What do you hear, when you listen? Sometimes when we hear a story, reason to listen!

Do we really listen to what is said or do we hear what we think we hear. Sometimes we do not understand it and we do not really hear it,

and we do not hear what is really going on,

and then it can be hard to understand what is happening?

In a story, there is the one with an agenda that will use other people to achieve what

they want and there will be those,

who are smart and doing it, so you do not even know, that you are being used. Reason to listen is very needed and in demand for you.

The Agenda Within

It takes place all the time, we all have an agenda, we all some things that we would like to happen and we all have outcomes that we want to see come true, some are very dedicated others are vague.

We see people on all levels of the tilt, there are the once. That will not heal before they have reached their outcome and there are the ones that have other outcomes.

The beauty of it all is that we in life do not have the same outcomes and perfect pictures ad, for this reason, we are able to weave things in this world together, we find a way to move on, and the more extreme

we get the harder it is to move on unless. We get it exactly as we see it, or believe it must be.

The more extreme the fewer people will understand us, the more extreme the more difficult, the more extreme the more it is for the few.

So if we think about it, how does a person become a leader,

this by a lot of people liking the person just enough to vote for and do what is needed, and this too when we have a friend and have goals for ourselves,

we use each other and sometimes more than good is.

There are always two sides to the story, the one

who wants to achieve something and the one being used to achieve it.

We can never do anything or little by ourselves.

We need interaction with others to achieve our outcomes,

either some have to do it, some have to be a part of it,

we are always in something with others to achieve our goals.

If we talk about sport we have opponents, if we speak about

the business we have smartness or awareness, if we speak about love,

we have our behavior and our way of life, the way we are.

When we listen and really listen we have a change, in whatever we face and want to do or face.

If we listen we hear what others won’t and if we listen we see where others are going and

if we listen we see the role we have or what they want us to play,

We get to answer the question do we want to play the role,

do we want to be in, and what and how can we be what we want to.

All this takes place with or without our awareness

All this takes place with or without our participation if it is not us, then it is someone else.

Are you the right one – did you see, did you listen and are you aware of your role.

What are you a contributor to? The people you are with your friends your family, where are you going.

We all look forward with or without knowing or being aware,

we all seek to have our outcomes fore filled in a way so we find a match to our inner picture,

We need and want things to weave together,

we need to find an understanding and a purpose in what we do and for what.

What happens when you listen

Therefore, we need to listen and really listen,

we need to understand, we need to have the awareness of our own strength and capability and most of all our own outcome.

If we do not know where we are going, how can

we know, how can we listen, we need to have knowledge about ourselves and our

own outcome and life in order to know if what is taking place is within the frame.

How can we approve, how can we acknowledge,

if we do not know and have limited to what is okay, we are all different and still

we have good rules and good laws for which there is room for all of us?

We need to know that the fact that we are different is a strength,

the fact that we have different skills is a strength,

The fact that we have different interests is a strength,

the fact that we want different things in life is a strength.

The power of awareness

If we seek awareness, we have the opportunity to listen, to find out where others are going and if we want to join or we are seeking

something different.

We need to know that it is okay to be different, this does not mean that we cannot love and have gratefulness, alt or many of the things

we learn in life we do not learn from others that are like us,

we learn this from others that are different from us.

We need to strive for our best,

we need to listen and see what is for us a wise next step.

The best we can learn ourselves is to know

that there are many ways of doing things and that all have an outcome they are seeking.

This does not mean that we cannot be friends this does

not mean that we cannot be among one another, this only means that there are different ways.

Who wants extreme in anything,

like only eaten tomatoes or only have ice crème, nothing is good when it takes over

Who wants to be let out, we all know we have talents, skills,

so a good question to ask why is the tolerance for differences low

Who wants to be the one, that is pushing another person over the edge,

what makes anyone talk bad about another person,

for anyone can this be okay and why do we not stop it when we hear it.

Who wants to be the person that is bulleting other

We all want to feel at peace inside and this we can only do

if we seek to fore fill our own inner picture, that contains our peace our goal, how we see life and feel good.

No one can ever feel good hurting others,

We have the challenge to learn and understand,

how we can help each other, that we are different is a strength,

not a weakness and that we can do so much more and so much better if we ourselves find our strength, that we are believing in ourselves

and each one of us holds on to our inner perfect picture.

Look at what you do differently

Life is in many ways a game or a play, where there is the opportunity for many different roles, and there is one thing we must be very aware of it,

that we have to pick our role and we have to play it,

and even more important is we must hang on to it.

We must know that what we believe and think is right is taking not only us but the entire play in the right direction.

There is huge difference in what is right for one person or a small group or what is right for a total nation,

that is why each one of us must fore fill the responsibility we have and use what we know wisely.

That is why when we really listen and feel, we will see the real play that is going on, we will really look and this will show us, where the gabs are,

when you can see it, it is because you know and have the capability to fore fill this gab,

did you ever hear the saying, if we can see the problem you own it.

Each person you meet in life brings a new way of new skills,

new understanding and if you manage it can take you further.

What is really happening, did you ever stop and just listen,

see and feel, and not say anything, to seek to know what you wanted.

How often do we do that, if ever?

Why is it going wrong,

we know when we are doing something wrong there is always 1000 of opinions of how to make it better or do it, except that you are the only one

who can see it from your eyes and know what capability you have.

We tend to look too much on the outside, when what we should be doing is listen to the knowledge, the skills the experience from others,

and then comes the most important thing, then we need to feel,

listen and trust our own inner voice to transform all into something that we can use and do.

What can you do that will make a difference for you and who you are,

this question is on we must always ask ourselves in order to stay aligned with our inner.

We know and we know, we also know when we are not listening really listening,

and we also know what we create and are our best.

We smile, we are happy when our inner is in balance in peace with our selves.

We when we have to done and are as what is best for us, we listen and we feel ourselves.

We have a great soul, that takes care of us if we listen, what if body, mind and soul is 3 different levels of us, our body to do,

our mind to seek, and our soul to take care of us,

We have now for so long had a focus on our body and we have had a focus on a lot with our mind,

we still have so much to learn and what we need to understand even better is our soul.

  • Our soul that takes care of us.
  • Our soul that helps us
  • Our soul that is us,

Why are we not listening to the most important thing we have,

and why do many not believe that there is a soul

when we that when we do not belong our feel outside, something inside is so strong that it will help us move on and keep going.

Where does this strength come from if not from our soul.

Where do we get this ability from if not from our soul,

we have used our body, we have used our mind and what has the capability to takes us even further is our soul.

We know that when there is something we really want,

and we are in need, we see power and strength as we never thought excited, where does these powers come from.

We know that if we stop for seconds and listen,

If we only give ourselves time to reflect on the place we are,

the things that are happening, and what is right for us,

we decide to do very different things, then if we focus on what others are saying and what others are expecting of us.

We are so used to that the people that are talking loudest are the once being heard,

we so use to that the loudest people are the once that get the attention and the rights.

Have we ever thought about how much power silence has,

that the power of silence is much more powerful than the voice of loudness?

We learn from others, we see how they do, and we exchange skills, and from there on it is up to us,

we know what is right and how to do it right for us.

We can never do the same, we can do things alike, we are not the same,

and we do not come from the same places or are going the same way.

We meet to exchange, learn and grow, we listen to the stories of others and from that we learn a lot,

what we learn is our own transformation into what is right for us, then we have listened and we have learned.

If we copy, we do it without thinking, without asking the questions if it is right for me.

What is it all about

Who am I, if I do this, and can I live with it, sometimes we do not know, before it is too late,

we have been pressured into and act a role, and we cannot get out.

We cannot getaway, and the people around us want us to be, where they know, who we are, so even when we stop, others get unsafe with us,

if we change and are not, who they expect us to be.

What happens, if you do not do anything,

that is always a good question to ask, what happens, if we do not listen to ourselves,

to the strong voice, we have inside.

Will the voice inside out, keep talking to us until we give it the right attention,

will the inner voice make us lose our temper, make us say things, that will take us to where we want to be,

and will the inner voice keep taking us further.

What happens to people, that feel that they are too far away from themselves, what happens to people that do not listen to themselves,

what happens to people that are not on their own track hold on their inner picture for their outcome.

What happens if we do not follow and believe ourselves?

How will you move on, if you have come too far off from yourself,

how can you change and start listening?

The first steps are always the hardest,

and that you have read this far, shows that you are ready to listen to your inner voice.

Let it speak and let’s hear, listen

May you listen and find your way

May you seek and find the knowledge, awareness, and strength you need

May you have a good life, where you are the difference, due to what you do and who you are

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