The power of stress and stress gives power.

Think about: you can know anything, but do not know everything, that’s the power of stress. You can do anything, just not everything.

You may think you know, what you are solving, yet you do not know the consequences it brings along for yourself how it affects your own soul and spirit. Who you become, what it brings to you over time, that at the end will define who you are.

How far – how much – how long are you willing to go. To take yourself for a course, a company, a goal. What do you achieve more money, a higher level of status, be part of the inner management team, keep your job, show off that you can do this? What do you achieve? Or did you not think about where the effort and the task where would take you.

For challenges in life, life is the opposite, because first we are given the test, then we experience the lesson.

For most things you practice, you go to school and you are taught many skills, yet the skills of life who you are what you become is defined from the life lessons learned and practiced.

That’s why stress is a mystery to us.

You have done it before, you can do it again.

Maybe, I am a certified Negotiator and today, where I sit here and write this to you.

For the first time in my life, these words give meaning to me, you should always keep your negotiation partner in balance?  What does that mean to you?

I am not even sure if I told you what I mean, that it would make sense to you, but I for my first time that gives meaning and understanding of a much higher level than you can ever imagine.

Stress has an enormous power

It gives you strength and clarity and once you step into that field, you lose your balance of what is right and wrong, of what is good and bad, of what is light and darkness. Stress pushes the borders and makes it a new – game –

Why you decide to push the line and press – because you can, because this is, what you really want this is who you are. When you decide to go over the limit. That is when the name of the game changes and it becomes a new game with new rules.

Did you make the decision to change the name of the game? Did you know you did it?

That when the experience taught in Negotiation comes in, keep your opponent in balance, because if you do, you know where he is heading.

Once you change the name of the game, you are in a new game, and what rules are you now playing with and what is good to know, have, be do you know?

Stress is what gives us the extra power, the extra mile, the clear and smart thoughts. Stress has an enormous power of achieving better results.

Yet stress offers only power to one for everyone else it does not matter as for them it could have been done by someone else, or more people of a machine.

Stress is your power to achieve your wanted outcome it’s a power given special to you.

Can you hear where I am going? –

If yes, deciding to use your extra powers make sure that there is something in it for you.

If no, as you are the only one who knows that you are crossing your line of what is a natural balance.

Think about sports that over the years have changed, think about company’s morality and think about what is important at the end of the day for you.

You will never be remembered by your number, you will be remembered for who you are, the feeling you left others with, that is what will define you.

Stress is a challenger to ethical, moral and decency

Why, because when you have a choice you can choose to do the right thing. That will define who you are.

Because how is the world to change if we do not challenge what is today, how are we to learn lessons of life if, our values are not challenged, and you get a choice to say yes and no.

We all need the challenge and we all admire those who manage to do the right thing because we all face:

You need extra resources to make it, you want to feel great about something,

you want to show that you can deliver, and you want to make it, you want to win, you want to be part of the group, you want it so much, and you are willing to do whatever it takes:

Those are your thoughts and you believe that you are on the right track heading in the right direction.

That’s the mindset the edge of, or the end of the game you are in.

Once you start thinking those thoughts things change, and we do not have to think far to know in sports or in business when those lines have been crossed and later on, what happened.

Once you change the name of the game, new rules and players often arise and this is when you are unprepared.

You continue and you want to achieve, but you are thinking that the game is the same and that you are in control and know the rules you are playing under.

That’s when you really feel the power of stress.

The strength of stress

You have set yourself on course, direction or path and here you are,

you see that in order for you to fulfill and accomplice what you are started you need to move knowledge, power or effort.

What are you willing to do? how many hours will you give in to it, what are you willing to say, what are you willing to do?

You stand with 3 elements that you can work – you – others- skills

  1. Will you work harder?
  2. Will you hire someone to work with you?
  3. Will you get skills from someone else, like a doctor, lawyer or professional?

Where is the extra strength and effort coming from?

If it comes down to you. You will use your strength time and skills. You will feel the power of stress. First, it will add good powers to you.

The strength of stress is enormous and like a drug.

People who at one time have experienced the power of stress, seek repeatedly to that power and kick and they like the feeling, and it can even be the feeling they see in others when the stress power takes over.

I have worked with people where I have seen,

how she loved the fact that she was willing to cross the ethical and moral line.

Seen the sweetness in her eyes and how that feeling took her higher than life.

Did she scare me,

Oh yes, every time!

Did I dare do anything no?

Would you maybe and maybe not.

Today, thinking about it,  I think about the mindset from the book


by Douglas. Morrison

Think about – you are not, we are not in competition with anyone, but who you are who we are. Your peace of mind and your way, who you are.

A good question to ask is:

  • Do I ever want to be compared to that – is always a good question to ask.
  • Do you want to stand side by side, this is who you are.

Stress versus strength

Once you start feeling stress you get a clear vision your mind and thoughts are so powerful, and you feel that you can accomplice anything. You see yourself in a different light and perspective.

Stress is good, strength is good if you use right for the right reasons. Stress and strength is your inner power and your inner strength no one can see, if it is positive or when it crosses to be negative.

Stress is your ability to use your talents in life for, what you really want to an accomplice. Do you want to be the company man, do you want to be the lover of someone, do you want to be the creator, who do you want to be? –

That is the evaluation to stop and think about because once you use the power of stress,

you see things from your own side and your own self-judgment loses its power or fails to work.

Again – that’s why when you interact with people you get the best interaction when there is a balance in what you do,

because you can predict their next move, and no one is surprised in the game of life.

Good questions to ask is:

  • What are you achieving
  • Who are you
  • What are your limits
  • What consequences do you see
  • Name 4 things not possible
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Stress versus depression

Why do stress and depression come together and challenge one another? Because if you use all you have and you give it all you got, you have inner expectations of how that moment is going to be, how you are going to feel, you have given it so much. If the results and the feeling do not match your effort, what happens to your mind, soul, and spirit. Depression is a result of the disappointment you have within. Think about the scale of emotions from which we know that that control, power, and authority comes from anger within.

The stress that you used to accomplice a positive outcome in your life is taking you on a different tour for you to work through to get your inner satisfaction and peace of mind.

A good question to ask

  • What thought brings depression
  • When do you know you?
  • What does your limit line look like?
  • Once you face depression how is it to work your way back
  • What can you not imagine
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Stress and worry

Out on the other side, you become realistic or you see that the game changed during the time where you focused so clearly on the target.

You get at wake-up call and you see that you have been outsmarted by that little thing you did not pay attention to. You worry the strength and the power of stress have made you faster, quicker, smarter and yet you overlooked that one simple thing.

You start moving into the phase where your mind starts spinning, because if you oversaw this, then what more is there. Stress lowers the self-awareness and once it comes back to you, worry takes over and takes you on a trip where you are overlooking everything.

That’s why it is said you can know anything, just not everything.

Stress and burnout

Yes, stress can eat up all your resources and make you lose it all. Stop before it turns on you. If you can and if you really want, make sure that you stay in balance with who you are, and what you are. When you think about an HR person what do you think, a nice person who is in balance with what is good for humans working? If yes, they have higher knowledge and skills about how we as people react and use our working skills, if No, what has life taught you.

Stress burns you out it’s a fact, this life has limited opportunities and limited power. You will burn out, and you will be remembered for what you did in balance, that what ethical and moral the right thing to do. If you cross the line, you do not cross it for the world, you cross your own line within. That’s why you burn out because your line is crossed. It’s not like the world see you, it is how you see yourself.

Stress like a glass of water

Stress is like a glass of water, you need it, it’s about your life and how you live it. Water is a basic, stress is basic, it is how you decide to use it.

Stress gives you the ability to be clear and see your vision

Stress gives you the power to fulfill desires and goals

Stress is your way for you, this is what will define you as who you really are, because stress with take you to the limit, to where you need to make real-life choices. It’s when you sit in front of the one with less power than you, it is when you decide to pursue, it is when you have a choice.

Stress is used with its positive intention – that moment when you have a choice, and you choose – the thing that makes you within feel good, that gives you your strength back.

Making the wrong choice, making the wrong decision is what will stay with your and keep following you. It is what everyone will remember, this will define you and next time you have the choice you will make the same decision because it’s like a glass of water. You need it, you need to show and prove them wrong.

Your way is run by your inner lack of satisfaction for all the strength, time and effort you gave. That’s the symptom of stress, your ability to know how you heal yourself and get peace of mind.

offers you great tools to get back on track, find your way, balance your life. You are not in competition with anyone else but you. It is the family you create and the spirit that you give in that counts.

That why the book you are reading this moment is a biography profile of someone you like to learn from or someone you would like to understand why the empire fell.

Using the power of stress to make things better or to save someone who is weak is what everyone admires.

To use your power to keep your own power is building an Empire and all Empires stand to fall, that’s history and what is today is gone tomorrow if it is not for the right reasons. Will you be standing on the top when it is going down as the company’s Man.

Some good questions to ask:

  • Why do you need it like a glass of water, need with no taste?
  • How long can you go by once you have it?
  • When will you need again?
  • How will you get it?
  • Who is on the other side?
  • Are you hurting something else for your victory?
  • Will they let you take it?
  • Can you keep it?
  • Who are you when you do this?
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