Inner learning.

Your inner learning -Nothing can make you feel as much; as when something happens to the family. Our mother and father are the keys to our lives for so many years. They are our inner learning and tools.

The inner learning and how we copy our parents – They are what we later in life become.

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Family and your inner learning How to keep your family in difficult times. For years I did not want to look like my mother.

Today I am proud to say, I look like my mother, I love my mother and I miss her so much, she taught me all I know and she was a strong person.

How do you feel about it, when you think about what you might turn out to be like your mother? How do you feel about it, when you think about what you might turn out to be like your mother?

That depends on where you are in life. Do you have your own family? If yes you know how hard it is always to do the right thing. You know that family has challenges and it is learning how to deal with those challenges that make us family.

You have a way in your family to solve the challenges you face.

Be who you are – the inner learning.

One challenge is to learn how to be the same person you are to everyone you meet

Why is this a challenge: the inner learning. Because you may have a role in your family that you may not like.

You may later in life learn that you want to change your role and how you do. Life coaching is a tool to use.

Use the free forum or be a by-invitation-only member to share your work to know who you really are.

Close your eyes for a second and remember, that whoever you are whoever you meet, we all do our best in the moment. We do what we know, and we react as we have learned.

Find your family values – the inner learning.

One challenge is to learn to know your values in life. You know what you like and you know even better what you like when you meet someone who does things you dislike, then you know for sure what you like.

Most of us, live many years before we find out what our inner true values in life are. We try so many things and most of the time, we like what we do, but you will meet and see things you do not agree to.

It is then you know who you are. What you are!

Using life coaching is a tool to find out your values

Your values will give you an understanding of what is important to you and why it is important to you.

Your values will give you a very good idea of, what kind of family you want and what you will need to change or what you want to keep.

They are your guidelines in your life.

If you write down how you understand your values they become even more clear to you. Let us use love, we use the same word and yet we do not mean the same thing. Love for you is not the same as love for me.

How can I describe this better: Let us take the work good enough, what is good enough cleaning or making China?

Know within yourself, what is important and how it is important.

Know how you see life.

This is your strength; to give your family the awareness of; what you believe and how you work for what you believe.

Find out; how you want it – the inner learning

Tell your family, what is important to you.

Make your family see life through your eyes. It is because you are who you are, what you see. That you feel that if you are to be who you are. This is the way.

Life is a long journey, where our family most of the time are the only one who follows us to the end.

How many of your friends know you since you were little. Who knows what it was like to be in your family on Christmas eve or in the morning at your birthday.

We change families, we change mothers and fathers, – a little boy came back from the summer holiday and the teacher said, Paul what happened in your holiday, and Paul says

– I am so lucky I have got a new dad his name is Mike, and the teacher says, that is wonderful Paul, and a girl raises her hand and says, I have tried Mike he is a great dad.

The point is family change. Family members are not the one who goes through life with us as they use to. The family is people, who are together for a point in time and then move on.

The journey continues and it is up to you to know who you are and what is important to you.

Your family is the one who holds your values in life. Somehow you will always be connected to the people you are.

It can never ever be the same for people that you meet later in life. From where you are is the place from which you have your values in life. That is the basis of your life.

Your mother is the one who gave you, your understanding of love.

Your mother is the one; who gave you, your understanding of your basic values like respect, trust and what to do to feel loved.

Close your eyes and you exactly what you should do to feel the love between the two of you. 

Thinking about it! the inner learning

How good it feels to know that there is something that no one can change no matter what, your foundation in life comes from your mother.

No matter what, it does not mean; that you later in life want to keep it this way, or that you want to give this to your children.

This just means, that there is something so strong and that is how it is. It means that you have something that is for sure. The basis of what you think and the basis of why you do as you do.

Coaching in memberships Family and your inner learning How to keep your family in difficult times

The Simple Guidance For You In Your Family.

Knowing what you know now!

As you have always known, it is to know who you are.

The simple guide for you and your family is to be aware of your values. How your values in your family work for you.

List your values and use life coaching as a tool to find the order of your values.

You can use the pages GAP analysis, you find tools and templates to work if you are, where you are thinking there is a thing I like to change.

Your challenges and your way of understanding how to solve life topics all depend on how you understand.

Know that how you understand can always be changed.

You may always know. That you have to be aware of. The basis you come from but remember you can change it if you want to.

Your future belongs to you!

Where you come from is where you work your way forward, the job you do to move forward will take you to the outcome you seek.

Why You Should Invest In Family – for your inner learning.

Your true color and your way of life, it is in your family, for whom what you do matters, it is within your family that you do gives a deep feeling of feeling, there is no love a strong as the love you feel for your family, this being good or bad, most of what you do all your life.

You will do out of love for your family, and at the end of the day. It is your family that will remember, who you were, what made you smile and what made you who you are.

Your family is what you invest,

The level of what you invest determines the level of what you have.

This is one place where you get exactly what you do, this is all your doing, how you work your way through life challenges shows in the outcome that you see in your family.

Your family is yours, and how and what you have learned you do! You will see that you have the same relation with your brother or sister as your parents had.

If we like it we keep it, if not look at the life tools to achieve the relations among your family members as you want to see and feel it.

Make Your Parents Proud By Learning Values

When you do your act!

It is what makes your parents so proud, how you work using your love, trust and respect for others.

Your act and fashion are what your parents see.

What you become in life is the act and investment that your parents gave you.

The way you understand how to do things.

Your action is what they taught and trained you to do. What you do makes them proud. Your parents invested all their knowledge in giving you a great foundation to work from.

It was not to give you presents and do things for you, it was to teach you how to learn yourself to do, what is right for you, to teach you to learn your own capability and to trust your way.

Coaching in memberships Family and your inner learning How to keep your family in difficult times

Your way of knowing, that what you do is the right thing for you.

Coaching in memberships Family and your inner learning How to keep your family in difficult times

What happens in today’s world!

Where family change, where we interact cross countries, and where we go online in short fractions of each other’s life.

Think about how stalking, harassing, bullying, even a shitstorm as a new word is coming in.

We are judged, we are judged by people we do not even know, who look at our lives for a fraction of moments and judge us, they use their rights to be vocal and report other families and families are destroyed.

  • Who are you – If you report another family who does this make you.
  • What are you – If you judge another person, who does that make you
  • Why are you – If you harass another family who does that make you
  • Determine – If you bully another family who is you.

The strange thing today is that it seems to be okay to report, bully and judge. Even people we would assume where decent people do it.

I can say my family has tried it!

To have a woman spread all kinds of things about me! about my family, to have my son bullied for 2 years in school and the next year be reported by a father. That was too tuff.

The act of judgment is cruel and painful, and words like inner pain, shame and humiliation take a new meaning.

The words to find the right values to hold on to, and help you move on takes new turns. Most families, when harassed, bullied and reported, split because the failure and the shame get to be too big.

See, and if things differently from our own understanding of values! Does this give us the right to judge and report?

Think about it if it happened to you.

How you would feel if your daughter or son was bullied? what feelings this brings up, and knowing, that you have been judging and reported for being you in your family.

How many families can take it

If you have not tried it, you can only imagine.

Do you, at all have a chance of imagining what it is like to be bullied, harassed and reported as a family?

Can you even think what it feels like to know that what you have learned and loved all your life is being destroyed by someone who judges you and knew how to do it right?

Will you ever forget it, and be able to move on.

Will you ever be able to?

It will change your way and how you feel about other people, it will change your behavior and your kindness.

To act decently is a way of showing respect to everyone. We are here for a short time and our lives are one long journey of learning.

Life school does never stops and how we proceed with what we learn and how we move on, will define who we are what we become.

The values we have and our family life are what matters most to us and family is so much more than just members. It is the inner understanding of who we are, for what we do.

When you see someone being in a way, you never knew was possible, and you ask why they do it or for what reason. If you want to know have the respect and decency to ask them.

Keep and Remember – if someone treats you badly, it has nothing to do with you. Good people do not walk around and destroy others.

Love and Remember – if you love something set it free. If it comes back to you it is yours if it does not, it never was.

Hope and Remember: Hope is stronger than fear, and that we smile from the heart when we see hope.

In whatever you do, create the family with the values that are important to you. Make your life with your family count and be one you would admire.

Life is a journey and you have the change to create your way. Make it happen, because you can.

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