Family and life.

Family and life – The most important thing we have is our families, they are the once, who can tell our story, the life we live. our job and our friends join us a period when we are at the same levels in life.

Our family follows us through life – it is just like coaching and life – this is family and life. They see happy times and they see sad times and they stand there they know how we manage to take ourselves through life.

The values that are important to us for our family and life, and how we work to create the best possible way for ourselves and our families.  

My Partner is my strength – my family and life.

The love and the air or space that we manage to create for each other is the way and what we put into our home.

The home of what?

Home of family and life is how we love each other, how we support one another because we are on a family and life journey together.

It is the journey that is important and that we move forward. In whatever we do, we stay together, that is the strength of the core of the family. In my family, the strength has always been to work hard, of all we did that has always been the most important thing, that we work hard and that we show a result for what we are doing. We are who we are in the family because we have the strength to accomplice and do what we have set our minds up to. We discover the world and we seek to improve for the better.

That is a strong core value in my family. When you think about your family, what do you see as your core values? – what is holding the family together?

You the Gap Analysis or tools if there are values that you would like to change or if we see that there are behaviors that can improve your family strength to be what you want it to be. Our family is what we want it to be, that is our solely doing, and that is the place where we have what we do, solely what we do. Work or friends are influenced by so much more, and we can have an impact but it is not our doings solely. That is why using the gap tools and gap analysis is a great way to perform even better.

Create the family you want, because of who you are. Love your partner for all the right reasons, know that love is what carries it through, love can hold through it all, hope can make changes where there is only resistance and love can give you the smile that saves your day. Keep the family strong and work to improve your family, because they are there for you.  

My child – my love – my life – family and life.

  One of the greatest things in life is our children.

Children have it all, they have a fantasy, they believe, they have trust, they have curiosity, they do what they are taught, they are themselves, they play, they try, they do, they want to move forward, they can learn fast, they have now habits, they ask questions, they are happy, they are sad but never for long, they seek to express themselves for others to understand, they have a gift to love everyone without hesitation, who can say, that a child does not have it all.

Why do we adults take it away? When we ask our children to do and be someone, something, do we ever think about, if that is what is right for them and where that is taking our children, and even better who are we when we do so? Did you ever think about, what the outcome is of your words, your attitude, your way?

Did you, yourself think about where your childhood parenthood has taken you, and have you ever thought of something you would do differently.

Did you ever think that turns in life done are not all chosen by you? many of my decision in life are made by my parents, they had many ideas of what I should be and become. Many of the things I have done I did to make them smile, and I have late in life learned to do things for me – to improve and make me happy.

What determines who we become and what talents we have?

That is a very good question? And for whom to answer. I think for all of us when we think about our children, it is such a strong feeling and it is feelings one cannot understand unless one has children. They are a gift to the world, a pleasure and joy one cannot describe, they know how to give a smile, they know how to make us feel the best in the world. They are fantastic.

At the same time, they challenge us, they drive us crazy, they tire us to discipline football 3 times a week. You know how it is, you go to 2-4 different kinds of sports and you never excuse, you sit and talk with the other parents, that are facing the same challenges you are.

For a moment, we were all in the same boat. We all ask the same questions and we are all in doubt, time flies, and all a certain our children are big and not so small anymore, and we have no influence on them. Where is all this going?

Design your way family and life.        

Make it happen to make the difference you need to make it happen, only you can do, only you know what it requires to make it happen. Within coaching, we believe that each goal or outcome starts with the

  • Congruence, you need to be congruent with what you want.
  • Positively stated, it must be positively formulated, you cannot not think about a pink elephant
  • Resourced and realistic, you must have or acquire the resources your need
  • Initiated and maintained by yourself, you need to ask yourself do you have what it takes
  • Ecological is must be positive and ecological
  • Evidence criteria, how will you know that you have achieved your goal or outcome
  • Time-phased, make a timeline that is realistic and remember a dream that has no deadline is a wish.

Coaching is about an outcome, it is about, what we value and what we want to accomplice. Whatever you focus on, is what you get. You will properly say, that this is not true, then within CAL ask you, if you focus on something do you not get it? yes, we all do.

The reason, why it is good to talk about the outcome instead of a goal is because the outcome has consequences involved, this is sometimes where we are not aligned or congruent with our outcome or goal think about below for a second: #Think about the following from the book – the 8th habit. (page 79):

  • Wealth without work
  • Pleasure without conscience
  • Knowledge without character
  • Commerce without morality
  • Science without humanity
  • Workship with sacrifice
  • Politics without principle

“A new philosophy a new way of life is not given for nothing. It has to be paid dearly for and only acquired with much patience and great effort” – # by Fyodor Dostoevsky. # We can even add a few more to the list:

  • Overweight without food
  • Strong body without excise

Alcoholic without alcohol – that is the simplest one and easy for us all to understand, a fact is that we as humans are complex and nothing is the same.

Why am I not where I want to be, why do I think it needs to be different? There is something inside you that is so strong that and you must reach out for it. Then you know, then you can make the difference to achieve your outcome. You are willing to do what it takes.

That is why to look at once great dear family and know, that they are pressure and what they achieve means so much more than anything else.

They are the ones that will hold our hand if we are weak and if we are sad or sick. They are there, today family does not mean so much as years ago, we are changing our lifestyle and we change our family. Can we change family and can we get the strength to the family that is the good question, we ourselves need to align with what is the core value in our life? That will determine what family means to us, who our family is and if the family needs to be blood.  

Family and life Gaps

Family as I remember it is different from what family is for many children today.

If you have had several mothers and several fathers in your upbringing you will have a different view and understanding of family as a person, who has had only one of each. It will have had an impact on your way of managing yourself and your feelings, what is like to get a new father, and understand that a new person comes into your life. A few years ago, we had a huge understanding of how difficult that would be, as today that is so normal, most people do not even pay attention to when couples split up.

Our basic understanding of the family is changing and the outcome of the change we are still to see. How can we tell our children that it is important to have a home, live in the same house when their lives have been, that they were one week in one house and next week in another house?

Their understanding of family and the strength of the family will be something very different from what we know today. Family and the result of our doings is what we see in our families, and the work and effort we come into our core which is our own inner family strength.

Each of us all needs to feel, that we belong, and we all find a place where we belong and when we feel we really belong, then that is what we call our family.  

They place where our face can be any face.

  They place where our doings and achievements have no impact if we are welcome or not.

To have a good family and to be part of something so strong that it is the family is what makes us feel loved, and most of what we do in this life we do out of love. Love is the strong mover and we can neglect and see through many things out of love. We can work hard and we can achieve goals out of love. If we feel love, we can move mountains. To decide to build up and have a strong family is a choice, and to find out within what the core values should be is inner work, it is a way of setting up guidelines and doings in the family.

Good and great guidelines for what to do, when one has used the gap analysis and tools to find out what improvements that there needs to be done.

It is all about what to do, and what not to do. How to react and how not to react. How to reach out and show and talk about what is really happening. That is what family is for, that is the strength of creating something that can hold even the largest storms in life.

Use the tools and make the change you are seeking. This a where what you do matters, the family you have, that is solely your performance and result. Be who you are and create what is right for you.

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