not possible, somehow life is made up to give a positive mind a positive outcome. Get feedback to understand your needs. Get the training in understanding feedback on a higher level.

The Story Behind Your Dream

There is always a story behind it, there is always something from within

that has felt so strong that it has managed to move your inner and create a dream.

If you think for a second, what Michael Jackson went through in order to be able to create some of the most innovative music.

What did the music give Michael Jackson, what would did he move into when creating music.

If you think for a second, what Ronald went through in his childhood in order to spend so much time playing soccer if you think about what did soccer give him.

What world does he move into, why is that it is so important to play, what does it give him? What kind of freedom is that he gets when playing?

If you think about for a moment CALcoachingandlife, I can tell you why it is important to me, because it is a healer, a way of learning how to let go of the pain inside, the pain of knowing what my family has been through.

It is the story behind that has made CALcoachingandlife my mission with a vision.

I see, it so clear and I feel so much better knowing that I am creating a place to share in a closed forum your life story if you need it, because I know what it is like to be alone, and wishing I had had a place to share what was happening to me to us.

I know how powerful it is and I know how the dream within starts coming to life.

For years I have been a life coach, for years I have coaches and helped so many people, but when this happened to us, Coachingandlife came to life, and Coachingandlife has been my healer my way of feeling free.

Free to be who I am.

Story Behind Dreams Will Haunt You Forever!

Yes it will and it does, take a look at Michael Jackson, the story behind him stayed with him all of his life, and if we think about Ronaldo,

The story behind him is still alive by the way that he helps other children and his always strong way in achieving.

The story behind is the driver, that takes you places and the driver that makes you take the decision,

the driver of what is important to you, the driver with a force you cannot describe.

I know, I feel the driver and the story behind is strong and it haunts me,

it keeps reminding me of what is important and why I need to do it.

There is enormous power in our story, it is something that will never let go, in whatever we do, this is something that we do not forget. I

t keeps reminding us, how important it is that we follow our dream,

and it gives us the energy to fulfill it, and it gives us freedom and a way of peace a way of knowing, that there is a way out.

A place where we can feel good and free.

Because when we work on our dream we know that we are and

what we do matters for all the right reasons.

That is why we do it, and we make it happen.

How will dream be in the future

What do you think, from where will dreams come in the future,

from exactly the same place as they do today, from a mind, from you if you let it? This is something we all have in common that we can dream and that we can make dreams come true.

We dream away when?

When were we are is not the place we dream of, when we have talks that we do not like,

we dream away, and when we do things that we do not like, we dream away.

We dream away when we do not want to be where we are.

That is when our mind starts going off and creates a place or doings that we like.

We find out talents we find, what we are good at doing, we find life in a different dimension. The freedom of dreams.

I love to dream away, I love to create a place where things are so I feel good and safe. Because at the end of the day that is what we all seek. That we are in a place where we feel we belong and are safe. We feel loved, accepted for whom we are.

Things That You Never Expect On Dreams.

I never expected that this is the place it would take me, I never expected that this would happen to us,

and I never expected that the driver inside could be so strong that it could move mountains.

I saw my dream, I know how important my dream is because my dream is the driver of my life. I see the power and I know the choices. I feel the power and I feel the choices.

I never expected my dream to have such drivers, the inner help of knowing that I can never let go.

It lives inside of me, and I know, what I must do, I feel it, because the healing and the comport that achieve is so fulfilling.

It gives me peace and understanding,

it gives me the energy and the sense of knowing that I can move on that there is hope.

Reasons Why People Love Dreams

Dream is the best in the world because they define us, they tell me who I am. You know in your dreams who you are, and you who you want to be.

You can never not love a dream because your dream comes from within and is solely yours,

it is for you only. It is your dream.

It is what you are thinking, it is your vision and if you work it is your way.

That is the reason why people love dreams, it is what you have within, it is your thinking.

When the world looks at your dream, they see the success, the victory the hero. They see all you have achieved and all that you have become. Dream are drivers that take you the place you want to go.

In working your dream in adding time and resources to your dream you have achieved and this is what others see,

they see what they want to see, and they see that they want the result of your effort.

Who does not want to be Ronaldo, who did not want to be Michael Jackson?

Who does not want to be a star or a hero?

Dreams are what makes the difference, the difference in how we move on and create our lives.

Dreams are hope and dreams is a way a path,

it is a good healer in our lives and our dreams will define us.

Our ability to dream and understand our inner is what will build our character, that is why dreams are so important to us.

Without dreams, without working for your dream the story you create is something else and what will it define

This Is How Dreams Will Look Like In 10 Years Time.

Time is gossip because time will tell.

If you have a dream and you work for it, you will succeed,

there if no chance that this will not happen, you will become what you set your mind up to and do.

It is the link between thinking and doing.

Dreams are –

  • hard work
  • is for sure
  • only real if you do it
  • alive
  • constantly driving you
  • drivers
  • go somewhere
  • is ongoing.
  • hope

Dreams are what you want them to be, and will be the size of your thinking. They are only alive because of you and how you think about them, and they will involve what you dream.

Dreams are the most incredible, astonishing thing we can imagine, we have the power to choose, we have the power to create something new, something that has never been before.

We are amazing and we have a choice. We can choose we can pick the right stones and we can make the right choices.

We may not have the power over what is happening to us, but we have the power to choose how we react.

If you know that you can look yourself in the mirror, and you know that you have done the best you can.  

Dreams are helper’s guidance from within, your way out and your way of healing,

your way of learning from what happened and move on.

A dream creates hope, a dream gives you freedom, a dream has drivers to take you places.

A dream is your way of moving on.

Feel your dream, be guided by your dream, and keep working for it.

It will give you all you need and you will feel the awareness and strength from your dream,

your dream is your change and it will change you it will define you.

Dreams are the best we have and we enjoy hearing, reading the story – and there is so much power in the story

it holds the key to creation.

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