I often share with my clients the expressions, “Practice makes Permanent.” with regards to their thoughts and behaviors. When negative events or experiences occur we hone in on it and our brains make that our permanent.

Self Havening can flip the script and help you change your outlooks, moods and behaviors. Join the challenge today.

The power of touch is amazing. Consider that our greetings almost always include some form. We shake hands, we hug, we fist bump. Our expressions of affection is almost always physical. We hug, we cuddle, we kiss, etc. Touch has such a profound effect on us because of what it does to our brains.

Touch triggers nerves that release different brainwaves and chemicals in our brains. Using Self Havening we can harness that power to make the changes WE want. Using Self Havening and affirmational phrases we create new neural connections that anchor in these new feelings.

I encourage you to join our #HaveningChallenge to start changing the attitudes, thoughts and behaviors that you want to change.

I will be posting my 1 minute of Self Havening everyday on my Instagram (SageHypnotherapy) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/BryanC.Dunn.1) pages. Swing by, leave comments and share your progress.


First click on this link OPT IN. And provide your e-mail to register for the challenge.

With the OPT IN you will receive an e-mail with a link to your own daily Self Havening Affirmation tool to help reinforce your Self Havening habits.

Next, do Self Havening for 1 minute each day in February. Target the behaviors, thoughts, attitudes that you want to address. It could be anything from self acceptance to financial prosperity. Wherever you feel you are being blocked.

Record and upload at least 1 video to Youtube or post on your preferred social media platform and use the hashtags: #HaveningChallenge and #FeelBetterFebruary.

Tag a minimum of 2 friends who might benefit from Self Havening.

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Feel Better.

That is it. The goal is for YOU to feel better and attain your goals.

Watch the video below to get a learn how to do the Self Havening touch. Also, below are a link to sites that can help with finding great affirmations.

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Prolific Living

Develop Good Habits

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