Take better steps.

Take better steps to align with life coaching to understand the challenge you face.

What makes coachingandlife.com so unique, is that it is the platform where we all have one thing in common, that we want to improve from where we stand today. We have a common awareness and understanding that it can be difficult to cope with what happened and that the next step is hard to take. What makes coachingandlife.com so unique is that your life is the story you tell, it is as you say it is, and in the different memberships you have a chance to know what are you saying. Coachingandlife.com is a unique platform with one intention only, make your life better, it is all the small steps every day that makes the difference, it is the small talks it is listening to stories and the challenges that they face it is the daily small push in the right direction. YOUR WAY.

Coachingandlife is about – how you coach your way through life-

  It is for you, that is why it is ME – it is your story – what happened to me. What I see.

What makes Coachingandlife unique is that you share with members that like you, want to improve and reach out to do what you aim for. You may not know what your dreams are, but you may know what you do not want.

Turning your way so you get the focus to what is right for you- what is ME – that is small steps every day. You may even decide to change your membership to

BY-INVITATION-ONLY so you have both ME and MY.

MY-MEMBER is life strategies and life techniques. It is what we do, how we do it. You know that it is not what you face but how you react to what you face that makes the difference in the result you get. Do you use the right strategy, is it going your way?

MY-MEMBER is mostly for life coaches or mentors, it is the place to talk about life strategies how you use them and what you need to learn, That is what makes coachingandlife.com unique there is no place where life coaches come together and talk about what they achieve with the technique they use. Here we share because we all know that by sharing we achieve so much more.

Coachingandlife is about – how you coach your way through life-take better steps.

Is something you do, time ensures that we move on and time is in many ways a natural healer for us, but letting time take care of the GAP that you experienced does not help you for next time.

Did you ever think, that many of the topics or issues you face are the same, just with different names?

Or did you hear the expression the monkeys are coming with you?  

Sustainability plan

You struggle with the same topics over and over- do you not?

You will in life until you learn to solve the knot.

What is it really about, what are you doing, and It is your way of learning how to get things your way. Take one simple thing as the word good enough try and discuss how to do China and what is good enough. There are so many meanings and they are all right because they are good enough.

What makes Coachingandlife unique, it is a life coaching forum. It is a place you enter and join because you make a choice, you are aware that you are facing different topics or issues that you want a different outcome for you to tell your story because you want to be vocal, vocal because you would like for others to listen to you, not listen to reply

( look at the page to open your eyes to understand how why people listen to reply).

This is a platform for life strategies, a place to seek and find information to make a good choice for you. What works for me, I am sure will not work for you. But sharing our life stories gives us information and knowledge of life strategies to make a choice.

Coachingandlife is about – how you coach your way through life- You stand, the way you are.

Where you stand this minute, is your walking. If I said to take better steps, what you would do?

You did it – this is you – who you are and what you do. How to take better steps takes practice and training, and in the forums, we support each other on a daily basis.

No one but you did anything.

Only you can take yourself to the place where you are today and want to be tomorrow.

I know you will argue to this, and say this is not true, but it is – unless you gave your power to someone else and let someone else decide for you and if we truly look at that, then this is your doing too.

I lost a job I loved, how can this happen, how can something that I cared so much for slip through my fingers, what happened, and why.

Where was the GAP? Time has helped me, the time has shown me what I did wrong.

I was so focused and scared of not delivering the promised result to the CEO, that I forgot he had a whole management group around him, that he was aligned with, that was much more important than my small figures and doings. Looking back he even told me collaboration over tasks, and still because I was so afraid I kept to the strategy.

What makes Coachingandlige unique, because had I told my story in ME I would have written what was happening and the GAP that was arising, and I would have had a choice to choose.

It may have changed the outcome for me because I would have had a chance to know before time taught me what it was my boss was telling me.  

Values why is that important

Your values are your daily drivers and they are with you in all you do, they decide what is your satisfaction, you desire to move on, and they will take you places. ( if you want to know more about values take a look at the page or the blog about values – drivers to destinations.

Values are important because values define you. Your set of values as you understand them makes YOU. There is only one YOU – no one who experienced what you have, the way you have or in that order. That’s what makes you who you are.

When you understand what your values do for you, you will see that they are guidance and help to how you define you.

When you express your way of understanding your values you describe who you are – how you define yourself. Look at designers, what is that they do, they create a visual way of how they see and understand their inner world. That is what values do for us, they help us define who we are. The value of love is how you understand it that defines you, and as you see and feel the love that is what you will do. That is how you show the world how you have defined love. If we take mindfulness, your way of having peace of mind. Is?

It May is not the same as mine.

Or the be in balance, each of us defines who we are through the way we understand our values. They are your inner voice and guidance to outcomes that are right for you. Listen to your inner voice is part of listening to your values and where they want to take you.

That is what makes coachingandlife.com unique because no matter what stage you are on working with your values, you can align, ask and tell what is happening for you because we are all here to improve from where we stand today. It is not where we come from, but where we are heading. I

t is not what happened to you by others it is how you react, it is not the disappointment, the left behind, the loss, the setback it is what you decide to learn from it, and how you decide to move on. That is what defines you and often telling the story among others like you are seeking to improve. That is what makes the difference. You may even find a good life coach here, that matches you.

Get answers

Coachingandlife is about– how you coach your way through life- Where you are

Somethings are the same for us, and that is the stages that we go through or the stairways, or phases lovechild has many names.

The question is where are you, when you tell your story, you will see when going back to it, that you have changed, the way you feel changes over time, you do not have the same words about what happens after just a few days, telling your story can be anything, it is what moves you. 

The desire to share is when we know that others can benefit from you. You are always in the right place, the place where you are is your choice, your doings, and always be proud of yourself.

You are so much more than you can ever imagine. Being where you are, does not mean staying. You have a choice to choose. That is why coachingandlife.com is a unique and platform for change.

A platform were wanting to move on is what we do. We seek and aim to help each other with information for you to move on. We are here to share what we have learned so far.

Where are you going

Why go anywhere? Why does anything? That is not possible you are going and moving on every day, every day you add to the thinking you have.

The way you decide to see it, the way you talk to yourself about how it is, that is what you do. When I close my eyes, I see a few pictures I know where I am going, I know what I am going to do, and I know that in what I do, I am to see those pictures come true.

They are my stars of life. I aim for them every day. That is where I am going. It has very little to do with where I come from and I define myself with those future pictures that I have within, I do not know, where they came from but I know that they are me.

That is where I am going. Telling your story opening up to be among members that like you are seeking to find out where you going, or you may already have all this in place, where ever you are, sharing the story of where you are going is making the journey even more interesting and making the journey an even greater adventure.

We can never share vision too much.

Coachingandlife is about – – how you coach your way through life- Why are you not satisfied?

Did you ever wonder why you are not satisfied? When you look at yourself you know that you are doing okay and you know that you are doing a good job, having a great family, living well.

Yet it is not you. Where does this none satisfaction come from? Why do you need to move on? – for me, I can say I feel a bit guided if comes from within and it comes in pictures, and these pictures are strong drivers the guide me.

It does not matter what others say, they are strong drivers in my doing and that is what makes coachingandlife.com a unique place to share where are you going do you know?

Listening to the story of other members make you open your eyes to the awareness you are seeking.  

Why would like it to change

I am not even sure why I want the thing to be different- that is what you may say, or you may have a very good idea about what you want to change.

Change is not changing partners making the same mistakes, change is doing something different because you want a different mindset, new words, and a new understanding of life. How you define yourself.

Change is hard work, and that is what makes coachingandlife.com unique because if you once have tried changing your way, you know what you define how hard that is, adjusting to new customs and ways are hard inner work, tell your story and where you found guidance to find the right outcome. By sharing we give each other an option to move on and find sooner than later.

We aim to improve from where we are. We want to take better steps. 

Who is going to change?

Who is going to change I saw a pillow online yesterday that said, anger is like drinking poison and expect the other person to die.

So who is going to change?

Think about it everyone does their best, and there is nothing wrong with wanting something else, it is the way you choose to change, and that is why coachingandlife.com is a unique platform, it gives you time to seek and find out what is the right way for you, and when you are ready to do it, the right opportunities arise, you know because that is how it has always been.

If you really want it to happen, it will happen. That is not an oh yes – no from the inside out, you know that when you decide to do something. Things change.

Who changed.

You did.

Nothing else changed, the way you decided to look at it, think about it, and work it.

That is the change that needs to fall into place and one way is sharing your journey to find out exactly how that this is going to happen.

Being ready comes at many levels, seeking, sharing, and using the information among us is what makes us different from any other creature because we can share and we can learn from sharing.  

What is going to change.

Only you can answer that question, but once you feel and once you say it. That will be the time where you seek to be among other members that like you know the road ahead. Joining and being with other members make the journey of discovery so much more, because you share your insight into your own thinking, the way you define yourself and the world.  

Input from your best friend.

Input from a friend is always good, it is the best because you know what to expect and you are calm and in balance when getting input from a friend. Confidence, trust and so much more is in place. Will it move you, this question you can answer? – will it move you?  

Input from a stranger

From a person that you do not know, and the question they ask you, it is like a wake-up call a clarity of better steps.

Why did they say that?  OF all the questions they could have asked why did they ask this one? Always know that questions come from, where you are yourself. When do you ask? You tell where you are, that is the step to seek to understand.

Look at the questions you get wisely, there is so much information in them because it looks at your story a different way. That is why Coachingandlife is a unique platform to share improvements=coahing and life = your life = better steps. You get a chance to change small things and you get a chance to discover so much more about yourself Just by telling your story.  

Input from a stranger with same wish to improve

Most important for all of us, is that we all have the same wish one simple wish to improve the life we live.

All you want is to learn how to live a life, where you are satisfied. Where you know what to do to achieve the satisfaction you seek ecologically to what is good for and wise.

Input from a stranger out of your network, will see your story different, and the input will make you stop and wonder, why, how come,  

What you would like to have.

There is only one person who knows what the right way is Guess who So, what would you like to have Use the GAP templates to take you forward, this way you are not letting GO – You are moving forward.  

Doing and What you get.

Better steps forward – What you do is what you get So, what have you done? Write it down so you know what you do, and have done. Know within that you work for what you want. Did you send that application, did you do your best.  

What is satisfaction for you.

What is it, What is enough – what better steps do you want and need – Tell your story for the other ME-MEMBERS most of all for yourself, so you know what will make you happy and be who you are? When we do not tell it stays within and over time it becomes I wish. Change your way today start right now, because you can and because you CHOOSE TO.

Coachingandlife is about better steps- how you coach your way through life-

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