Question and answer Let me tell you, why this has come to a topic for me.

Question and answer – what I needed – and I did not know, how bad I felt inside, How and shy I was so unhappy.


I was so far away from who I am and the question and answer I needed – I needed.

A change came from question and answer and that I cannot tell you how good I feel today. I feel free, I can see colors, I can taste, I can play, I can laugh, I can say things, I can do stuff, I am me. I can ASK

It is like a black cloud leaving and waving, I feel so good about myself and who I am. I feel that I am ready to start living. I can ask to know, I can ask to get wiser, I can speak my mind, I can ask questions.

Why did I not make the change?

Why did I not see this coming?

Why did I let it happen?

Why was I so scared?

What did I do?

How do I move on?

How do I get back on my feet?

Where am I going?

What is me?

Who will be with me?

Who am I?

What is my life?

What is important to me?

Who am I to be with?

What do I like doing?

Just some of the questions that I have been asking myself lately and many of them I am still seeking the answer for.

What is taking up a lot of my inner time is why did I let this happen to me, all the why’s and why I gave whom for me is the enemy weapons to strike me. Why did I not act smart? This is properly the most stupid thing that I have ever done and I did not even see it.

Use the question to guide you.

Why are questions so good and why can they get you so angry. Looking at my own situation right now, I can tell you that some of the above questions I cannot answer. I have no idea how I feel and where I want to go.

I remember last year I loved life, I was running and smiling and something changed that took me on a road to hell. Why do I say it like this, because I was not aware of what was happening to me? I did not see the changes I did within, to keep up the façade for the outside. I feel so lucky today, I can see the world and I can explore. I am out.

Questions asked that you cannot answer.

Those are the wake-up calls that you should pay attention to.

Why because there is a reason that you cannot answer the questions, they are not yours to answer and they are not your responsibility.

What are those questions?

Those questions are out of your field and direction, remember that questions open doors but they do also close doors.

If you cannot answer a question it is because you do not see the view, that is why it is called a wake-up call a question that gives you the awareness of what is really going on or where you really are.

Why did you not see the territory of the question?

Depending on what it is and how important it is to you, you see, hear and feel. There are always things happening in your life, that are more important than the question asked.

When you go wrong at home, often it is because you worry too much about work.

When you go wrong at work, often it is because you worry too much about the things at home.

When family split up you have had your focus on something else, you have let the journey continue to a place where you did not look, see, feel and really involve yourself.

Nothing happens without your consent or agreement.

The first statement you will say but it does, the second question did you object or did you walk away?

If you are there, you are involved and you are involved. Your choice is, are you connecting to be the brick that makes the picture, or are you leaving your seat open for someone else?

In families we help each other to fulfill all areas of life, some are good at doing, organizing, structuring, handling, moving on ect. In your family look at your strength and look at your weakness.

Look at families where they are good at handling money. Look at families where they are good at cooking.

In companies where you work, they take out a fraction of your skills, and where you use them to achieve the goals they have set for you.

When the game changes do you still fit in

Change management is hard, seeing things that need to change and not knowing how to change them it is easier to swift people out than make the change needed.

Change management is about doing things differently, seeing new things, doing new things. Letting go of what was and find new journeys. This does not mean that travelers need to change, it means to pick a new road to travel because you dare.

Walk the talk.

How much do you mean what you say?

Listen to this? – we need to come up with new ideas to survive and please bring new ideas to be the table.

What is said?

Think out the box and come up with new ways to create and find business, we can work on?


Please do not ask any questions I cannot answer and please do not come up with any ideas that bring trouble and work to my table.

9 out of 10 times it is number 2 that are the understanding of the questions.

Questions are often asked but not answered the way they are asked.

How often have you heard, listen to understand not to reply?

Yet, what we need in many situations of life is to listen to the reply, if you are at work, you do not listen to understand, you listen to reply as your boss likes you too. This keeps you in your job.

Yet, when you reply to your partner you must understand and reply to the understanding.

  • When it comes to working, we must listen with the intent to reply
  • When it comes to family and your personal life you must listen with the intent to understand and this will form what you answer.

Seek to understand and reply to be understood.

Coming from first seek to understand then seek to be understood. What it is, is that you can never reply to everyone with your answer, your answer must be modified to whom is asking. That is when you answer.

Questions you get will define how well your colleague knows you and how well they define and play you.

Getting questions, you can always answer will never make you grow, or make you ask yourself what skills do I need to achieve. You have it all.

Questions where you do not know the answer are questions where you will need to seek and discover to find out what is the answer for you to give. That is for you a great question.

Questions to you that you can answer directly question filling up more of what you already know and do, and if you are heading in the right direction and love your way. Then the questions are your clap on the shoulders.

Think about it!

Would you ever go to your boss and ask him a question you know he would not be able to answer?

Would you ever ask your wife a question you know that she could not answer?

If you ask a person a question you are not sure they can answer. What kind of relationship do you believe that you have would have to this person?

It is comparable to being on a journey asking, which way should we be heading.

Asking a question, you do not know the answer to?

It leaves you open and vulnerable, weak or defenseless.

Which explains why you would never ask a question you do not know the answer to unless you felt safe and in balance with the person you were asking.

Learning from mistakes is a hard lesson but wisdom for years to come

Never stop asking, if you have the question within, ask to find out for yourself. Using questions is your support and guidance to achieve the input for your own journey in life.

Questions are great door openers for a new inner understanding and guidance and the question will help you define who you are.

I learned the hard way, I read a letter to a boss one year saying, seek new ways to make money come forward with new ideas. Was this what he meant, not, what he meant was do not ask any questions in this business field that I cannot answer and do not bring any ideas forward that makes trouble in the company.

I totally misunderstood that one.

Do not listen to the reply.

We hear listen to understand do not listen to reply. We do and we must, it is a must you need to really think about how to answer the questions you are getting at work.

Your reply must be as expected or else you are considered a troublemaker. Answer as they want to hear or as they think. If you decide to give your honest answer, as you see it and that is not the match toward the person asking, trouble, problems, time demanding, divergent are words that will be used.

Listen and think

Using questions is very powerful. How often do you see a company ask for feedback, every time you open your Microsoft account with a picture, do you like it? at Facebook, we like, at Linked In we like. Everywhere we are our voice matters because this is the way each company ensures that there is no GAP between the strategy and the clients.

You may think you are special yet you will answer like most people.

You may think that your choices are unique, yet you make choices like most people.

Did you ever try to make a decision that was way out of scope for everyone else? Think about people who do that, how they are bullied, harassed, and kept out of the group.

Did you ever try that?

YOU are special in your own way, and you are among those who are special as you. You find the one that has some specialties as you. That likes what you like.

ME – I like different

What does this mean that I like different, it means that I find people that like myself find it hard to fit in, to do all things the right way, and do not have an opinion of themselves. I like that we have different opinions. I like to hear from people who discover the world with different eyes.

I like to hear why something that would feel so wrong to me, can be so right for them. I see them as special and very enriching to talk to.

Do I love to get questions that I cannot answer so that I can spend my mind thinking about why did he say that?

Or what does she see, when she understands the world like this.

ME – I grow from questions I cannot answer

Being in a group where all are alike and everything is predictable.

Is staying at the same level and how are you going to achieve and grow if the norm in the group is, to seek to fit in and be like everyone else.

How will you know, what is right for you if your primary focus is to seek to fit in?

How will you move on, and keep yourself updated to this time?

How will you be young forever, if you stay in the mindset of a time that is no longer?

That is why all Empires stand to fall because one of the first things that happen is that the questions that are asked keep getting weaker and more seldom. Who dares ask a great Empire if you have the right strategy. Today loyalty is to keep doing more of what you already do.

Diversity and disruption are for those who dare ask questions and dares to do it. Those who ask will never stay on because why do you ask, why do you not just fit in.

The wise would know that keep asking the question and not sit on the sofa with a box of chips, but by taking your mind through scenarios is more work and staying engaged.

Are you the one who encourages people to ask you the questions you already know and are you one of the people who have the mind of someone else? You know them, when you see them, they hide under the excuse, I am the company’s man.

Asking questions will help everyone to stay true to who they are, and help them define who they are.

If you are asked a question and you cannot answer, that is great because here is your chance to learn something new and define something new for yourself and the people around you.

Using questions is the fastest way to move forward and define what you want, and to define what you do not want in life.

Use the forums to ask and learn.

That is what it is all about.

Ask to grow, ask to define, ask to get wise, ask to know, ask to do the right thing, ask to be smart.

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