What do you say ?

We build the truth with the story we tell. What do you say? how do you form and shape the truth in your life?

It does not matter how beautiful it is if it is mean, and it does not matter how good it looks if it is not good or real.

What do you say, it FORMS the world.

The world we live in comes from what we do, it is what it is. Only the story you tell can change the way people look at it. What do you say? what is your story?

With our words, we form the truth we want people to believe in. We use color, forms, shapes, and other stories to form exactly the picture we want people to believe.

People react to the feelings they get from what they see and hear. This is why social media is so powerful because you can within 5 sec. create a belief:

Will Smith: In the best moment in his life, the day he wins an Oscar – at the Academy, for the performance he has worked a lifetime to achieve. The world judges him for slapping Chris Rock. What do you say?

It was wrong to slap – Indeed, but it was evil to tell a joke about illness.

Even so, social media had within hours created the story, they have formed and shaped the truth they want you to believe.

What do you say? how do you believe the true story is? What could provoke Will Smith to jump his seat, and hit Chris Rock, that takes courage and to be brave? He could have just sat there – let 5 mill people laugh about his wife’s illness.

The question is why did Chris Rock.

– off all the jokes in the world and even better jokes, why did Chris Rock tell this joke? Unless Chris Rock was paid by someone to do it. How did he know that Will Smith’s wife would be sitting there, and how did he come up with a 30-year-old not that good movie, that few remember? on an Oscars Night.

Here comes the question, what do you say? – from what you have heard, what you have seen? What do you say?

The real problem!

The truth, the real problem is the joke, the joke is so bad, evil, and ugly because Chris Rock addresses pain and hurt within, that no one knows about.

Here! imagination is empathy.

While the real problem remains unsolved, which is? Do we tolerate jokes about illness?

That’s the question we should be diving into, until then people will fail in the most important moments of their lives.

What do you say

We always find the way.

Even the longest night won’t last forever, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and this will pass too. We will find our way, it may not always be as we thought, but humans are strong and we dream, hope, and fight for what we want in life.

What do you say?

The power of hope always comes out in what we say, if you listen, you will hear the true desire, want, and needs in the story.

Real- what is real?

We create what is real, without the story and what you say, there is nothing. Everything is created by us, humans. The world is not changing. We change the world. Social media makes it fast for people to create a story, that becomes the truth we believe.

Take the war in Ukraine. What was Putin thinking? Why does he believe Ukraine belongs to Russia?

What do you say?

FREEDOM is the art of daring to think for yourself. It’s why we must never ever give up on our freedom. Freedom creates hope, dreams, and desires.

Take a look at Russia, even after 40 years they still have not managed to drive the county to be like the west, Russia is still 40 years behind. Why? What do you say? Why is Russia still after 40 years so far behind, that every Russian does not have a toilet in the house? What do you say to that?

Creativity and dreams comes from FREEDOM.

Ukraine fights for its FREEDOM. Ukraine after 40 years are so much ahead, they are proactive, and people have dreams. They believe they know the power of FREEDOM.

Putin is the beginning of the end, he failed at the moment, he had a choice – and he choose. Due to his actions, Russia and Russians will be the most hated people in the world, and Putin will make China shine.

The moment we fail someone else will shine.

Even if Putin wins, he will lose, It is will more than 40 years for Russia to come to ZERO in the world even after Putin is dead, he will be remembered for being the Leader who created the Oligarker.

Looking at it, Putin claims to be a leader of the people, while the facts are his people have nothing and are no one. There is not a line to get into Russia? Who cares if you do not see Russia in a lifetime, but talk about New York, the big apple, The world stands in line for seeing the Big Apple New York City.

The moment Putin walked into Ukraine, he supported China more than he can imagine in a lifetime. The moment he failed someone else got of the hock.

The beginning of the end.

We tear it down and we build it up. The fact is that we must always find the real problem which is making the seeds. We can never solve problems if we do not have the right feedback with facts and insight.

Wrong facts and insight make us fail.

At Coachingandlife we use the close forums to talk about – what is the real problem and how we respond well to the real problems we face on a daily basis.

Without problems there can be no progress, without problems there are no dreams, hope, and wishes.

The world is not changing – We are and in the FREE world faster better and smarter – is real-time.