The power is in the right life coach

How Confidence Can Change it all

ONLINE –  Book an Online call with the life coach of your choice, if you have trouble deciding which life coach you want to find tools and inspiration from. Check them out in their webinars.

 Here is the value you get:

  • Move your self-confidence to higher levels
  • Create your image and self image.
  • Learn the art of self-appreciation and how to move on
  • Avoid self-esteem stealers.
  • Claim your victories.

Here you come .. are you ready

Coachingandlife.com is an online coaching forum to support people achieve their goals and desire

Gain knowledge and inspiration:

Confidence – trust  – Confidence.The foudation of everything starts with the confidence. Confidence is your guide forward where higher self esteem will empower you. Your mindset will be to think positively about yourself. Get up and learn from failure or disappointment.  Coaching tools are ideal methods to rebuild confidence.The power is in knowing. CAL opens the gate to knowledge and for you to gain information as you need.

What do you want !

Here you are ready to step up and step into the success you aim for. Tell me – what it’s like what do you see how do you see it happening.Let it out and let it in – stop yourself from stopping it from happing.. Know how you add value to yourself and your FAMILY

Spotlight your achievements and talk about your Success

Success belongs to you its your performance


The change you can impact

How Coaching can help you see it differently – when they tell you it is in your mindset – do you know what that means – can you open the gate and find that confidence. Confidence and trust in yourself. This is about you.

Plan and strategy
What action are you going to take today!

Here is how to join

How to  use our service

Everyone Can Join CAL If your life is on track and you are looking for inspiration and opportunities to do even better,. CAL has you covered. It’s like an insureance you have it, you can always change it – gain life knowledge and inspiration $2.7 a day – $ 79.95 a month

CAL Basic Q/A

  • 24/7 Ask a Life Coach in the closed forum
  • You get the answer straight to your mailbox once a week.
  • Talk to other members and learn from their experiences

Price is  $107 a month.

CAL Gold Q/A

  • 24/7 Fast and Easy answers to your questions
  • 24/7 Ask a Life Coach in the closed forum
  • Get the answer straight to your mailbox 3 times a week
  • Talk to other members and learn from their experience
  • Talk to a coach of your desire – 1x 30 min time a month arrange your call zoom or skype

Price is  $247 a month.

CAL Excellent Q/A

  • 24/7 You can ask a Life Coach in the closed forum
  • Mon-Sat You get the answer straight to your mailbox every day
  • Talk to other members to learn from their experience
  • Go to Teams and get the answers you are seeking
  • Talk to a Life Coach of your desire 1x 60 min. a month Arrange your Call Zoom or Skype

Price is  $455 a month.


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    • 70% see improved time management skills,
    • 80% see improved mental performance and ability to keep deadlines
    • 80% of employees with a wellness program feel their company cares about them.
    • 85% of companies with 200+ employees reported that wellness programs improved health and even more 75% reported reduced costs in sick leave from stress.

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