What is indoctrination in relation to education?

We do not think about it, but daily we are exposed to indoctrination. So what is indoctrination in relation to education?

It’s the facts and validation of what we believe to be true.

there comes a time when silence feels like betrayal
When hope and dreams meet indoctrination and education

Indoctrination is a methodology that refers to the manipulation of the mind. it is by hiding facts, you choose to move your idea forward and disparage others’ opinions, or if you reject an idea that contradicts your beliefs.

The difference is that teaching is open to questions, you can always ask a question to your insight into more facts and different angles and views, whereas indoctrination is an instruction, one needs to listen to and follow.

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Is teaching a way of indoctrination?

You can say it is, the major difference is the outcome. The method of how you get your information can either be teaching or indoctrination, the outcome is how you can critically ask the questions you need to understand for your life. Make the match to your dreams and outcome.

Teaching allows you to form your own way and create stronger independence and ability to handle information and facts. Transform your knowledge into useful ways to improve your life. Whereas indoctrination makes you weaker, more independent, and in doubt of your own dreams.

We all need guidance in some form. We have hope and dreams and during our lifetime, we shape our hope and dreams into our reality. We need teaching and at some points, we use indoctrination to give faith, strength, and belief.

Here are a few examples of positive indoctrination:

  • You can do it
  • You are beautiful
  • I believe you
  • I trust you

In those words is positive indoctrination, how many times have you heard your mom say – I love you, and I believe you. Behind those words is created a strong belief in yourself. The opinion is not fact-based and can never be validated.

Still, we believe in the daily small indoctrination we hear and get – that is why indoctrination and teaching are so important to use the right way no matter where we are.

Using it the right way to gain good habits in life can offer us even more strength and power to live the life we desire.

Teaching should be healing.

Because it is in learning that we heal.

So even though we do not want to say it, we all use both indoctrination and teaching. Its the balance between the two.

Have you ever asked anyone for advice and they have given you the feeling of taking over? left you behind feeling like an idiot.

All your life you are >> THIS IS ME TRYING >>

There is no recipe for your life, and there are no guarantees, the only thing is for sure, your life can be lived exactly as you want and desire, but only if you manage to believe in your own inner strength and vision while seeking all the information, facts and insight you need to make it happen.

You can never ever let anyone take over.

It is a journey for you to discover and turn yourself into what you see and want.

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