Add value to your customers. First, define who is your customer

We do not even have to say it if someone cannot see, that you add value, they will erase you, or they will do something else. That was simple to write, but is this not the fact. If you cannot see the value, you will not pay for it, you will not do it, or you will not be a part of it?

So what is important when we speak about the value to your customers?

This is such a big subject – a customer who – so first we have to define what kind of a customer are we talking about? or?

What would you do?

Let’s in the first part stay with customers – business-related customers, what value do you need to add to the product for the customers to choose you.

If we stay within the line a choice I choose, so on what grounds do you make your decision. In most organizations today you see all purchases done by procurement. It all starts with the choice to choose, this is why procurement has a role, the challenge is to measure the right parameters to endorse the right decision.

Back to add value, is – added value, not the part taking out by procurement?

What value do you add to your customer? – think of just top 3.

So, what do I add, what is my value, what are my values, what do I bring in,

Why is it that customers decide to change suppliers?

How did I lose them?

What did they not tell me?

What did I not see our what was I not aware of?

Where did we make a different turn?

Looking at the above questions what do you see?

What do you see is missing?

Is it not strange that when we see it like above we ask the questions; we get aware of what we need to do.

I know where we went separate ways, I did not spend enough time with the customer nor did I really listen to what they wanted, they wanted a new design, they wanted to launch it beginning next year, I know this looking at the above questions.

It’s in what questions do you have?

And What are you thinking?

What is the added value we can give each other?

And most important to me, is how do I keep my customers?

So the value that I see and unfold, is where the match must be, the match with the customer? – is that what we are saying?

Good feedback

How do I know what to do?

What would you do?