Reconciliation is the new trend.

From reconciliation, you gain more insight and better facts, it is the new way to move people with you, conflict seeking is out and no one can afford to have people against you. A community where reconciliation is the key driver stands strong over time and has more creativity and higher performance. Reconciliation gains the balance, we need as humans and in all human performance and achievements.

Sustainability supports the new mindset to think smarter and faster, through alignment and reconciliation. Escalade the conflict to higher levels can never solve the real problem – no one can give you the insight and facts on how to make the difference.

Why have we been loving conflicts?

A conflict makes people who do not even like each other come together. Take a look at world leaders today, if they can create a conflict where they solve the problem, they become the HERO and can for a moment control you or the crowd. Not only that but also the happenings.

Conflict seeking is for those, who want to bully, or take the power. What do you get in a conflict, you get people scared, afraid, fearful, or stressed to fail. In a conflict, there is always someone in control and with power. A conflict starts growing when someone wants something else.

Believe it or not – but some people love conflict because they know how to win, make money, or achieve the outcome they seek and desire.

Often a conflict is created by those, who want the HERO status in the group or the team. By those who know how to play other people.

Why do we need a reconciliation?

Everyone needs to feel that they are safe and okay.

We need reconciliation to create the stability and confidence we need to proceed or believe we can make it, or do it.

There is nothing that can make people stand still as fear and anxiety even stress.

What do you mean by reconciliation?

Reconciliation is the process of people in conflict finding a way to agree to make amends or come to a truce. 

We are in a time where we need to align across to find amends or come to a truce. We must build a better sustainable world – together.

How can we move from conflict to reconciliation?

Daily alignment in Coachingandlife’s life coach forums supports you get the view you need to respond well at all times.

When it happens!

You will feel good on a daily basis and achieve more because when you feel good, you do better and the better you feel the better you will do.

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