Change – There is so much information out there!!

Change and information how can we cope?

How do we find the right information we can believe and how do we teach our kids to navigate in a world filled with fake, cheap, and cheat. How can you build a good relationship that will last in a constantly changing world.

How to work with change

And all the information is so easy to access, it is only one click away.

Everywhere I go, there are commercials playing and everyone is trying to tell or sell me something.

Learning to be in the right network

Know the right things

Just take one look at today. Amazon has the Alexa you can ask her anything. There is no news, music, or information that she cannot collect. You have access to it all.

But the facts are that you do not need all the information.

You need to have and get information that can help you solve the topics you are facing and standing with.

Why do you need to know what is happening in a school in China?

It needs to know or nice to know. Does it help you solve the crisis you are facing at work today?



Access to information.

To know what is happing; is google, it is never-ending and you can keep searching and still not go anywhere.

You will listen if the information you get is going to take you somewhere. You do not have time to spend on information that is not going anywhere.

The challenge of today

Talk to ME.

Know where I am

Think about this for a moment. I am applying for procurement jobs and when I sent out my application it goes through the first screening.

Do I use the right words?

The second screening is done; do I have knowledge; at the level, they are seeking or the maturity in which they are seeking.

When Appling for a job,.

We need to have the right skills at the right level, we need to understand the journey.

The company is facing to understand the different challenges and phases.

Supplier – We use to buy from a supplier,

Service – We would open the door and in came the service or goods

Partnership – We use to create a strategic partnership

Goods – We would align and help each other with the service or the goods

Vested – We are going to make Vested

Involve – We going to involve each other in our worlds and doings.

The game is changing.

We have to play along.

Today – We can no longer use muscular, benign, and credible in the form you know it today.

Together – We need to align and work together.

Different – We need to solve topics where we are in a whole different way and with different manners.

Change is challenging you to do,

And your doings is the Product you sell.

With all the information available, and the opportunity to do more or less anything you want.

You listen to and seek to be among those who talk to you.

You will listen to the one who has a story to tell; from whom you will collect information to learn your own way.

Talk to ME

Listen to ME

  • Last time you listened to a story, why did you find it interesting?
  • Last time you wanted to tell a story who did you pick to tell it to?

A few years ago, my son started at a very little school outside the city.

Where parents thought that they owned the right to the truth as their children saw episodes and experienced things.

Of Course, this all took overhand and we were hurt so bad, in a period of 2 years we did not say anything and the kept blaming us.

Making up stories, you cannot imagine.

  • What did I miss most in all the time this was happening?

A place to share what was happening for my family and me. I saw how my son was hurting and I had nowhere to turn.

That is the prime reason for ME-MEMBERS.

It is my life, and it is my private life with what is happening to me. It is not a story that I want out in the open for everyone to be involved in.

Today years after, the time has put a distance to it, and has given me so much.

But we face so much information.

Our friends are in the same level, and when something happens to us that is out of level.

Where we inside out do not have the know-how who to give advice nortell or for whom to listen.

Are you talking to ME

Are you listening to ME

To feel you belong and to know that you are among is one of the best feelings you can ever get.

The feeling of trust and loyalty. That makes a difference you will never forget.

Whatever happens, you will forget, but you will never forget the feeling someone gave you. Just think for a moment.

We hear; so much from many and it has little or no impact on our lives.

We hear good and bad stories and after we continue with our own life. There is so much information overflowing us that we have adopted a form a way of handling it.

Just think about a movie 40 years ago; then think of a movie 25 years ago; then think of a movie 2 years ago.

The change at speed

The change in what is accepted, the change in how it is visualized, the change in how we speak, the change in colors,

You see change over time,

You do not see the change you do today,

What impact it has on you 10 years from now

Times changes so rapidly and we are changing with it, there is no return. Yet many want time to stand still.

Think about this:

Without even noticing or paying much attention.

You select and the one you listen to.

When listening to the news or even the breaking news, the first thought is, are you talking to ME.

Even, when the president goes on, you may stop for a second and think, are you talking to ME – if yes, you listen

– If no, this is not for me, this is not my world.

Then he can say more or less, whatever he wants because you are not paying attention. Go back in time, think about, what a sensation it was when the president talked? You stopped, you listened you heard what he had to say.

When was the last time you stopped?

What you were doing listening to the speech of the president without it being something going on in the background?

I pay attention when you talk to ME.

You listen to things in your world

Talk to ME – you are in my world

My topics and my issues in life are the information.

That I need to seek and it is, the skills and knowledge; that I need to learn to cope with the world, that I am in.

Depending on where we are and what journey we are on, that determines who and what we listen to.

It can change overnight, I know, I have tried, what it was like to feel like a normal person one day, and the next day is bullied out.

Had I had a place to tell my side of the story.

A forum to share what was happening inside me. What – I was struggling with?

That is me, for what I feel, and had I had a forum to get life information from other experiences

I would have had so much more to choose from, to make wise decisions for my family and me.

You need to do

Perform where you stand today.

You are defined, by your manners and your results

Your results do no longer stand solely.

It is no longer enough, that you have accomplice a good result. Today everyone wants the transparency, knowing how you did it. That you were fair and loyal. Good manners must be in place.

To be the muscular man or driving management by the fear that is walk away.

We live in the WHY, WHAT, and HOW time.

It is time to look over why are we doing it

What are we going to do

How are we going to do it?

Think about,

What you see and hear is what you pay attention to.

It is only things that are in the range of your doings. Rest is news and by-gone

So talk to ME and I will Listen

Tell your Story at my level, and I am here

Be at your level and we will talk

There is so much going on, and access to knowledge is so fast, the questions are?

What are you going to do about the knowledge and information that you have?

This is a huge change for many, that information is no longer accessible for those.

Who study and travel information are for everyone. It is just not everyone who can use all the information.

Taking a look at the change in the purchase.

One of the leading companies in the updated purchase is McDonald’s what they have with their suppliers is so much more than purchase, strategic collaboration.

Their businesses depend on one another and innovations are coming from all involved in the business.

Think back

How do you think about the purchase and how it works?

Do you still think that you can use your muscles to get the right price?

Maybe even as some would say the cheap?

The right information is everything, the right understanding of the processes is everything, the missing link in optimization, and what makes the difference.

Innovation does not need to come from management.

Innovations come from all sides, and once it is there, the transparency will ensure that there is no return. We can never go back.

Your way of using the information you get and have will define how far you will go in life.

Together with your way of maintaining good manners, decency, and diversity. Mixing it up will establish the position you will have in life.

  • Stay – If you do what you are told, with good manners you get to stay,
  • Promoted – If you do what you are told, with good manners, and decency your will be promoted
  • Diversity
  • If you do what you are told, with good manner, with decency
  • Diversity, you will create something new.

New ways bring new results and challenges

and you and I

will need to learn new skills to fit in.

Change is a chance.

Everything around you changes and it goes fast if you want to live in this world you must keep up.

That is the pressure we all face the ability to change and follow – keep moving on.

Being in a network in a forum where you are among others like yourself who are trying to keep up.

Doing the best they can, wanting to learn all the new things and changes.

That is what we need to, we need to create and be in a forum.

The network was we solid build up the way of following the trend, the change.

Life 20 years from now will look will have changed in some areas a lot, in another little.

The fact is, that if on the stand in a stream that is exposed to disruption then you need to have the platform to tell your story

To find out where and what you can do to come back to the level.

Where you find yourself in balance again.

Nothing is forever.

So enjoy all the minutes you have where you are right now, and make sure that you hold on to an inner picture.

Which you can always recall.

Knowing that through changes it is fantastic to tell your story, to be among other life experiences.

that being either telling their story or among life strategies and techniques.

Whatever network you decide to be among.

Make a choice, and start building the network, so it is there for you.

Coachingandlife has 3 different memberships to join,

ME-MEMBER that is about telling your story to be among others who like you need to tell their story.

To find information to unfold the hidden key – (the pony must be here somewhere)

MY-MEMBER where the focus is on life strategies and life techniques.

New techniques arise, new skills and ways of understanding what is happing and going on.

We share our usages of life strategies and techniques, we share life knowledge and challenges from a theoretic perspective.

BY-INVITATION-ONLY-MEMBER where we use our life stories and a different life strategy too.

Different inputs will give a new and different output. If you change just one thing, the whole direction is your outcome will change.

Enjoy your life, and become and be.

What you admire, the friend that has good manners are decent and acts as you see as admirable.

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