Feeling stuck in life – Are you feeling stuck in life?

Feeling stuck in life here are Tips and Tools to free you from the past and move forward in life

  By Maggie Berberian 

Feeling stuck in life – Here are tips:

“When we feel stuck, going nowhere —even starting to slip backward—we may actually

be backing up to get a running start.”-Dan Millman

Here is what:

Have you noticed that you keep going in circles and nothing seems to be going in your favor?

Whose life has been feeling stagnant and you’ve lost the drive to get you out of your current situation.

I’ve learned that one of the main reasons people feel stuck is that they are fixated on their past and what is going wrong because their present life isn’t working.

For most people, leaving the safety and comfort of what you’re accustomed to is a lot safer than stepping into the unknown.

You really need to get sick and tired of being sick and tired to take that leap and incorporate the necessary steps to make positive changes in your life.

Let’s face it,

We’ve all endured traumas, betrayals, and loss in our life which have created strong emotional charges.

It makes sense that the stronger the emotional reaction you have for someone or an event that occurred in your life, the more you pay attention to the cause.

That memory gets carved in our neural circuitry. This is the normal process of how long-term memory is created.

Our problems occur and we begin to feel stuck when we continuously think and fell within the boundaries of that past experience and we don’t know how to move forward.

These are some practical tips to free yourself:

just know that remaining stuck is only a perception and doesn’t represent your actual reality.

To move forward you have to be honest with yourself and avoid hiding behind the excuses you’ve created for yourself.

This only creates a victim mindset and keeps you stuck further.

Begin by writing down your negative thoughts, self-talk, and behaviors that you no longer are going to live by.

Every single day review them until it becomes engraved in your mind. Over time you begin to leave the known and step into the unknown.

Write down the new thoughts which are considered the unknown,

that you do want to wire into your brain and take some time every day with all of your attention and intention,

and wire them into your brain until they become more known.

Rephrasing your self-talk can help you see opportunities and possibilities instead of feeling stuck.

Each time you meditate, teach your body emotionally what your future is going to feel and look like, visualization is key.

Don’t give up until you feel like that person.

If you keep doing this, your past will fall away.

The bottom line is, do the work every single day with intention and passion.

Make this about your future self that is free of their past.

Making decisions from the viewpoint of the future, you can help you move forward and prevent that stuck and frustrated feeling.

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