10 Things You Must Know And Define To Achieve Success Among People

Intentions and results

What went wrong? When we ask, that question it is, because the intention we had to solve a task and the outcome, did not give the result we were seeking.

We do not ask this question, if we get what we were, seeking then we get the overwhelming feeling that we have success, and it is seldom that we ask critical questions when we have success, we did the right thing and we have the outcome our intention seeked.

In this life, we see that sometimes we do not achieve the outcome that we set our intentions for. We did not come to the result or the image of what we were seeking.



What went wrong? Is often the question that we ask?

whereas we would find more questions in ”why” did it go wrong.

Why did it god wrong.

Let’s use an example we all face losing a friend, splitting from our partner, going separate ways.

When in the process did we not manage to stay aligned and compliant to the task, the goal that we have with the person we are involved with? What is wrong with looking at a task differently? What is wrong with solving tasks differently, what is wrong we not wanting the same things, what is wrong with trying others things other ways than we ourselves have thought of.

The goal we seeked how specific did we frame it, when you meet a partner and you talk about life, how detailed where you in your overall wishes for this life? How important is it to you that you achieve the outcome that you are seeking and what compromises are you willing to do, is the order of the achievements important and what are you yourself doing about it.

That the outcome is not as you intended is solely your responsibility

Why? Because, there is no one who can see your intention, so if you did not achieve the results you aimed for then the missing link is inner work and inner understanding that you need to start focusing on. We get frustrated, we tent to get angry, and then we solve even less why? Because who wants to put in more time and energy with a person from who they are put down. If I ask you right here and now, would you step up for a person from whom you know that you would never get the compassion and kindness for whom you are. Because what is in play, it is foundations of strong values as trust, reliable, believe and there can be compassion and love.

So, when you goals, where you do not achieve the result you are seeking it is always good to ask the question, what was your real attention. When you think about, have you ever been in a team, where you knew that the person in front of you had the only intention to take advantage of you, can you not feel it, something within tells you and gives you strong indication to, that this is not going at all to give you anything good.



Can you recognize the feeling?


Can you see the picture?


So what is important, when you need to achieve an outcome. It is your own integrity, why do you want it, why do you want others to join in, why is that you need to involve others, why are you doing it, why


On the other hand, let me ask you differently.

What is in it for me? if I choose to help you, what are you willing to do to get me to understand you and for me to see and understand that it is what I should spend time on.


If I am willing to help you, how well will you for me define my role and the expectation you have to me?

If I am willing to help you, how well will you leave me after you have received your goals?


I will help you first time, and if you leave me better off than if I had spent my time doing something else. Then you can count me in, I will proceed to help you and I will be there for you.

I will help you second time, and if you leave me better off than if I had spent my time doing something else, then you can for sure count me in

I will help you third time, and if you leave me better off than if I had spent my time doing something else, then you can for sure count me in

What is happening, do you see it, we are making a stronger bond and building up confidence and trust, meaning that the more situation that I stand in the better I feel and the more I will support you.

You will be my hero and I will seek to help you achieve the goal, task or life outcome


Then let us take another case

I will help you first time, and if you leave me better off than if I had spent my time doing something else, then you can count me in, I will proceed to help you and I will be there for you

If this changes from first time, things will change and we will go separate ways in a short time

If you manage to keep me on for a time, it too will take me longer time to realize, that when I am doing thing with you I do not feel that I stand in a better situation, that is when I will decide to follow and do something else. The life inputs that I get from you I will no longer pay attention too.

This is what happens when we talk in words, and life is so much more complex and not all outcome and goals comes to us as clear descriptions, this is life, life is so much more and so complex in many ways, which is too what makes it good fun and makes it so interesting to discover.

Life is an adventure in all we do. Life is to be discovered, and there is a journey for all of us, our journey is unique and we can for a time follow each other, but we will never be on the same path for a lifetime, the same journey is part and bricks.

The good news is that it means that there is something here for all of us. We are givers and takes in all we do, there are times in life where we are the learner, then we are the do’er and then we are the teacher, depending on why, what and how we do it, depending on where we are going and with who we are going. This will define who we become.

Good intentions for everyone we are among, to be a good person has nothing to do with what we achieve in life. Because another person is not what we are seeking or does not have the ability to help and support us does not gives us the right to treat others disrespectful.

Things are so much more transparent and if we do not behave in good manners this comes out in the open. Therefore it is important for all of us to understand, that there is power in how we explain our way. There is choices in how we do, and there is an enormous power in making sure that what we do we explain to the people we love, for the people we do not care about, or that gives no value to our lives. Those people we have to let go. We have to know that what we focus on is too what will be the force and the understanding part.

Moving on and letting go

 Does not mean that you are weak

 It means that you are strong enough

 To hold on to what is right for you.


The achievements and the outcome when you decide to let go, is that you have come to the awareness that you are in a better condition and better on your way if you have different influence.

This does not at all mean that there is something wrong with the other person; it just means that you did not manage to have the good impact on each other.

Looking back in time, people were married life times, now people are together for a short time, while they find the ability to and then move on.

What is that we need to have focus on:


My intention

  • Make it clear why you want it and what you want from whom
  • Make it clear why they should do it for you
  • Make it clear how you will reward the people helping you
  • Make it clear how you embrace the support you get
  • Make it clear that you are too only a brick
  • Make it clear what you will do
  • Make it clear what they and you achieve together
  • Make it clear what is the difference
  • Make it clear that without anyone you are no one
  • Make it clear only you can define the success



My results

The only success that is worth anything to you, is the one that gives you the feeling of satisfaction

Not, success or what others tell you. What you have within, only you know, and what it is all worth.

When you close your eyes and you within smile

Then you know, that all the effort all the hours all the time and doings, it was all what you aimed for.


The success is

just what you wanted and – you did it –


Success can never be measured. We do, and we want so much to find out how to make a manual for success. How do you achieve it, what do you do. How did you do it, learn from me, I will show you.

Facts is that success arises from many different angles and the journey is movers that comes from different reasons.

Why does someone get the strength and ability to keep on going even when most have given up.

Why does someone get the inner guidance to think different thoughts that creates disruptions in different industries?

Why does someone prefer to stand alone instead of standing with the group?

Why does someone speak up and say that they see things differently?

Why is that we are different?


We can take same questions and look at them from another side

Why are you negative

Why can you just not get along?

Why can you not just fit in?

Why not just listen to, what the group does?

Why not just be comfortable here?


Let me tell you why

Because life moves forward and it is the small changes and the small steps every day taken by many thousands of people that make the world move forward, Change is for sure.

We will never be in this part of our lives ever again, and changes are happing to us every day.

There is no retur, time is the driver and time moves forward. We can never go back in time, I know someone would like to challenge this now and maybe it will be possible who knows, but where we stand today, our lives are moving forward and our actions takes us to places. Where I leave myself tonight is the step I wake up for tomorrow to take.

There for in whatever you do, make sure the people that are around you, that you leave them better of knowing you, make sure that if you leave each other that you do with good manners so that you can move on with a clear mind and a good way.

It is not what happens to you, it is how you manage to involve others and let them see and know the journey, that you are on.

You can make everyone your friend and still move on alone, and you can make every one your enemy get no help and go nowhere.

  • GOAL for all of us is to get the help, support and compassion we need to take us to the place where we find the satisfaction we are seeking.
  • GOAL is that we are sometimes givers and sometimes takers and our challenges is to understand what is the right thing to do in each case so we leave each other better off and that we
  • GOAL is to be better humans 
  • GOAL is to achieve what we seek 
  • GOAL is to spend the time we have “best way”

Goal is to be on the right path and journey and among people that can see us as who we are.


The only thing anyone can remember is the feeling they had, when they were among you. The way you made them feel and how you made them smile.

That is why the awareness of knowing gives the power to understand the outcome and the result even better.

Enjoy and do the best you can because it is for you and your way.


Make it happen

make the difference that Counts








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