People who Commit, Connect, and Create an Accountable Community

Achieve the goals they set out for

It’s about you

Build your strongest in what you do, a good health a strong mind a great family and a sustainable business. To build your strongest does not mean that there will be no challenges. No, it means that your effort what you do.

Leadership is about progress and better performance with people. It’s about how people will carry on even though you are not there, it’s about the power you bring to the people around you.

Have you ever sat in a meeting where people look at the boss, to see if it was oaky what they said, and the boss said I know I am hard and the person actually thought he was being a tuff leader? This is one man’s performance. This is for the boss, not for the company. 

Being a great leader is about how you empower strengthen and build up the people around you and let me ask you? How can your boss build you? If he/she does not know you? How can you build something you do not know? 

How can you empower strengthen a company if you do not know the people who work there and the people who work there do not know where there are going?

How can you create results in a world that are changing faster than ever if you do not team up? We can all do better, we can all be smarter and We can all create great results if we believing in each other and the power we process together.

What is the reason for missing KPI’s – we all know them – what is the challenge?

Why did we not speak up when we knew we were not going to make it?

How can we create an atmosphere where people trust what they do?

What type of person is becoming a leader in your company?

Who can make people perform?

Who can bring out the best in you? and your team – YOU CAN!

WHY we work

It’s not easy and in a world that constantly wants to be perfect with zero mistakes


– how are you going to make a difference.


You can, get your team into CAL and get the feedback you need so badly to get the right results



$ 107.00 for 1 month with a 10-day free trial and a $ 50.00 sign-up fee



$ 247.00 for 1 month with a 10-day free trial and a $ 199.00 sign-up fee

♦Each one will sign a contract with yourself.

♦Only you CAL will know it.

♦Join the exclusive closed forum

♦Start asking what to know,

♦Every month you get feedback?

Build your strongest ME

A strong ME can build a strong WE. To build great leadership you need people who can take the lead but even more, you need people to lead.

The Private Exclusive forum is for building your strongest ME

Ask your questions – to your goals

Start your checkpoints for keeping yourself and your team accountable



$ 107.00 for 1 month with a 10-day free trial and a $ 50.00 sign-up fee

Take control over your life. Lead your self to be the strongest ME. 

Coachingandlifee is private, every month you get personal feedback, and the team all get the team feedback. CAL track and trace the progress you do and the progress the team do. It’s about making good results, progress  and seeing the good sides of life.

Join us

Here is the contract and let’s support you achieve it.

it is easy to say easy to sign we make it happen