Happy to help.

How often do you meet do you meet – happy to help – how often do you meet people who actually care about you and offer to help you.

It all matters, how we support and align with each other, happy to help is the key for everyone of us.

What does it mean to be happy, what is happiness to you – me – us.

When are you happy? You are happy, when someone listens to you, or pay attention to you and accepts what you show are doing?

We are also very happy, when someone needs us, and we feel important.

Happiness is together, you can never be happy if you are alone in it, or doing it all alone. People need to feel, belong, be accepted and perform.

Happiness is give and take.

To be happy in a world that constantly wants to change you, or find different parameters to measure to can be very tough and hard. As never before you need your own strength and power to be, who you really are.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.

If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” 

The Dalai Lama

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Happy to help

Are you happy to help?

There is a question to ask; are you happy to help? Help people in need and guide them forward the right way. Ever thought about it, are you happy to help? People who are fake cheat and cheap, who engage for own winning at all times. How can they help? And why would you, on a daily basis help them?

Do you even listen? but

“I think happiness is overrated. Satisfied, at peace

—those would be more realistic goals” 

Brad Pitt, actor

Happy to help

What does happy to help mean?

The world changes and adapt old to new. Take the sentence – try harder

Today young people in a negative way use the phase – as are you a – try harder – person. Yes, I am, I want to be better, and everyday I try harder. If you are to become better, see your dreams come true, you need to try harder.

Not trying harder, is a losers game and it destroys your inner hope and vision.

People today lie more than ever, we meet more fake, cheap and cheat than ever. So why would you be real, authentic and resilient.

Let me tell you why I believe it is all worth it. Because everyday you build to last, you fight for what you believe and what you want good things in your life. Believe will give you the key you need and you need to teach yourself how to use the key.

With a little help hopefully life will bring you, the key, a little money and resources to the same moment.

That’s the hard part, to have the key, the vision and the resources all together at one time.

“People say that money isn’t the key to happiness,

but I always figured if you have enough money, you can have a key made.” 

—Joan Rivers, comedian

How happy to help change you?

“In order to have great happiness, you have to have great pain and unhappiness

Otherwise, how would you know when you’re happy?” 

Leslie Caron, actress and dancer

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