Business story: Our way changes.

Our way changes of many reasons, it becomes transparent.

Busines story, and how changes impact and the changes we do not see coming?

Procurement has for so long been driving tenders and making systems to make all procure transparently and sales have other the other side made all sales transparent through CRM.

What is to make your business story last for a long time:

if you are to keep the success you are building? think about the business story you want to tell!

Sustainability in what you do whomever you do business with and whatever you do, make sure that you always leave a good impression of who you are and what you do, because they are not going away or disappearing.

  • Transparency is what we do the specifications and demands are good enough
  • Transparent sales registered in CRM systems, never more service than needed
  • Transparency in when you procure, systems to compare
  • Transparency in your maintenance using KPI’s and deviation

All, that can be handled by a program once it is clear and once it is defines, a one-time solution for all future purchases and sales – then to be handed over to analyze for improvements and data collection.

For evaluation and continuous improvements for lowering the cost for more profit.

The hunger for profit and finding the right way has taken the first round, there is not much more than Excel can handle for us, you must come up with ways that are more efficient of finding Gaps to improve the possibility for profit.

There is still so much that can be done better and smarter and there is still so much money to be made and so much money to be saved. The Gaps arise in between all the time, smarter and wiser Gaps opportunities and disruptions more fractions. It is a never-ending story.

A good business story is good to tell, learn from and keep in mind.

Who would have thought that business as AIRBNB; could be made? Had you said that 10 years ago people would have looked at you as if you had lost your mind?

Who would have thought that a business like Micro-soft or Apple would have made it to those levels?

Business is taking turns we cannot even imagine. Finding a supplier of a product is so easy just google it.

Yet it is still hard to build a business and the game is changing. A good business story is long-lasting and something does not change – What is not changing at all is that it is still people doing business with people, and when you do business your name gets out there.

  1. Be a good business partner do things that work for both of, if you cannot make it good, fun and friendly, then walk away. Sustainability is what will make the customer stay.
  2. Things are transparent know it, and work it, it is not about not making money it is about understanding what you pay for, sit together and find a common platform for good enough
  3. What services are you selling, what services are you buying at the end of the day what you are doing is helping each other solve a workload, you are there to support one another, make it visible that you are aware of what is in it for both parties. There is no reason to think that you can hide. If it is a hide and seeks, then you as the purchaser can only lose, there is always and there is always only one to pay and that is the customer. As a customer, it is your ability to involve, the supplier and to find out, who and what is involved and share. That is where the savings lie. Helping each other beyond.
  4. Yes true, not everyone is ready to collaborate and open up for even more dialog and interaction among another. To take the transparency even deeper into the business. If you like to be where you are say so, leave and be friendly always leave with a smile and the opportunity to come back.
  5. Knowing that it is, even more, involvement and knowledge that comes with the open challenges you even more, because what you sell, where are your margins and what you procure what are you paying for. It is the act of choices, this is still a human-controlled factor and cannot yet be replaced by a system, to build from options and make choices. It is still the human intelligence and ability to analyze abstract data that sets the name of the game. So, what is in it for you, be honest and make sure it is a win-win situation, nothing less will be sustainable. Someone’s action should never determine your response ~Dalai Lama~
  6. Change in business is an ongoing journey that requires new skills and knowledge all the time. Think you business story through.
  7. Knowing, so much more about one another makes each part more vulnerable and the damage if you fail so much harder to recover from. There is to start over and smile, there is nothing you can do but keep doing the right thing, it is fantastic to know that somehow there is room for all levels of qualities, all levels of service, all levels of prices and all level of understanding what is good enough if there is a demand there is a supplie

Moving on and creating your way with good partners to support your business is a sustainable way, giving each other the stability to focus on joint improvements, overlooking gaps and changes in industries and businesses there is always something or someone who changes so it has an impact on you. Stay focused make sure you have the right business partners. It takes years to really understand and give the right support to one another.

Sustainable business is doing well for all parties, where you are involved. Business is not as simple as it uses to be, It is not any longer – the business itself,  that is the main driver, it is all about the business. It is not the actual purchase that determines, it is what you do and are capable of around the service. It is your name.

Your name is what we hear and what we listen to? – We compare your name and the company. It is for some the same. If you work, there that is who you are. If one from your company has done so, you are responsible. We see things transparent and we see things infractions.

Your name is the story, it is what will create the business, how you do it, and with whom you do it, it is not, spreadsheets that do the business. Build the right business story.

Coming into the marketplace requires so much more than product and price, buying cheap can at the end of the day, cost you twice as much, buying a product where you do not know who you are dealing with, can be the end of you too. You cannot take the stories.

Transparency is a visible friend or enemy there is nowhere to hide.

Business story: You are the story you tell.

Your story of who you are as you define yourself, you are the creator of your doings and you can make it happen. If you tell the story, then that is what you set out to do. There must be compliance in your storytelling. It is the sustainability in your doings, which will make the wave and wash in over the market. Many will know you, many will know of your name and what you stand for, yet you have had not to talk or communicate with them, it is online it goes on even when you sleep somewhere. Google talks and finds your name and comes with the story of your life. The story you are living is told online.

Transparency is coming closer to our inner. What you are and who you are within. What made you the way you are?

The company you work for is involved in your private doings through your signature of the code of conduct, business in fractioned by making supplier code of conduct to ensure that your name is not involved in any business, that is not sustainable.

Protecting and taking care of your name has become and the industry itself, building up imagines and protecting them. Giving people, the right knowledge and information to explain reasons and courses are just as important as it is to solve the task itself.

Business story: Your story defines you

We relate to the story, we hear the name and right after comes the story, and it is from the story we build our trust and believes. It is the story that we see if the values that are used around your name matches our own believes and understanding of what is the right thing to do.

Never say no – make the case your way – and never say no

Say yes – you want to continue, you just want to change the way and form of how to continue. Do not place yourself in a position where you say no, let the others say no, look for different ways to continue, it is like looking at marriage, when you think about being married you think, we live together under the same roof. Yet we can be married and live apart for many reasons. We can be married and have separated rooms, there are many forms of understanding being married. We may not have the ability to live together, we may still love one another.

Business story: We use to separate and find a new partner doing the same.

Now we stay together and find new ways of moving forward together.

Same solution form we see in business, there is no reason to change supplier or employees it is the learning the ability to adapt to new circumstances. It is not to change the person, it is to educate and inform.

It is the story that turns into a name.

Business story: Moving forward with old value

We have for so long been doing it, and we have for so long not been able to create the results we were aiming for. You lose out when people leave you or you leave people. It takes so long for someone else to come to the same level, that most companies cannot effort to lose employees with high skills.

Skills and knowledge have a different understanding today, transparency in your doings makes it very visible. It is the thoughts that have been thought. Where are they coming from who did the thinking? We are back to the story. All business deal comes from someone thinking something.

Good sustainable business is founded to solve tasks to improve for both party’s tasks. That is basic – one gets a job done and others make his living. It is not solely that it gets done it is to whom it is done.

Think about it,

How much different names in business mean to yourself and how reliable you think a company is due to you know someone who works there. It is how we take things out of excel and access.

It is how we make business human-related. It is what we do, we turn things around to our advantage. Humans did not have a chance to compete with the spend analysis from any program, humans did not have a chance to compete with the sales system that was automatic.

Humans have all the advantages when it comes to personal relations. There is no computer or software yet that gives build the story, give the trust and find the caring like humans.

The story you tell is much more important than the service and product you sell. It is compared to ensure that things are compliant with your understanding and your level.

Your business story is powerful it is how you define who you are.

Tell your business story and share your way, make all the adjustments you need to have the story you know is you?

Making the change can be shared at on the page free forum for business or you may decide to join CAL.

It is asking the questions every day that makes the difference, that is what will shape you and define, who you are.

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