The role you play
Learning from the best to become the best

The role you play
Why Who You Surround Yourself With Matters

Why who you surround yourself with matters

The role we play is also what we get in life. The role we play is the answer we get – it is why who you play with matters. The team you are in – what role did they give you and is that the role you want?

Every morning you get up and play a role, life sends you the problems that role solves. Anything else is not possible.

The teacher or the coach

It’s the teacher or the coach who can show you the gap

The role you play will answer with the problems, challenges that the role you play requires. It has always been that way and it will always be like this, from data analytics and insight facts we speed what really needs to be done.

People are achievers,  we are lazy but we are achievers and we want to be among other people who can help us keep on going in life. We all want faster, smarter and better it is a fact.

In the old days – time was slow. We changed the world and data is a silent invisible informer of everything you do in a speed of light.

If you have the money you can pay to have anything do, it use to be a fact that money was what gave insight and facts, that is not new, the new is that everyone can get data when buying data you get access to so much more knowledge than you can possibly imagine.

Who you are with decides what you become?

The role you get to play

It is what you will see, the people you are among want you to play a role, and the role you play is your journey that will become your life. If you are with a person who loves to discuss and are a talker, then that is what you will be doing. Talk and discuss. If you are in a company where they fire people and have fear management, then you will either be an executor or a victim or fired – anything else is not possible.

People, you are among will give you a role?

What role do you want? and what role do you have today?

Let’s look at some of the many roles in life.

2020 Wave 1

The Roles Of Life

The Roles Of Life

The roles you play in life, determine from what angle you see progress and moving on. We all play different roles and because we play different roles we also ask different questions. From the questions people ask you can hear what role they have and play in that content.

Here are some of the roles in life



The Role Of A Deli-gator

A Deligator is a person who does what his boss says? You need to achieve these results and a deli-gator turns around and says you do this and you do this. That role was very useful the last 10 years where new digital solutions have come into companies. You need to do it this way.

If you are a deli-gator

You feel things need to be done and that you know how and what needs to be done

When you are around a deligator

You become a doer what do I need to do? How can I do it?

The role of a deli-gator is about How to do it and What to do, it is never about why you should do it and if you are doing the right things. The deligators biggest challenge is – is what you do the right thing to do. Most Deligators never ask this question and get very upset if you ask it.



The Role Of A Do’er

The role you play when you are a doer is, you step into the what to do and how to do it. There are many businesses out there who have found out that the do’ers need resources and materials. The doer asks questions to what to do and the do’ers ask how to do it.

The Doer role asks questions and gets answers

When you are a doer you want to know what to do and how to do it. You want to learn and know more and you act upon it.

The questions you will be asking are what material and what kind of resources do we use or have, and what are we doing analyzing or baking. You go for the process and procedure.

The doer seeks to solve and move on. If you are a doer what questions do you ask and how do you feel playing the role?

If you are a good leader you know when you have a doer in you team and you know they seek to deliver the results. A good doer is a good performer.

Did you ever hear – Change your mindset – and everything changes.

People react to the role you play – if you are a waitress people will order with you, would you not be surprised if they wanted to have their hair cut.

Play the role you want people to react to


The Princess or Prins

The Role Of A Pricess or a Prince

You are asking if this is a role yes it is, it is the role that deligators and do’er obey. It a strong position to hold to determine if someone is good enough. The role requires how you control yourself. Every infrequence in life you are calm and waiting just a bit longer. Because you have the strength to keep on, you get other people to doubt and believe if you say it is right, it is right.

The power of the role

The role is very powerful and many leaders process this ability to wait, they let everyone else speak and talk and tell what they know, at at the end they gather all in the information and makes a summery of what was said. They can gather all friends, family and teams together because everyone feels that what is taking place is somehow in lign with what they said.

How to balance and be smart

The role of a princess or prince take go far and if used correctly be strong leadership with deep human performance.

When tipped to the other side this role can be manipulating, fearful and take many people in a wrong direction.

It is a role where personal character and personal judgement always should be in question and a person who plays this role takes upon the responsibility ( some will try to blame, fire, accuse others but facts are this role comes with the responsibility)

Did you ever hear – Change your mindset – and everything changes.

People react to the role you play – if you are a waitress people will order with you, would you not be surprised if they wanted to have their hair cut.

Play the role you want people to react to


The role you play

The Role You Play

Are you thinking there are so many more roles? – I am a wife, husband, mother, father, friend, family member, worker, coach and much more?

In all the roles you play in your life either you are a deligator, a do’er or a princess/prince.

That is the basic of the role you play. To have a problem you need a pricess/prince to say that this is not good enough, you need someone to say how and what can we improve and you need some one to do it.

Can the role change?

The role you play can be different from time to time, but most of the times you take upon yourself the same role over and over again because that is the role you know how to play.

A coach and in the forums we challenges each other on the role we play. It takes time to see what role you are really playing and this is why the forums are so powerful, they give you the time and opportunity to open – share – in the speed you desire.

Can you see the role you play?

Do you know the strength, weakness opportunity and challenge in each role. If you are asking why did we not add this to the section I can tell you that – it is never what it looks like and therefore we open the gate for you to discover how you feel and see it.

Life is like a dancer on the stage – she looks free moving to the music – but for her it is very tough discipline and tough counting 1 2 3 4 – 1 2 3 4

Life is never what it looks like

– and if you think – put yourself in those shoes – if you listen to the questions they ask – you can hear what role they play and you will know your options to what role is left.

When you ask a question you need an answer. The power is with the one who asks. A CEO ask the employees to deliver results.  Every single role holds question you need answer to and each answer need you to play a role.

If you know what role to play you also know who to surround yourself with

Did you ever hear – Change your mindset – and everything changes.

People react to the role you play – if you are a waitress people will order with you, would you not be surprised if they wanted to have their hair cut.

Play the role you want people to react to

Training Yourself And Become

The role you play is never what it looks like. The 3 roles are in every we do as humans and you must choose one.