10 Reasons to write your topics in life and get feed back

Why scrutinize? When you write things down, you get it out of your head and it is not spinning, you take the time to get the topic, the issue your challenge in life out of your head, sometimes when you sit by yourselves and think, you say the same things to yourself over and over again.

You take your mind into a spin, where you do not solve anything.

That is why CAL is good, here you get to write your story tell it as you see, hear and feel it, and you get to give the first comment to yourself as to your best friend in life.

When you write your life topic or story down, you yourself get to see the words, that you use and where you are. You get a change to understand your subconscious mind even better. Many times, or often there is a difference in where you think you are, and where you really stand.

Once you write your story once you tell it, and you write your view of a life topic down, you get to see, what you are really saying, and this gives you the opportunity to understand and make the changes that you would like in your life.

When you write it, look at what you have written and close your eyes to feel it, if this is how you feel or see it, look to feel if you are congruent with your story.

Ask yourself if you are ready for feedback, and know and be aware, that it is your puzzle to solve, no one can make the puzzle but you, since you are the only one who sees all bricks and capacity.

Therefore, the feedback or advise or techniques from coaching that may be presented to you, know that this is only offers and only you sit with the knowledge which one or what is right for you.

What do you do? Many of the challenges we are facing are the same, same trouble with different names, just think back for a moment, is it not strange we face an issue or challenge and it repeat it selves over and over till we learn how to cope or solve it, then we never face it again,  when we start writing our life stories down and scrutinize them, we see things differently we get it out of our minds and you will see that some of the challenges, are not as you think in your head.

What do you see? What words are we using to describe our frustration, our challenge, how deep do they go, how involved are we, how touched or affected are we.  Once we have writing it and looked at it, we see where we ourselves say we are standing. This is how I see it, this is what I feel, and these are my words, my mind set and life level, knowing we are all different we also know that we do not do things in same order and the same way, we all understand things differently even though it is the same word we are taking about.

This is what makes the world unique. This makes life such a wonderful place, where we can scrutinize and analyze and we come to different results and we are all right.

Here you would properly say this can be challenged and yes it can.

To make it work for all of us, we have made a set of rules for which we within a frame can agree that this is where you with your culture are, and again this can be challenged and yes this is true too and this will properly be a never-ending story.

You must bear in mind, that it is not worth anything unless you do it, that if it is not implemented what is it worth?

That is why, why is a strong driver, when you start writing down what is challenging you, you will see

1 where your own focus is,

2 what you are doing yourself

3 what words are you using

4 what stage are you on

5 what are wise to do

6 where do you want to go

7 what first step is wise to take

8 keep the faith that you are on right track

9 keep doing it

10 having the chance knowing you did it.


What do you really see happening.

Do you know the real agenda or are you being played by someone else? Do you see the agenda?

In all you do there is an agenda to achieve something, it may not be to achieve something from that person but it is what you are driving for. With what you do, what do you expect from yourself?

The inner strength and wishes comes alive and becomes real to you, once you start listening to your inner guidance and voice.

What is really happening

You know, you know so much more than you are telling and so much more than you are listening to.

Sitting here writing I can come up with more than 5 situations where I know that people had a very different agenda from the one, they spoke out.  I am sure that you can do the same, if you just close your eyes and find that inner feeling that you know you had, that you let go and looked at the face instead of listening to the inner guide.

Who spoke the truth for you?

I am not sure why I in those situations looked at the face and believed, what they told me, when everything inside was telling me something else.

I am sure that me-members would have picked up upon this fake talk had I told my story, the power lies in helping each other hear, what is really happening. If your emotions are elsewhere, you are hurt and sad, you may not pick up upon, what is really going on. The agenda can be very clear to someone who is not involved emotionally. The story and what you feel will not change because you get different input, the outcome may change, because you have a chance to change what you do.

Today I wished that I had listen to several word or openings that came up, had I taking those opening, I would have been in a much better situation today.

I hope you will give feedback to the stories you read in the forum, because what you see, may not at all be the same as the person for whom it is happening.

Moving on and finding the outcome you are seeking can be by the book, or decisions made by others, either way, it is when you make the decision you feel most comfortable about what is happening. Your life belongs to you and that is too why, you must pick up the spoon and make your choices.

For what you want to make happen in your life.

Make a list, use the gap templates on the CAL site. There is so much you can do in this life, but you cannot do everything. Make your choices and make them happen.

Change is for sure

Since that is a fact that we will all have to get use to, change in family members, change of work, change of roles we play, change of home.

Where you are you need to find out what makes you feel safe and secure. Life is constantly changing and moving forward is a fact.

  • What changes are you facing right now and how do you work them?
  • What are those changes to give you?
  • What is going to improve?
  • What will you achieve?

Change is all about doing something else, find out what you have within since you have decided that it is time for change.

Looking back, I can say all changes gave me something very positive. It was for my better and the change I am in sitting here right now. Had this change not come to me, my soul would have suffered. This is the rising sun and the feeling of freedom, the feeling of really living and being here.

Write your story and get the feedback you need to find the peace of mind, take the initiatives and look inside out. It is all up to you, you see the GAP rising and the GAP rising is a message for you to listen to.


Can you do it by yourself.

Maybe, this is always what is good in life. We have the ability to find the strength we need to move on, and if we do not do anything. We push so it happens anyway.

How do you scrutinize


Do you analyze what is happening and how do you scrutinize? That is your way of learning to understand yourself and what moves you.

The time phase is not about talking things through, this time phase is about learning to adapt to the changes you face. It is not for you to say to your boss, if we do it this way, it will be much better. You listen to your boss, and if he is a good boss he will take the company to new levels or else change.

In your family it is not about bearing in mind, or seeing through, you change the members of the family out or do not socialize with them if there is not the match and fit you are seeking.

Good or bad that is how we scrutinize, we give feedback and we evaluate, and everyone is in it for the ride themselves.


What feedback would you give if it was your best friend?


Feedback and evaluation of a story can be very sensitive and it is good think about the feedback you give as was it for your best friend. The one you write to may have very different values from you, they one you give feedback you may know very little about, only a fraction a glint, flash of that person’s life.

Remember we are all so much more that the story we tell and what is happening right now. You are a strong driver of your life, and you achieve what you set your mind up to.

Accomplishments are your doings.

It is the way you choose to work you mind, listening to the inner voice that has strong messages to tell.

What is your way, and what is important to you?

This is what will give you the peace of mind and the balance in life, that you seek. This is about you and how you manage to listen to yourself that is where the real challenge is. How you give feedback is your inner ability to listen and bring that forward in a loving way.

What do you worry about?


Giving feedback and sharing is direct communication and it will have direct impact on your mind and sou. You cannot tell yourself that you did not hear this, that is not possible.

What you answer, is a direct indication of where you are. All you say comes from where you are standing and what gives everyone impression of what is on your mind.

Test it and try it.

Ask a friend about something and listen to the answer. You can from the answer hear more or less what is happening in that person life right now.

We talk from where we are ourselves. We seldom really listen. Be aware of this when you give feedback, what do you read and where are you yourself.


Why do you think it can be different?

When writing your story, what would like differently? – what do you aim for to change? Just writing this blog has made me realize that I have things in my life that I want to change, and that I will need to focus on if that change is going to happen.

List your wishes and use the templates for change.


What would you improve?

How do you know that you are on the right track that your train is heading in the right direction? I know you know, and one good advice to me too, is – It is not worth anything on less you do it.

Being a me-member is a strong tool for first steps in the right direction, having somewhere to write you way down and get feedback, so you can move on making even better decision is a strong tool and way of handling changes.

May you live your dreams.

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