The best thing

Think you about, the best thing you can do for yourself is call it a problem. If you think about it as a problem, you start looking for answers to solve the problem. This is why the best thing is to think about it as a problem, you start asking questions to answer the problem.

If you call it a challenge you start investigating the options and opportunities to find out what can be the best way going forward.

And if you call it an opportunity, you start looking into new training and tools.

there comes a time when silence feels like betrayal

A problem we call a challenge.

The best thing we all can do is call it by its true name. Nothing can be solved or change if we do not find the root of the course. We face the same challenges until we address it as a problem.

Most people are afraid to address a problem. Why do you think that is?

A problem is a situation, we must handle, where we do not have the insight to come up with, what to do. It is why we call it a problem.

But when more minds come together, we find inspiration, tools, opportunities and during the journey of problem solving we find challenges which we will need to address.

Working with problems at work.

Why do you believe that your boss wants to call it a challenge. A boss do because in a challenge you have the solution and outcome, the challenge has a goal and outcome. And you as employee need to, find the tools that can support that goal – this is why it is called a challenge.

Perspective to the situation

Is it a problem, challenge, or opportunity, if you are to solve the situation you must first define what it is?

What is it?

This is the main reason why we at CoachingAndLife believe in Life Coach Forum, and we believe we have the best life coach forums. We offer a safe place to ask, because the right question, will define the answer.

  • If it is a problem – you must define the goals and outcome.
  • A challenge needs tools, skills, insight, and opportunities
  • While the opportunity, enrolls the challenges and problems.

Our eyes deceive us

It is never what it looks like. You always see the performance on the stage, but for every one of us there is a behind the sceen.

CoachingAndLife is behind the scenes.

The best thing you can give yourself is someone to support you behind the scenes. Any performance needs inspiration, tools, techniques, training and practice.

Without right tools, training and practice, your performance becomes a lottery ticket. It may to well it may not.

At work our performance can no longer be a lottery ticket, we need to perform with Zero mistakes and with silence. You cannot object, or say what you believe.

Life Example: To a problem called a challenge.

The problem is that how the business is sending medicine the island. By law, it must be controlled and by law it must be monitored.

Where facts are that there is no solution today as the business has monopoly in market.

This is a problem because you need to solve it. How can you solve a problem when there are no opportunities, and once you have insight into opportunities, what challenges does each opportunity hold.

What happens in real life. In real life you get the problem from your boss, and in real life you get fired, bullied out and they will seek retaliation over you.

Why it happens is because the management group does not get the solution, they want and desire, and they do not understand that they face a problem.

Still today 7 years after the problem was discovered, the problem is still not fixed or solved.

Solving problems take time, skills, alignment, and hard work.

No, business or boss want to hear about hard work, skills, training, and doubts.

They want fast solutions with zero mistakes and all on a one pager.

When you face too many problems, which enroll challenges and opportunities, you may try to solve them on your own.

You cannot solve them alone, but you cannot solve them in the teams. So what will happen, you will dive deeper and work harder.

I my case I worked my ash out – and my result was still I got fired and even more than that, when you dive deeper people go turn eval, they did, and they still do.

Why the success.

The boss will succeed he will fire you, and someone else will come and this person will either take the problem a bit futher or go down with stress, burn out or leave after 6 months, then a new person comes and gives it a try.

So, the problem is solved by adding new resources, and it is just like a soccer game, you change the player because the game/the problem requires new skills.

The chain at work will continue until the right resources is at the right place.

The question you need to answer?

 Why do we leave when we cannot solve a problem, because we are human, and we like to solve the real problems and achieve.

We all climb mountains or improve ourselves.

We do because how can we go on, we are stuck in circle of same negative thoughts while we try and try if you have not tried it.

I can tell you it is like climbing a wall and you have nothing to hold on to.

When we have nothing to hold on to, we will after a time become tired, then we turn to the stress methods and techniques and soon it is the end.

When the question you really need to ask is: Do you hold the right training and skills to solve the problem.

I my case, could I develop the right setup to do the transportation.

The answer is no, because no matter what you do, if you do not have the managements support you should leave faster than light.

Never stay one day in a job where your skills and training are not valued.

You must you asap, as all you will do is hurt your own belief.

I my case I did more than fail, I though if I only tried harder. The harder I tried the bigger a gap I created between the problem and the management.

Even the secretary said to me, that I was not loyal.

Today looking back, I agree, and facts are when you do not have the management, CEO’s support, you must be silent and follow his leadership, and get out.

The time it takes.

It took me more than 7 years to heal, to come back to become a normal person, who was not scared all the time. I believe I used the last 7 years to find me.

No job is never worth losing yourself in bad values, wrong decisions and I don’t care.

A manager who does this that can cost other people their lives, do not engage leave. The problem is deeper than you can solve. The best thing you can do is leave.

The best thing is always what feels right

The problem

We can always solve a problem.

A challenge

Or an opportunity.

It is the circle of improvements. We face a problem, let’s take the example max out on the scale but also where it is clear to us what is happening.

A person you love gets sick, and you want to find a cure.

The problem is the disease, and the opportunity is to find a cure with the challenges this brings along.

Once you have defined the solution the goal, you have opportunities and challenges to fix it. Just like any problems in your job or in your family.

The best thing to do.

Is look at the goals and solutions that has been defined and think over if you are a match. If you do not look well at the job application, you may end up in a job, where you do not belong.

To belong is the best thing we can experience.

It does not matter, where we are or what we do, if we feel we belong. The best thing is the strong feeling and know; it is your team and you belong.

To you unite you need to feel you belong. The best thing you can offer someone else is that feeling.

Letting go of the outside.

The best thing is to start asking yourself the right questions, and now you may say. What are the right questions, I can tell you the right questions are those who lead you to where you want to be.

It is always the cure, what you do want to heal and ensure?

And what solution do you want.

The best thing is that goals are different.

Somehow the universe made it excellent we all want a time in spotlight, yet we do not want the same nor do we need the spotlight at the same time.

That is the best thing ever.

Think about it if we all need to stand in the spotlight at the same time. It would not be possible, but you have your time, and when it is your time, the world will listen, so use your voice well.

Love will teach us.

No fame is fun alone, there is not much that is fun on our own, it is why we do all sport together, because few want the silence and aloneness.

At CoachingAndLife – we want you to succeed from conquer align and love.

You conquer the world if you manage to align with the challenges opportunities and problems you face along the journey.

Align whenever you can!

Build the peace you need. If you build a lifetime of enemies, you will end up in a circle having to defend yourself from all sides.

We all got a six.

Blind ´spot and actual we cannot see and understand about ourselves. By build friendship with different tools and skills we give ourselves the support needed.

Alone is not the best thing.

Time to conquer, align and love.

We cannot work harder to gain the results we aim for; we can learn more skills and get more training to solve the problems, challenges, and opportunities smarter and not losing time.

Each of us is challenged from opponents, software, older or younger, there are always someone who is smarter and better.

But the facts are there are more space to each of us, than you can imaging and there is no need to compete with that one close to you.

Compete to support that is the best thing.

We compete to improve, we want to grow and improve our performance and not competing is not an option. The world is constantly looking for improvements and optimizations.

Because we want things to cure.

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