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Feel right- when you feel it must change

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– Do not fear failure – Fear that you will be in the same place next year worry that you did not dare do it.

Solid comes from learning your strength and finding your inner guidance to what you want in this life.

We talked about making a list that shows you the things; you do that make you feel strong and then things you do that take power out of you. I am using the template, and good advice is what I need.

My profession has a negative impact on my person and my way of using my skills.

That is all wrong – it does not bring out the best in me I worry, I feel wrong, and I do not feel that process the skills that need to be in place to fulfill the tasks. You will adequately ask:

Do you process the skills and knowledge, Yes I do – so what is wrong and why:

What is wrong it is communication and lack of guidance. Lack of common understanding of tasks, Lack of shared knowledge of the functions.

Not me It does not bring to me, the person I want to be, the challenges that I want to overcome the outcome that I see within.

Feel right – let go or try harder.

Let it go!

The question, that I am asking myself is, >>is it – time to let it go?

Am I destroying something permanently, because I am temporarily confused.

It is always hard to ask the question – try harder or let go. Once you ask yourself the question try harder or let go, what are the consequences of what you are about to do:

Try harder, what can you do better and what can you change to get it better and find the outcome you are seeking.

Because you do not have your result and things as you want, it does not mean that is the case for the people around you. What are you not doing? Where are you different and what are you doing differently?

Do you know? – What is the feeling telling you? Is it an awareness call to let you know, what? –

What words come to mind – on the personal level it is fitting, belonging, vulnerable, misunderstanding bullied.

If everything was going your way how would you feel, satisfied and with peace of mind? You would not feel the challenge if it is in line with what you are and what you do.

You need to understand the GAP and the game around the GAP. If there is a GAP for you, there is something else in between, for you, it is a GAP for some else it is what they want.

Influence and feel good.

Do you have a chance to influence it or do you have an opportunity to have an impact on it? Think again – think smart and do not waste your life. Days are numbers. You need to ask yourself the right questions: What do you need to do to feel good?

Look around – Do you like what you see?

Look around – Is this the life you want?

Look around –

Do you use your skills the ways you like? Feel inside – Is this the feeling you like?

Feel inside –

Do you want the feeling you get?

Feel inside

– what is this feeling telling you?

Stop and listen to!

Stop and feel!

Stop and be aware!

Stop and know!

You want to feel peace of mind, trust in what you do, work hard for good things, be proud of yourself and what you do, all in all, you want to do what gives you satisfaction in life.

We can all be wrong, and we can all do wrong for the right reasons, what we cannot do is let it continue and do harm for ourselves, that has a price for our soul mind, and body.

Life of change and feel good.

When I feel the challenge, I always believe that it is me who cannot fit and therefore me who needs to change.

I can change I can adapt, and I can do almost anything, except being me, who I am, I lost myself.

Why am I not sure anymore of who I am and what I am.

I doubt the feeling that I have inside, even now where it brings awareness to me early in the phase.

I should and must believe myself and what I feel inside out. It is a message to me – and it is for me to listen to the message.

A message has several sides, and there are good points from all sides the question for me to ask is: From my hand, do I want to take the steps that are coming and ahead?

From my hand, do I want to have the talks and the challenges that will arise? It is the turn of life. I am the master of my life as you are the master of yours, what is the right thing to do:

From having heard my story, I hope you see what my GAP is and I am sure you right now sit with

10 right things – you could tell me –

Am I right? What is your feedback.

From my story, you see what to do?

– So if you and I were on the forum together, you would be able to give me good advice, and if I were lucky, there would be ten more who would bid in.

What would that give me – choices to choose from and confidence and feeling that someone was listening to me?

The most important thing in the world is to feel that people listen to you, that they hear what you say. If you do not feel heard, you are invisible and it does not matter what you do.

The list of thing that makes you feel good is not about, where you are right or where you are wrong. You can be wrong and still think of the best person ever.

It is the way the attitude the feeling you have the integrity. If you say and do things the excellent way, you will come out on the other side even better.

Challenges and feelings is a message from within that you must listen to and if you decide to let the message go, what will happen? If you do not listen to yourself, how can you listen to what other people are telling you?

Listen – you may not like the message, listen to the message and work with it, so that it feels heard. Having said that already helped me.

Did it help you? If we were in a forum right now, I could support and ask you what challenges you face and if you have a similar experience, and in those cases what did you do.

The question is not that I am weak, inexperienced, or have a lack skills, the issue for me is that I love the tasks but cannot understand the way.

See the gap in all tasks – how to feel good.

Lack of communication is also what I see as the GAP in all tasks.

Moving forward the questions that are arising within me are, I want to move forward, and I want to feel good about what I do.

I am responsible for me feeling good, and therefore I must take the actions I need to if I am to find peace of mind and satisfaction in my doings.

Send me some input if you have come this far, please send me information on how you see it and what you do? How do you listen to the message from “within?”

A message from within comes in many forms and many ways, and the better you are at listening early in the phase to the “message” the better you have control of how you go about it, if you keep inside too long, it tends to come out as anger, disappointment or stress.

Out of balance has many faces, and at some point in life, we all meet out of balance in the form of either anger, disappointment, or stress.

How we decide to solve our out-of-balance.

Feel good and get in balance how you will determine how we go on and the person we become. What is happening is one thing, what others are doing is their doings and their way. How you decide to act upon it is about you.

What is the right thing for you to do? What will give you the peace of mind you are seeking? What questions and challenges do you want in your life?

What do you not want in your life? How will you act to ensure that it does not happen How will you control yourself What if you do not manage any of the above?

Make a list for yourself and start working for the one person that can influence all of you. At this moment, what I am missing is new input from some who do not know me, and if you sit with the right questions to me, it is a shame that I cannot get them. Cirkle and walking around is the same is not moving forward asking the same questions is not moving forward.

So what is moving forward and what is the wise thing to do. It is to decide: Try harder or let Go Just this moment letting go to be the only possible thing because all other powers are not possible. Trying harder would require that I involve everyone else in the fact that I do not feel like part of the group.

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So what would you do?

– What I will do, is try harder for a short while and if I can feel and know that there is no chance this will change, I will stop and move on.

It is my life with my family with the people I love, and I am responsible for me feeling right so that I too can bring out the best in everyone else.

Good times are good memories. Bad times are a waste of time that will fade away and be forgotten. Seeking the best and doing well together is what brings out good memories and good fun.

We all remember the times we have failed, and we manage to laugh about it, the times we failed and blame, anger has involved those memories do not stay with us they fade-out, and they disappear from us.

Think three years back, all you did and everyone who was involved who do you remember. The “one” that hurt you or the one who stood up for you and saved you.

We remember the good we did, and we recognize the right we should have done. We forget what wrong was done to us and we forget the people who did it. We remember when we hurt someone and we remember when our intention was hurting.

When you look at that – the reason why I am frustrated is that I do not feel that I am doing right. I feel that if I am to do right, I must do something differently. That is what is in the message for me. I know what I must to get it right within me, so I create and build good times with good memories which I can look back at with a smile.

Making the analysis here with you has been a good time for me because I feel relieved I feel better, and I know that this must change and that I am responsible for making the changes.

Nothing happens if I do not make it happen, it is up to me to tell the people around me that this is not making good memories for me, it is not what I see as good intentions and good outcomes.

Change is for me to find the peace of mind that I am seeking and the peace of mind that matters to me. I am me, and my skills are what I use to achieve the outcome that is important to me.

I do this in By-invitation-only where I invite you to join me in my inner challenges.

The thought that comes to my mind and the thoughts that trouble me. I seek to be my best, and I am willing to do what it takes for me to be the best I possibly can be.

By-invitation-only is for you.

Find people who like you know that life challenges that we must overcome and if we support and help each other.

We have better chances of doing it the good way. Supporting and helping each other gives opportunities to see the best parts of life.

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