Meet the Coach

CALTV Interview with Berit Ladefoged, the CEO of Coaching and Life


In today’s interview, Bryan C Dunn, has a great converstation with the illustrious CEO and Founder of CAL, Coaching and Life. Berit took her vision and put her ideas into action starting CAL a few years ago.

Berit decided that what the world needed was Coaching and Life; a new shift in the coaching paradigm. Her teamwork approach to coaching is manifested in Coaching and Life.

Meeting a good life coach can change it all

We never really understand what impact people have on us til we need it. Who helps and lifts you to be promoted. Who support you deliver the task and assignments is right level.

Who guides you forward to where you love to be.


How can we do even better

When we do well – we feel well and we get well and we do well

This is the cycle of life and that is why it is so important to find and be around the right people.

You must be with people who invest in you, so you can invest in them and they can havest you and you can harvest them. If you do not invest – there is nothing to harvest.

Some people have forgotten that you cannot compete with nature.

What do we need to know

How do we support

Why is there a difference

Where are you going with what you know