My child my love.

M y child my love – One of the greatest things in life is our children. We as parents love our kids it is – my child my love.

Children have it all, they have a fantasy, they believe, they have trust, they have curiosity, they have hope, they are so much more than we adults can ever imagine.

We forgot – my child my love.

My child my love our children become as we love them. Not what we say but as we love them. Your child – is your – my child my love – Can you remember how long the day before Christmas was? can you remember what your parents did, what you did to make the day go – how did you connect and engage with your kid or kids?

Children are unique and they do, as they are taught is what they do. They are themselves until someone teaches, them not to be.

The facts we all face.

Children play, they try, they do, they want to move forward, they can learn fast, their doings become habits, and as they grow older, they now have habits. They ask questions and keep on asking questions.

They are happy, because for them – you are – my child my love – you are the one and only things they love above it all. Your child will lie for you, cheat for you, fake it for you, and if you make them do that – you must live with it. Make them proud of you as a parent, do not fail in the only role no one can take away from you.

Build a strong – my child my love.

Let your child express their joy, happiness, and visions of life – they too are sad but never for long, they seek to express themselves for others to understand, they have a gift to love everyone without hesitation, who can say, that a child does not have it all.

Why do we adults take it away?

When we ask our children to do and be someone, something, do we ever think about where that is taking us?

Do we look at our child and see what is within them. Who they are, do we see them, as they are, or do we see them, as we want them to be

Did you ever think about, what the outcome is of your words, your attitude, your way?

Did you, yourself think about where your childhood and your parenthood have taken you and have you ever thought of something you would do differently.

What determines

Who, we become and what talents we have. That is a very good question and for whom to answer.

I think for all of us when we think about our children, it is such a strong feeling and it is feelings one cannot understand unless one has children.

They are a gift to the world, a pleasure and joy one cannot describe, they know, how to give a smile, they know how to make us feel the best in the world.

They are fantastic. At the same time, they challenge us, they drive us crazy, because they are so much better and stronger than we are.

You know how it is, you go to 2-4 different kinds of sports and you never excise, you sit and talk with the other parents that are facing the same challenges you are.

For a moment, we all in the same boat.

For a moment, we face the same challenges and then our children start their own journey in life, they seek and will find what they really are.

They will be, who they are and find the life; they want and we as for our parents was the childhood they think back on.

Our challenge is to use our time wisely to great a long lifetime relations with our great children

Know, where you are going?

Use your time with your children wisely – they are so wonderful, and they are the future.

They love you feel for your child or children can move mountains.

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