Responsible act and behavior

Responsible act and behavior. Act responsible for your doings, your behavior will define who, we see. How we look at you.

What does this mean?

In the blog, I will try to take you through some of the things that we within CAL see happening and what responsible act and behavior mean and is.

You hear so much and you have access to all information and advertising is pressuring your like never before, they use fair to scare us, they tell how wonderful the world will be, so we dream away.

You look in a magazine and you read about a movie star, and you think you know, who they are. We look into each other’s life as never before. We do from what we see. We act from what you think is.

We do things to be happy all the time, and we do things to look like movie stars. One could say that – Life is what you see.

What do you think, when I say to you, that your life is as I see it, or if you said to me, your life is as I see it. What you see is a fraction of what my life is like, because to understand how your life is, I must understand what you have been through, and what mindset took you to where you stand today.

Responsible act and behavior are about, what we see you do. It does not really have to be this way, as long as you can make the appearance and make the crowd accept your act and behavior for that short time they see it.

Did you ever lose it? I did.

Did you lose to someone, who reported you? I did, Are you still struggling to fix it after 4 years, I am

Do you still feel shame about what happened, I do – Will you ever forget it happened? that is impossible?


It can never be the same, I can never be that same natural person that I use to be, no matter what I will always be looking over my shoulders to see, and I will always be aiming not to say or do anything that will disturb the crowd. If you care and if you like your family act, behave, and never lose it.

Why is how we behave so important, because it is what you see, that is how life is today, it is as you see it. What really is and what really happened you do not pay any attention to.

The truth is as you see it, and the power you have lies in what you do. If you stop to listen if you give a like on Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora or any media.

Power is what you do. The power you hold solely you in the moment when you make your choice.

In that sense, you can say, that nothing has changed, but if you think about it, it has changed, because you sit alone at home, and you have the power.

The act of what you see.

The act of what you do.

That is why, when you think about it, never reply to anything, when you are angry, never make any decision when you are feeling sad, and never make promises when you feel happy.

Why is this important

Because of none of these feelings last, they are momentary and not lasting, there will always be a time for feeling sad, angry and happy. That is what life is all about.

Life is turnarounds and feeling all different kinds of emotions. Think about a movie, there is not a movie, that does not take you through several emotions, but then to do so, none of them lasts. They are all a fraction of a moment.

We as humans love the different moods, the difference in being different. We are in many ways the same and yet so different.

Value like family, love, trust, respect does not have the same meaning and it can at times be very hard to navigate when you are among people you do not know and are very different from

What we see of each other’s life’s, are minutes in the spot light and our lives are so much more. It is not at all as you think it is.

No – Yes…..  is all we use right now

The power you have when your purchase is your choice to choose, you say yes or you say no. Over time, this will determine what is on the market. Take furniture’s from IKEA, it use to be cheap with no sustainability and today they are among the drivers of sustainability, take the Toyota who came with lean and just in time and ect. Take Microsoft how it all changed from 64 to whoever can imagine, take google how this changed our world, Apple with when the iPhone came – no instruction a unique phone for everyone yet the same

Facts are, that life changes and the fact is that you are unique and you must find your way to change with life.

This you do a great many times, and maybe it could have been even better. Maybe had you had different knowledge and input your choices would have been different. These are the things, you will never know.

Me, I often think about a person, who said to me, later you will have a lot of trouble. What did she see and why did she not try to tell her side of the story for me to see.

When is the last time, you looked at someone and knew something could happen and you did not tell? When is the last time, that someone reached out to you and gave you information about, what could happen?

Our behavior is what takes us into situation

No matter what, today things are transparent and there is nowhere to hide. If you make a mistake that will be commented.  From trouble, no one can run aren’t any place that far.

Good advice for all we are to think twice and look around to seek more information before acting. This is alone is learning for some, and you will need to think twice before knowing what to do. The facts are that you are visible in all your doings and your behavior will determine, where you are going and how far you will take it.

How far are you going?

Why ask this question, because today’s leadership involves that people can rely on you if you are to be their leader you must leave room for them to be who they are.

I know what you are going to say, that this is not what we see in our leadership today and this is a good point, one to be taking into consideration. Leaders that achieve things and get the best out of everyone else are leaders who have an act to and behavior of doing the right thing.

Leaders who want you to do as they say, then you are not who you are, and why would you support that kind of leadership.

Where you add your voice, where you add your time that is what you accept and give focus. Your voice what you accept is what becomes a balance in your life.

How far are you going and what balance is right for you. Your balance is your point of zero and all depending on what you see as level zero you decide how far you can go.

Act responsibly and have responsible behavior, this will leave room for more people to accept your doings and what you want to achieve.

Finding your right path and way in life is inner work where no one can support except by listening to what you say and ask you questions. It is the question you get, that you hear if there is compliance between what our intention is and the result that you see in others.

Many times, this first steps to change, your intention gets misunderstood. This happens for many reasons mostly because we have a different understanding of our values.

Seek to know and find out through the use of questions on in the closed forum you keep your privacy and you get a chance to tell your side of the story and your intention – and why you see the gap, all life coaching tools is to help you find the right solution for you. Our common thing is that we all seek to find the path that is right for us, the things that give us peace of mind and satisfaction.

Delusion and illusion are what we are by the spot light.

You forget that behind the scene is hard work and struggle to make it happen, the journey to satisfaction and balance in life takes many turns and it is solely up to you to ensure that what is going on matches you.

Your voice counts, and your doing is very powerful.

You may not see it, but where you place your voice you water the seed.

Too much noise

You get distracted by all the voices you hear, by all the doing that you need to do, that you forget to listen to the one thing that matters the inner voice of what is right for you.

The voice of your own body and soul.

There is so much noise and everyone has good inputs and good suggestions yet what is right for you, you are the only one who knows. There is no easy way to the right solution, there is so many way and of all of them you know which one is right for you.

It is to have someone to hold your hand trusting that you know your way.

That is the challenge in all the noise you hear that you have a risk of letting your own voice become vague and unclear for what is right for you.

What happened to me, made me doubt, my own beliefs of what is right for me, made me for a long time think that everyone else knows better, and today I know they do not. Having the closed forum for working once doubt through is great because it is my life, and it is my privacy, it is not for everyone to know what I think, and what I struggle with, it is for me to seek, for me to know that I get the support and comfort by people just like me, that are working their way through best way they know-how.

At the end of the day that is what we all do, we do the best we can in the situation we are. We do from what we know, and when we are taking by surprise the unawareness we fail. I failed.

The power in what you do

Even when you face injustice and unfairness it is for you to keep in mind that nothing can happen unless you react to it, it is that you react your behavior that makes the difference to the result and outcome.

Your outcome and result come from your act and behavior. Yes, they can pressure you, and yes they can say things that you wish you could react on. Let it go and keep doing what is right for you.

You balance your doing is your power and defines who you are. If you like to give your input to others do it at ME or MY or BY-INVITATION ONLY and CAL – here your input matters because we know your questions comes with the intention of making it better. Changing good results to even better results,

Questions and doings

Questions make us look inside and know if what is said is right or wrong for you – questions are the door opener and closers.

They are your way forward not matter how you put it.

Ask know – tell to share and keep seeking your way until you find that inner peace of mind and balance that is yours- that is the smile for spotlight

That is what you want the world to see, that you have found your way to who you truly are. That is success

The power is what you give attention

The power and what you will have more of is what you give attention to, think about google if you seek something on google, them all advertising and ads you see, will be what you were seeking. The same thing is with our own minds.

Once you set your mind on to seeing something, I find it difficult to find a new job, I find it difficult to find a new girlfriend, I find it difficult to solve .. whatever you find.

The mind is like google, it seeks what you told it to find.

You will never find something then what you are seeking. It is as you say it is. That is the power of what you give attention.

Let it Be – Let it Go

If you are stuck, if you do not know what you want, let it be and let it go. Wait till you have that inner mind of peace to listen to yourself.

Tell your story, because it really matters, your life is who you are, and what you go through. You stand in the spotlight of your story, and there is no replacement no stand in or option to change.

Make up your mind and take good care of what you have, love it because it is with you, and work with yourself to achieve the future.

At there are templates, tools and a private forum to use for all your seeking and daily improvements.

Life is a journey and we all try it all. If you do extremely you get extreme if you do little you get ordinary if you do nothing you get nothing.

Life is all up to you and it is to find your way – what makes you satisfied and makes you work to define who you are.

You become who you are, from what you try.

You define yourself from the strength you had to give in

You change from what you see to what you feel.

Life coaching is tool to help you find your way. Use them don’t waste your life.

Reach out you are never alone – Make it happen, because you can.

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