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Did you ever think about it, there are just some people that are better at listening to you than other? Some have a talent a gift, and for some reason they seem to understand us in a way we cannot explain. They just know, it is as if they understand us on a different level.

How can this be?

You walk into a room and you meet the amazing person that just understands you, as if you have known that person all your life. What would you call that? Does this person really understand you or what capability is it that person has? You end up telling this person your whole life story and your heart and inner smiles when you think about this person.

Can you do this too?

Yes, you can, this is all about you, your skills to open up for another person and just listen. Going back thinking about, how much did the person you told your story to actually tell you? Alternatively, did the person manage to keep asking good questions for your life to unfold?

There are many myths about coaching and what life coaching actually is? The strange thing is when we think about coaching in sports, we understand what needs to be done right away. We all know that a sport coach helps the team to perform best way.

What is an intuitive life coach to you?

Therefore, when we think about life coaching, what are we thinking about. What would a good intuitive life coach be for you and what are your expectations to a Intuitive life coach. When asked this question we all come up with different answers and this is why there comes a myth about life coaching it is not the way I though.

Life is so much more complex than a game with a clear set of rules. Rules of life are challenging us all every day and it is difficult to see who manage today best.

Most of what we do today, we do not see the result of before later in life. The result we get from our knowledge and our time invested in school? Maybe it is not the actual learning but the mechanism behind that we use to achieve the knowledge and skills that we need to be much more aware of the ability to learn new things in a new way, whatever that is and can be.

Maybe it is the ability to organize complex information and task to make them doable and to understand for others.

There is not one way there are so many ways of living a good life with a great outcome, just as if you want and there is not the same strict set of rules to follow to achieve success. We know of indicators and we know that our way of thinking are factors to influence to achieve our goals.

However, what to exactly do in each situation, that is the choice to choose.

Why does some always manage to make a wise decision, one  that takes to the outcome that they seek, we look at them and say that they made a wish choice, what if what they did, was make a choice and go by that. When you make a bad choice, is it at that time not ourselves taking other decisions for a different direction, the choice that we made did not take us in the direction we wanted.

So most of the time making a choice and to choose wisely is about how well do we know ourselves, and the outcome we want.

  • What do you want out of your life?
  • What are you willing to do to get what you want?

Coaching is a simple tool for us all to use, and we make so many assumptions and stories up about coaching and what are they.

Coaching is nothing more than guidance, help support, and kindness. It understands actions taken and done. Some actions gets the result we want, other actions

A great life, a great journey, where I got the change to fore fill my dreams, I did most of the things that I set my mind to?

Young and full of life and ready to take on the world, that is what youth is about, the wish and desire to take on the world, going on and getting older life teaches us that things in life is not as easy as we thought or it is. Always someone has tried something harder and done it better.

  • What is the difference between success and failure, what can we learn to do even better in our achievements for the outcome that we want.

One of 15 Common Myths in Life Coaching

We fight each other even though, we know, that we do not do, what we have to, we are not the player we should be. That is one of the 15 common myths in intuitive life coahing.

Imagine a sport team without a coach without a goal. When asked by a reporter, what is your goal what do. You strive for – I do not know, maybe we want to do this came or maybe this game, I cannot tell for sure, not going anywhere – why play. Most of us go through life without even thinking about where today actions will take us tomorrow.

What is life coaching?

That is the first good question to ask. Why have life coaching? What difference does this make to your life? What is a life coach and why are we taking so much about life coaching. What has changed over the years that has made us aware of that we need to change and do things differently to achieve the goals we want?

What are life goals

Are goals, what the outside sees and what we show, or are goals our own inner picture, what gives us inner peace and keeps us calm, that gives us energy and makes us happy and smile sincerely.

We can never find what we are looking for unless there is balance between what we have inside and what is happening on the outside, Would we ever harm ourselves and do things that takes us to even worse situations if we in queried  think, a mind that is in balance and a mind with a life goal, is this not what we strive for? When we need to find our way in life there are things to think about, or when you are a life coach you are properly already thinking about it.

Where do we get the energy from

Something gives you energy, something moves you and something makes you take the initiatives in that direction. Life coaching is about doing the best we can in the situation we are, and looking for what is the right outcome for me, so that I feel good on all levels of my life, and we sometimes we need life coaching to find what we are seeking.

Inside we have the ability to see what others need to do to achieve the goals, those skills are not always present for ourselves, and our truth is what we see and what we feel. This does not mean that this is the world as other see it, and feels it, each one of us have our own truth and our world is so amazing that with our own truth we get along with most people we meet.

Life coaching is a strong usable tool, when we are in the situations, where the outcomes we are seeking, is impossible for us to reach, somehow the reaction and our way does not get us the result we aim for.

What input do we need to change?

Some of all the tools you find in life coaching helps you unfold the topic and gives you an understanding of what you need to do. Life coaching is not a myth; it is hard work to achieve your outcome.

One of the myths is that you love helping others and that may be your result, as we know that life coaching is a lot of small steps, processes, or triggers, which each has an impact on what your next step will be and therefor often, the help we offer; is not received the way we intended. This is one of the great advantages; you find, when using a life coach, it is a myth, how simple life learned new skills through use of life coaching could take you to your outcome, a life coach is not your friend and they do not know your life.

A life coach listens to your life story and hears what outcome you are seeking and by understanding where you want to go, how you do it, they ask questions for you to see that there are different ways of achieving what you are looking for, that is how you find the greatest help. A life coach knows the use of life coaching skills, awareness and tools in order to ask the right questions at the right time

This will save you for many detours and will save you from making mistakes you need to repair years to come.

Intuitive life coach – the 15 common myths

Below you will find the 15 myths regarding intuitive life coach

  1. What is that you see
  2. What is that you hear
  3. What is that you feel
  4. Where will those 3 things take you?
    When you stand to make life changes, you need to listen and really listenSometimes we say things we do not mean and often that goes well, but when we speak about make life changes; we have to know where the change is taking us.Really to understand we have to listen to, what it is, we have in our inner and if we do not hear or are not clear in our own understanding, we will make mistakes, and as a coach you are a strong listener to the words, you listen to understand what the story is really about. It is a myth to think that a coach is a good friend, it is so difficult to keep that alert and attention really to listen to another person’s inner.Time is the most pressures thing we have in our life, and what we spend time on we want to see good things come to. If you are asked the question, will you spend time for a bad solution for your life?.What will you answer?
  5. Moving on
  6. Learning
  7. Our doingWhat we spend our time on, we want to see best result come out of and that is the same for all of us. Now is your time and you can do good and right things for you; seek and do what it take to bring you in a better situation and one step closer to where you want to be.
  8. Evalueting
  9. To know
  10. Know what our GAP is
  11. To improve
  12. To see our own results
  13. Lessons in life
  14. Experience
  15. The outcome

That is spending and doing right in this moment. That is what takes us great places in life, life coaching is not a myths it is a mind-set of understand why we do as we do. It is a way of analyzing other ways to change your way without losing trust in yourself, it is trying; and doing new thins and it is a way of having a mindful mind and understanding what is happening within.

You time is pressures and each step you take make a difference for you. Do wisely and do what is right for you. You are the only one who can do it, and you are the only one who knows what is right.

Intuitive life coaching is NOT myths – it is a strong life tool to be used wisely.

Intuitive life coach if what we do every day the feed back we get, the 15 common myths is the journey and the challenge we face, we can choice to use lifecoaching and learn faster or we can do, the best we know how. Make your dreams come true, make them happen because you know how to.