How to be a great leader should be something that every professional, who takes upon him or herself the role as leader should be working and very interested in.

1. How we support you to be a good leader is a network where leaders can ask and learn from other leaders we talk and learn from each other. Good leader care, good leaders works hard to on why, what, and how How to be a great leader should be something that every professional who takes upon him or herself the role as leader should be working and very interested in. Very few people are by nature great leaders, and the great leaders of this world when we look back in history who where they. Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, Thatcher, Merkel is some of the historical leaders we think of. They had one thing in common, they knew how to speak to people. Every day “as a leader” you speak to people. Every day as a leader you have an impact on somebody else’s life.
  • To be a good leader you need to do what?
  • And how do you practice your leadership?
Look here they all have a smile on – just waiting for you to take your leadership role! is an online coaching forum to support people to achieve their goals and desire
  Being a great leader is about taking tasks and people to forward to achievements they could not have overcome without your support. When you get the help, you need to overcome and take things to an even higher or better level.

1.1 Leadership today

Is losing its power and meaning? My latest boss was a PowerPoint, a high-ticket player with no ambition for the tasks or that company. Smile and wave and do as you are told, do not think and do not act. You are not invited nor involved in tasks, do not ask to be silent and as a result knowledge and understanding of what needed to be done for great performance was none existent. Soon AI will take over a position like this and control the people in levels. When you enter you can go here – or you can go here. Many Error’s today in the supply chain in any chain of the algorithm is made by people and the chain and the order of the chain changes over time. Yet no one knows how to change it. You do not know where to start, and you do not know where to end and one thing for sure is, you do not want to be the person who makes the mistake. Today we are perfect – today everything is amazingly perfect.
  • Perfect is a dangerous word!
  • Why is perfect a dangerous word?
Because it is something that stands unique and alone in a moment of time, it is a perfect moment. No one can be perfect, we are people, something that is alive, improving can never be perfect. You have – you – a moment you can think of as one of your best moments in life and to you a perfect moment, do not destroy it by letting other people know that this is perfect for you and what you want them to strive for.

Leadership today, where is it going and what role do you have a leader.

There 3 leaders today, the role of
  1. Performance, you have x number of tasks and get them done with this level, you are not involved, you do not know what you do, and you do it because someone says so.
  2. Control, you divide tasks and controls that the tasks has been fulfilled and done.
  3. Reporting the results to management and keeping track of performance.
  What happened to achieve and results. Leadership should be about how to achieve more with the people you are among, how to get better results and a better outcome. How to improve from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow for the people you work with and for the company that you work for. None of the above are in a monopoly or high-performance company working, because they make systems and it is about making people follow the system, doing as you are told. How often do you cover up for a mistake in your work because what you get on your desk does not match what you need to do, or you need to adjust it to make it fit for the purpose to where you are taking the task. No one – No one Wants to make mistakes, we all aim to do our best and in a perfect world, what makes people do, they cover up so that no one knows what they did. Because they dare not ask. This is where good leadership comes in and must contribute and help employees do a great job for the right reasons.

2. Leadership tomorrow

This is where what you have become important not only for yourself as a leader, but for your employees and for the company you work for.

Mistakes and errors cost companies so much money today and most of the costs are covered up if supplier mistakes and errors from lower performing people and if you think about it, it is true? It’s not true, A supply chain is only as good as you are as a leader. You define and determine how good your performance and level are and you can only change it if you have the confidence and back up from the people you work with. Any system any chain is man-made, any system not constantly improved does not match the day tomorrow, because a system is built out of giving factors, one factor changes and everything changes, no system today can foresee this, no system is by nature adaptable. You need people to make the system even better and sometimes you need the basic hands on manner to understand what is needed.

2.1 Good leadership is what you do?

It is not what you say, it is not what you think, but how you act and what you do. If you want to know what is happening in your organization, you must ask the people you work with on all levels and you must love their answers. They people who care about you and your results will tell you how they see improvements done, they people who do not care about you or your company will smile and love you all the way to their bank. Get up and stand for good leadership and start asking around what potential there is to do, you may not like the many months to come and in CAL you can get support and hear how other leaders are handling similar situations. Being a good leader is knowing how to combine – how to achieve and how to get results. Start working to be a great leader and get people with you to follow, you are going forward because you know what they right thing to do is.

3. People need leaders

Leadership is talking to people, as you read this, I can tell you, that you have more than 50 % of your employees that could perform 80% better if you as leader lead them. How? What? Why? It is the core of all we do in life? Why do you want it? You do because you want to achieve results. You want to achieve good results and you are properly in the position you sit today, because you of a good leader yourself? Or why?

3.1 Companies need leaders

A strong company gets the right tasks done for the right reason and works for it, a weak company uses the power of politics and the position a person holds. A strong company listens to the people who work there, because you never know where the idea to the next billions are, on thing is for sure it is not going to grow from leaders that are holding people down and controlling. One thing is sure if your company is going to renew redefine and reestablish you need creative minds behind that wants to work for you. Not collect their paycheck, show PowerPoints and control. You need working people. Who wants to do what it takes to make it happen! – I once had a boss who said to me. I do not work these ours, and I do not get up and do this. Those words told me that he did not really care about what was happening and that it was solely about showing PowerPoints from 24sliders. No company performs from PowerPoint it is not what you show it is what you do. How do you make people work for better, how do you get the tasks done? How do you solve your challenges and whom do you involve? To be in a company means that you have a common goal to do better. ONE GOAL TO MAKE THE PIECE OR THE BRICK YOU ADD – MATTERS  
  What you do is important, think about it,  a house with a missing brick – a puzzle with a missing brick, it’s not done and nothing is worth anything until it is done.

4. Bridge the gaps

You cannot walk a bridge, that is not built and most weak companies have not bridged the gaps. Gaps are bridged from people, who can see different angles of the task. Bridges are made out of hard work and understanding and not from people who smile and wave to the boss. A smile and a waver will never take the initiative to the hard work and do what it takes. A smile and a waver will always keep his boss happy. Politics and levels and systems are helping the people who do not want to work for the company who are a paycheck collector. People who work for the company says what they think, and they work to make it happen. When is the last time you meet a person, who worked for the company? – Not to satisfy and make the boss smile. When is the last time your company achieved something outstanding took an idea from seed to tree? This is Google, this is Facebook, this is apple it is people, who did something because they loved doing it. They were leaders of task and an idea and for this reason people came together to make it happen. You are the leader who is going to get the spirit up and out and find the task that will make the difference in your company.

4.1 You are a strong leader

You never know where they next good idea comes from, and it is you as leader to find and search for it, if you do not. Your company will not change and adapt to the changes in the world. Leaders who lead, need to ask everyone
  1. What do you see?
  2. Where are you going?
  3. What can you improve?
  4. How can I help you get the tools to improve what you need to do?
  AND far most important a leader is behind all your employees, each and every one is in front of you fighting the battle and making it all happen. You are the strength and the one, who must encourage your employees to keep on going and never give up. If you do this, you know how hard it is to stand back and you have so many questions you need answers for because people are different. People must be led different to be led the same, and how are you going to do it. You need support too? – Let’s help you and let’s get you on track loving being a leader.

4.2 How much leadership skills did you achieve before you got your position?

How many times have you taken your word from your employee over your boss and looked to change task? How many times have you succeeded? When is the last time your group where together? When did you last give someone you did something special? Of course, you do – or do you really? AI and systems are not taking over because they are smart thinkers and doing something good and outstanding. They take over because what leaders do today a system can do, if there are no improvements and spirit a system can take over. From my experience in a company, where you are at levels, I often thought, why so many bosses and no one involved in anything and we did nothing. We had consultants come in an tell us, how to do it and what to do? AND you are thinking – did no one know, Oh yes, we all knew what to do, but there was not a culture of helping each other and there was not a culture of asking, we even got a questionnaire saying, can you ask? They make the tender material and we just head over heals made a copy of the material from consultants, who have no or very little idea about the core value in the business, who use the material they have for all kinds of companies. How can someone, who comes from the outside, know how to solve your errors, better than the people, who work with it every day. It is because no one dares to ask no one says anything. Silence is the best word, we have in use today, to explain I do not care, and I do what you want. I work for you, but you do not get more out of me than a machine, but it  is not true, people care, they do. Do you get it, because people care, and people want to be involved,  people want to make a difference. They are just afraid of asking, they see, they know, and you as a good leader can take everyone, no matter what, where, how with you and create a vision a drive to make things happen and be meanings full to everyone around you. It is not what you do, where you are. It’s who you are and how you create the space around yourself and your company. If you want a safe place to ask and you want to be with leaders who like yourself want to make a difference where you work, and if you want to take your company forward join us and let’s talk about, how to do it! Contact – get your company membership today! Join our teamwe talk, and we make a difference with people.

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