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How business executive meets challenges.

How you choose to face the challenges you meet. How do you as a leader and business executive meet challenges and how do you involve people in the changes that need to be adjusted to get back on track.

It’s not what happened it’s how you respond to what is happening.

Why are people fired:

Companies have tested employees so well and still, they end up firing them: Why

Companies look over skills and performance and still they end up firing them: Why

Poor leadership It’s all about How business executive meets challenges.  What happens in the chain before you get fired? The employee sees the goal and the task different from the manager (let’s call it manager as the maturity is not at leader level).

The manager has not had the ability to align and get compliance in the daily tasks between him and the employee and over time the gap keeps growing, at the end they see the task that needs to be done totally different.

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