Why you need to dive deep and get your act together. People do not want advice from a loser,

People want advice help and guidance from a winner.

Are you a winner?

I do not need to look far, I do not go to an overweight person for a diet. I go to good health looking person to seek my diet.

We are all the same.

And we are all different.

You can only help others if you can help yourself

Why do I say that:

Imagine you are a successful businessman, and then imagine yourself actually making your success happen?

See one day in your successful life? It’s worlds apart.

How we make our dreams come true, how we choose the people around us, how we learn and how we become. It all depends on the actions we take.

Actions are taken over time.

Who we are and what we become, will all depend upon how we steer and navigate our lives. I did not fail because I wanted to fail.

Yes, I failed at the job, I did not get the right support and guidance and it was the wrong people. There was no one to guide me the right way forward.

What strategy to go by, and how to behave and conduct, and what are decent good contracts, when they fire you be thankful.

Get out

We do not have the same strategy and moral compass. Stay with people who believe in you.

Open your eyes and be real.

People who love to see you fail are people you need to let go of. Success comes from making good steps in the right direction. Success does not come from being among people who let you down.

You are wrong I tell you, you are wrong

  1. How we make our dreams come true

Dreams are fantasy and hope, the dream of making something better. There is not a company or product out there, that did not start with the wish or desire to make something better. A dream to come true.

All medicines start out with a desire to help someone become well. If you work a lifetime to have a medicine approved? How do you do it?

We need to dream and use our fantasy. It’s how we move on. We all like to be in control and know what is happening. We love to steer and navigate our way forward.

A fantasy we stop and we tell them something like. Get real or you must be realistic. This is never going to happen. You cannot do that! What we forget is the reason why a person has the fantasy, what is that needs to be better and smarter.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

It’s not that we stop the fantasy! It’s how we stop our fantasy and dreaming for new ventures. We have forgotten that between fantasy and dreaming is a desire to make something better, feeling good.

What does it take to make a dream come true?

Imagination is one thing for sure

Fantasy is another ingredient

Let’s add it all into dreams. Dreams are what makes our lives better and smarter. How we all the time progress in time.

You can only help others if you can help yourself is such an important thing to be aware of. The choices you make and how you progress are how you on a daily basis help yourself. No one wants help from a person that cannot progress own life.

Everyone, including me, wants to follow a leader who is strong, smart and wise. A leader you can rely on and who you feel and know will lead you forward better than you would be able to do.

How to have it and have what it takes to keep going?

You are not alone. You may think you are alone but you are not. People like you dream and we share one thing in common >> HOPE <<

No matter what happens no matter what you feel and where you are. Do never ever give in and give up.

It takes courage to believe you can do it, you can and you will. It takes faith to believe your dream above a job and fast money.

Stand up for yourself and believe and standby your friends and your family and believe in them.

Take yourself to where you want to be but do it with decent manners and skills. Help others and let them help you.

Build your powers and build your network

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