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Win or Lose You Do Not Know This Is Not The End life coaching a tool to support

How can you know, what round in life this is?

Life goes up, and life goes down, life changes, life moves on, and how it goes forward is all up to you.

To say you lost is just this moment, you did not lose out anything you learned so much.

You saw the actual color of the people you dealt with, who they are, what they are willing to do.

The best learning life school can give you, and this is why you are here.

In that sense life is strange because first, we have the test, then we learn the lesson.

So what has this lesson taught you?

When did you make the wrong choices?

Is it clear to you today, when you decided to do, something that took you in the wrong direction?

You can never win them all, but then again you can never lose them all. Win or Lose You Do Not Know This Is Not The End life coaching a tool to help

Life is choices, and you choose.

What is essential to you determine whether you will win or you will choose to learn.

It’s just this round, there will be more rounds, and there will be more.

It is who you are the color you show that will define you and your life.

That’s what it is all about. You did not lose; you just lost this round.

Come again; you can do better. Win or Lose You Do Not Know This Is Not The End life coaching a tool to help you get it

If that is your choice

It is about so much more; it’s about who you become, and how you determine to do things.

It is not about what positions you win; it is your life and what you are.

If that is your choice

It is what you will have to live with for the rest of your life, no matter what everyone else says, the color you show and your act is what you are, who you become.

If that is your choice

It is hard work, trying to return and come back, why?

Because there is always going to be a seed, that only needs water to grow.

That is why, when you are the one with the power and the force you must make the right choice for you.

That does not have to be the right choice for a friend, a company, or business.

It is your act; it is what you do. You must decide if you are a friend, the company’s man or the cause of the business. Win or Lose You Do Not Know This Is Not The End life coaching a tool to help you do it

Of the 3 choices being a friend is the only effort where there is anything in it for you.

If that is your choice

The man of the business, if this is your choice, you are trying to establish and build something.

What is essential in building up and creating a business. If you have a vision and you see it, make it happen for all the right reasons.

Change is always hard and challenging, but how you choose to move forward will define who you are.

If that is your choice

The man of the company, if this is your choice, you will live on thin ice because it is not possible to please everyone all the time.

Your acts have consequences, and your actions will be in the spotlight for a moment.

That is who you become, the man in the spotlight for a moment. The one everyone fears and will never tell the truth.

If that is your choice

The man of the human, if this is your choice, you listen to your integrity.

You do because you have something within that is telling you what is right and what is wrong.

It is named integrity; it is what defines who you are, and what you see as right and wrong, you can be the company’s man and make your choices to humans.

That is not a compromise for you to who you are.

So what did you choose?

Think twice this is one situation for everyone else, but for you, it is your life, who you will be, what you are.

Make a friend or make an enemy.

Know what you do, because this is what carries you in life.

And that is the trouble of living. If what you did is in line with what you are and what you think, then you are fine.

If what you did is not in line with your integrity, then you are moving down a road from which you will have to work your way back.

That is taking a path in the wrong direction. It does not say that the decision was wrong it just means that it was a false path for you.

Keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer.

Why is the saying invented? think about it.

Your life choices will define, who you are and who you are among in life.

Think about being together with a person that is the man of the company.

What does it mean to be the man of the company, it says that what you do is in the hands of someone else.

You are the executor of what something, that some else wants to happen.

Who are you, you are the voice of someone else, if you did not stop and think, what is right for me, what is the right thing to do.

It never matters what you do if you are the weak part if you are the one who had great intentions, but the purposes came out wrong.

What was, is the right thing to do?

Is that to execute the person who tried and did the best or is it to let I go by and do things, so it does not happen again.

Who are you?

What do you do?

Our most significant challenges in life are not to act when pressure is within our limits.

Our most significant challenges and choices are when you could have, but we did not?

Those are the moments we are seeking to explore.

You admire the people who made it happen for the right reasons who said the right thing at the right moment.

You admire the people, who did not say anything when we needed it.

You admire the people, who supported us when we did not have strength enough to carry it our ourselves.

You always admire people who manage to take you to a better and higher level, than you manage to do yourself.

That is how you build the long-lasting strength of life and lasting support in life to your family and your acts of life.

It is easy to make people weak for a moment; it is easy to bully someone, it is easy to stop being a friend, or family.

The hard part is accepting the differences, the different views of life.

You can never be anyone else, and how far you take your experience and your act. That is all up to you.

When I think about good people, who have helped and supported me in life.

They give me the wish to become like them; they make my heart smile,

and even today I can name them, the people that took me down and made me feel bad most of them I can hardly remember their names.

They became unimportant to me.

I hope the same goes for you.

The lesson is, stay true to who you are. That is how you keep peace of mind

The only thing necessary is that you can look in the mirror and know for yourself, that you did the right job.

Being who you are, and acting accordingly to what is right for you.

Me I can say, that I have for so long been working with what I love for the wrong people. I am paying the price for not stopping that action.

It was not right for me, all that was going on was for the wrong reasons for me.

I do not approve of the methods and ways and the level.

That was not my way.

Today I am free; I can live, I have a life, I can sing, I can enjoy food all foods!!!!!!!!

To do is what will define who you become.

To act is your steps towards what you are seeking, if you take actions to the middle level, you will be among people who make the same intermediate activities as you just did.

You are the same.

If you want to do solid and strengthen your industry, you must do actions that take you in that direction.

This means

You will be among people with the same mindset as yours.

It is why when we decide to give up, do acts of other people it is time to stop and think twice.

Who do you remember, the person who took the decision or the person who did the action?

To stand by the one person who is most important to you all your life is what counts.

You can never build up a reliable family if you cheat.

You can never build up a substantial business if you are not sustainable, who you are within comes out in what you do.

What do you see around you, do you look and do you know,

let’s take the case, do you trust a person who is cheating one time a cheater always a cheater?

Think about it.

Act smart

A person one time said to me.

If people mistreat me, I redraw and make them feel that they have crossed good manners.

What did the person say, that if things are not going my way, the way I want it.

Then I will have someone else step in and make that happen.

That is what the person was saying.

It is not the words we use; it is the act we show.

How we try to tell the world how we see life, how we learn or what we value, that does not matter, that is defining our ability to express ourselves.

People with a loving heart do not necessarily have good expressions of words or people with no heart do not automatically have great expressions.

Humans are unlimited combinations.

This world offers it all.

People that are in it for the money, people that are in for establishing, people who are in it for breaking it down.

We are all different, and the combination of what we are is different.

That’s why you are unique.

Your combination is yours.

What you define as you and what you know will give you peace of mind.

Why do we need mindfulness and balance in life?
Why do we talk about life balance?
Why do we talk about work balance?
Why do we talk about giving attention to our family?

Why do we talk about all these why’s?

It gives you the answer to understand your acts.

The choices you make and the acts that you take are the actions that define who you are.

That is why, why becomes so important to you.

If you do something for someone else, you will be the one who has to live with that.

Can you do that?

Do you know what influence this has on your soul and spirit?

What impact the choices have.

You determine where things are going and if you do things for all the right reasons no matter what.

Then it is sustainable.

It is not the same as saying there should not be progress, change is for sure, and progress is for sure.

It is the progress and how you make the changes that make the difference.

You are the difference in your life.

If you do not act according to what you believe, how can everyone else?

When you did something wrong, what did you tell yourself?

And what was it you did wrong, how long did it stay with you and what were the consequences of your actions.

If you look back, how do you see where that places you,

the people you get to be among and when you ask yourself the question is this the people I want to be around?

Did you ask yourself those questions?

Did you answer them?

I never asked myself those questions until set free, until I saw freedom on the other side. I did not see,

how wrong it was how stories were told and twisted manipulated into something else.

Sometimes a wake-up call comes, and you must be thankful, for being set free.
Know that things in life happen for you. It is not for you.

It is your great chance to find your path your spirit and your soul.

Be grateful for what you have learned, be thankful for the people you have been around.

Take the chance and know that this is all for you to be in your right environment.

It is your chance to find Life Balance and Life Mindfulness in a natural way where you feel good in what you do,

with those around you.

Life is great, and life offers so many opportunities.

All we have to do are making the right choices at the right time. And that is one of life’s significant challenges to us.

How to make a sustainable decision at the right time. Your wake-up call to move. Join CAL and seek help, guidance, and support from

Certified life Coaches and other members in the Forum, who like you are trying to find out, what is the right thing to do, right here right now.

This life is your adventure and your story to tell.

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