Why is the trend to run fear Marketing – Management? What impact does Zero-mistake culture and Perfect have on us?

Let me ask you?

Do you want to engage with a company that makes you worry and fear? Do you want to buy their products?

We must change the trend and go for what we believe dream and hope. We must put an end to fear management, fear marketing

Let the dreams and hopes out. Start sharing the good sides of what you offer and start finding the people the companies that support you right. that support you right. Yes, we need to be aware, know more, act wise and smart.

We do not need to,

Scare each other to dead by threats and stalking.

If you like a subscriptions to support you

We need to change the game and understand each other much better.

What you need and what you desire is your way of going forward.

Her is a blog with information about:  Why we fear – Why we need mindfulness and most important

Why we will succeed

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Without fear, we would not know what to look out for

To abuse, fear is not fair play but you have to see to know it. Look at any company who says – if you do not do this – this will happen.

How to overcome fear and worries?

Summary of the blog:

  1. Walkthrough of why we fear and worry
  2. Here is how companies and management use fear and worry
  3. Inspiration and How you need to engage with mindfulness
  4. Results and How you must commit yourself to your future
  5. Outcome and How you will succeed
  6. Moving on and How you can stay on track

Walkthrough of why we fear and worry

Let us begin with the beginning. What is fear and what is worry and what is it good for. Close your eyes for a moment and think about what good fear and worries bring to you?

The first impression is it is not bringing anything good?

It’s not true!

Fear and worry help your awareness, it opens your eyes and it empowers your thinking. 98% of all promotion today is built with the back sentence if you do not buy my product this will happen.

Companies have 3 seconds to get your attention and if you are not engaging within 3 seconds, you have left the site.

Fear is the first thing that arises when we do not understand what is going to happen.

What is going to happen and how will it happen. No one can tell you or you fear to ask.  You fear to ask if you know what the answer will be.

Let us take an example:

I know my boss, and I know my boss does not like me. We do not speak very well together. He loves my co-peer.

I know he adores her and everything she says he loves.

He invites us all to a meeting where he tells us that there are going to be organizational changes.

Do you think I will ask him if I am the one, he is going to fire? Or do you think I fear and worry I will be fired?

What will I do? My mind will be on alert and I will worry, after a while I fear and properly, I start overthinking.

Does this look familiar to you?

Working in a company where fear management and perfect culture are the drivers you get to focus on spelling and PowerPoints.  

You forget why you are there and there is no real leadership only profit hunting.

Coachingandlife helps you get value in each chain and we need that, soon everyone will know how Facebook used the data, it’s not the platform it’s the people behind.

Soon people will know what google does and it is not the platform, it’s the people behind.

Soon even more transparency is coming to every chain and it will be visible for everyone what kind of mindset was behind.

The focus has been on content and being perfect, zero-mistakes and profit.

Value-based procurement will save even more money and make it even more efficient, it’s the people behind.

You cannot stop evolution

Had Kodak listened to where the mindset was going? They would still have a chance to be in the game. Not changing is not an option in the game of life.

It’s even more

Help yourself with solutions.

We build the forums for cases like the one above. You know so much more than you give yourself credit for.

Have you ever been fired, lost a boyfriend,  girlfriend, game or fight? Even before you engage you know within how this is going to end.

We help you listen to the inner voice and get the real answer to progress your life.

What we offer you in the forums is

Your place to let out, your first reaction is going to be << there is something wrong with them <<  after that phase you will feel <<  what now <<  and then how

We all circle the >>>  why – what – how – if not

Why you:  Bottom down the line my boss hated me

What will happen: He is looking to find a way to get rid of me

How will it happen: He is going to tell me that I am worthless?

If not: The fact is that he does not want me on the team.

Life is no matter what we say, very simple and some people today, want things perfect and as they say it, and if you go against them or stay true to yourself you lose the job.

That takes me forward to the next

How you choose to move on and how you find what you need


Adapt, fitting and adjust

The company that you work for, look at your department, at your team. How alike are you and does your boss steer and navigate?

How good is he at achieving the goals?

Are you all alike?

Do you all have the same way of performing?

How do you handle differences?

  • All alike:
  • All different?

We are in a game right now where perfect and zero mistakes are the key drivers and companies are struggling to be perfect. Silence is the core, do not tell anyone what you think and what you believe.

This way you will never be in trouble. You will not go anywhere, and you will never achieve personal goals and strength, on the other hand, you will never have real problems to solve.

Silence is the strongest tool for the weak.

Problems come when you open your mouth and ask or tell your side of the story.

Now all of sudden you need to be able to explain yourself to be understood, people need to listen and have listening skills.

Engagement is the key

Engage is difficult and not easy at all.


What you see and how you use what you know

How they use fear and worry

Engagement is the key to overcome misunderstandings and now all of a sudden you cannot hide behind your silence and perfect face.

What is behind the mask, who are you and what can you do?

People who embrace silence help build the mask. So you think because they do not tell you, that they love what you do. Who is the fool now?

People, who embrace silence and support silence? What do you think about them? What is the first thing that comes to mind?






To me come words like lack of competence, they do not want to engage with you because they know they are going to lose in the dialog with you.

They do not have arguments and professional knowledge to engage.

If you engage you dive into a subject and you look for what is really going on.

How many people leave their jobs, their families their health because they do not dive into the subject and engage?

Name 3 topics you like to engage in and are not doing?

Coming back to our subject. How does fear and worry support you – it does much more than you can possibly imagine.

It’s good inner guidance to knowing what is right and what is wrong for you.

Give yourself a moment and use what you already know smart and wise

How you need to engage with mindfulness

Why do I bring in mindfulness to help us, I do because it is a strong tool to use to get the real answers you seek.

No one on this planet can tell you what is right and there are a million solutions to all problems.

The reason why my boss loved silence was that he did not have to engage and take the discussion.

Answers and solutions come with moments of peace of mind. A chance to listen to yourself and the answers you are seeking.

The rest of the world can only inspire you.

Do you remember what Dire Straits said? We have just one world, but we live indifference once and we do and we have. It’s so true.

All good things come out of feeling good and wanting to achieve something good. We can never get a positive result from a negative mind. With that in mind.

I knew long before my boss let me to, that this was what was going to happen because his mindset with me was negative and the fast I got out the smarter for me. I was the winner of letting go.

If you are in a negative environment get out. If your mindset is negative change it, you are not a tree.

All these problems, challenges, and topics we walkthrough in the forums.

So you do not need to worry and fear but for you to get a clear mind free to engage in what you really want to do.

Ask yourself – what do you want ? and how will you get it?

What are you willing to do go get it?

You have no time to ague, dislike or fire people, if you are working to achieve and build something solid, you need all the help you can get, and you need all the input and positive action you can take.

If my boss had time and hours to dive into whether or not he likes me as a person he is not in the game for the company, he is in the game for himself.

This is one of the most important discoveries you will find when working with mindfulness is what game are you in.

What do you really want to achieve and what do you want to happen?

The way we focus and exchange experience is how we improve and get better quality in life

How must commit yourself to your future

Engage is the first step. You need to start looking for what steps to take to go there. You live life from the steps you take. 

It is not the same to say you are not going to fail. I have failed big times, I have almost given up, and I have cried, I have felt betrayed, I have felt weak and I have been sad.

I have also found many good things within myself and one of the toughest things that I struggle with at this moment is not to become like them.

When I look at them and how they run the company I feel sick.

My biggest challenge is to stay on the right side and focus on improving things for the right reasons and taking the right call to actions to my best knowledge. Again I can fail

Remember we do not fail out of bad personality we fail out of wrong learning and training.

How to commit to your future, is diving into your soul and listening to what you need and want in your life.

Once you have your road, you know what to do and can focus on supporting yourself to achieve it.

In the forums for BIO we dive into transition to your future. What it means and why it is so important to let go of all the negative impact you

Are you positive?

Before you answer: a positive mind creates positive results.

Are you negative?

Before you answer:  A negative mind creates frustration

Do not answer the question before you dive into what result it is you want to stand for in your life and again bear in mind that we are all some of both.

But yourself image must be so strong that you know when you are opening the door to a negative result and how you play the game with negative people.

Outcome and success come from dreams and hope and never ever giving up. It is not the same as there have not been challenges and hard times, no it means that when there are challenges and hard times you team up and focus to get a good outcome.

The game my boss was in, was his personal game of desire. He was looking to be surrounded by people he loved and who looked up to him, in his way and manners.

He was the best, the king.

Which is okay, you just need to find people who are in that game too. That is not working for the company but working for the paycheck.

Your future is in your hands and the learning and training you get will determine how you do. Have good positive learning and you will achieve good positive results.

Have negative learning and your frustration as to why things are not happening will grow.

How you will succeed

You will succeed when you engage and commit to yourself and your future. When you start believing and diving into the challenges you will find that you love it all.

You love it because whatever happens it is all happening for you. You can impact it and you can change it.

It is the game you love to play and you can play it every day.

The way our life is set up there can never be a winner or loser – there can only be before or after. You never know what impact your choices have.

One thing is once you engage in your future and dive into it, it is a game you will love playing every day.

How you can stay on track

Once you get into it. You want to stay on track and you want to surround yourself with people who like you are in the game they love.

You no longer focus on zero mistake and perfect, because you have found what life is all about your passion and your desire.

It is not possible for you not to succeed, you will succeed and you will be far greater than you ever imagined.

If you stay in the losers game and let the voices of people into your control room. You live in a communist world where there can be only one.

There is only one world but we live in different once. We are here to show each other different views, different ways and giving color and love to life.

We host the forums to help you stay on track and have support to ask when you doubt what you feel and need clarity.

We help you steer and navigate future

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