The world is changing

We keep saying The world is changing – the world does not change we do. How we act and what we do makes the world change.

The facts are the world is changing – it is.

We can never ever go back, and today we see how old men want the world to be as when they remembered it was great.

Trump said – make America Great again, Putin says make Russia, the soviet union great again. Their time is up, and The world is changing, no one wants to go back, and going back will never ever make it the same.

The world is changing
The world is changing

Today we see, soldiers fighting and killing each other for old men’s disputes, what we should be seeing is young men fighting for the future.

The future is here.

It is, just not well distributed. Russia will be the most hated people next 50-100 years, and no one wants to be with them.

China is thankful – this used to be their position – The world is changing, it is the people who change.

Why is The world is changing?

We improve, and every time we improve, we do; because we see a problem, a gap or a lack.

The facts are that; No one stands still; unless of course forced to, by nature humans are here to improve constantly and if FREE and feeling good, a human being will improve.

Countries that have a dictator stand still, look at Russia, they have had more than 40 years to develop their country, and still, they look like the west did in 1926.

They have not invested in the people, few have it all, while in the west most people have a little and few have more.

With Creativity The world is changing.

A plan you can change, with no plan you can live for today?

Living for today makes you a spender, you use the resources of the earth without adding value or effort to what you spend and use.

Countries that progress and improve the people think smarter, wiser, and better in small steps on a daily basis. We must improve to be here, we can no longer keep spending and destroying. We must be responsible for our actions.

Is Putin responsible:

I person who has given a country’s resources to less than 50 people has 4 girls who have never worked and effort for where they are today. The strange part is, why do the people take it. Who are common Russians since he can accept a leader like this? what kind of people are they?


We must think outside the box, we must improve the world where we live if we want to stay here. We cannot keep moving the problem; nor can we keep neglecting it.

We are the change, we are the improvers of the world. Our mindset, dreams, and hope are what create a better world. Power to real life.

Putin is out FREEDOM is in – knowledge and the ability to choose. Freedom has a price, and it comes with the choice to choose the right thing.

Abuse of power is wrong, and it will always be wrong no matter how many people you kill. The war in Ukraine is the true story of how old men believe they can turn the clock to their youth. Time moves on and the world is changing.

We change the world.

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