Use Buddhism In Mindfulness To Avoid Depression

Mindfulness Buddhism is an extremely effective way to ensure better health as well as to avoid [ Read more .... ]

Countdown to the new world

The new world – How will the new world look and what will you do? [ Read more .... ]

Coaching in a Crisis In times of perceived crisis

Client experience – The lines between coaching and therapy can sometimes feel more blurred than [ Read more .... ]

[ CAL] Care & Share – a safe place to ask

How we care and share in stressful times – 3 ways to care and share [ Read more .... ]

Panic and stress 3 ways to know better.

Taking Action Even When You’re Scared to Death – By Shelia Heard Fear is a [ Read more .... ]

Why Mindfulness and Buddhism are powerful tools? 10 reasons

Mindfulness and Buddhism – Why we need to engage and link with people and why [ Read more .... ]

Fear Marketing and Fear Management How we worry or fear.

Why is the trend to run fear Marketing – Management? What impact does Zero-mistake culture [ Read more .... ]

The Importance of Independence

Mental health – Independence is a skill that not everyone is born with. Mental health [ Read more .... ]

Who we meet and surround ourselves with – will determine if we stand

Surround yourself with the right peopel. You do it every day – you surround yourself [ Read more .... ]

You can only help others if you can help yourself

Why you need to dive deep and get your act together. People do not want [ Read more .... ]

Virtual client engagement and insight Ask the right people

Virtual client engagement: Insight Ask the right people the right questions get virtual engagement with [ Read more .... ]

When Shame meets Trust: 2 powerful values and how to move on.

It is “the one” who tried, worked beloved, who is left with shame. It is [ Read more .... ]

Take the challenge and do the right thing

What happens: Depends upon how we lead life challenges, how we use coaching, leadership to [ Read more .... ]

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