What is a life coach? A good life coach can tell and reveal everything and still, we would not get it, good coaching is much more than skills it is the ability to take one’s own person into use, it is to use and show the skills in such a balance that we do not know or see if it is a given talent or skills learned over time.

What is life coaching? A great coach for you is not the same as a great coach for me. Our system, our ways of looking at the world is so different and the way we have learned early in life stays with us all our lives. How much can we change? How much do we have an impact on in our lives, some will say, that there is very little we can change where as others will state that we can change it all?

What does a life coach do exactly

So what is a life coach and what do they do? In this article let’s get started with 55 quick, intriguing ways to explain what a life coach does with introducing you for this short video made by Jeannine Yoder.

Source: http://jeannineyoder.com/55-non-painful-ways-explain-exactly-life-coach/

What can we?

That is what is so wonderful about this life, what we think becomes the truth, and we can see it. Can you argue with that?

What is a life coach and what does a life coach help you with? that is one of the best questions asked, because a life coach does not get the change to help with anything that you do not want to do.

You can sit with a life coach days in and out and nothing will ever happen or you can sit with a coach and everything happens. It is all up to you. When we talk about life coaching we speak of so many things in life, lifecoaching is one of the most difficult topics of life as there is no right and no wrong. There is only what is right for each one of us, we know when we are on our right path in life. We also know when we are on the wrong path.

The question to ask is why we do not change it once we know? Sometimes we stay on the wrong path for way to long and we get what we call a wake-up call.

  • What would have happened to us had we continued the journey, we set ourselves out for? what makes us stop.
  • Sometimes it is a very simple question, that makes us wake up.
  • Sometimes it is stress or illness that forces us to change direction.
  • Sometimes we just run out of luck.

All these indicators, what are they and why does it happen to me.

So what is a life coach and the secrets behind?

A great coach for you is one, that manage to get you on your track, manage to ask the right questions for you to make the right moves. One that can guide through the right questions. One that never crosses the boarder of manipulation, one that makes your eyes see yourself in the light that makes you feel good.

Your mind is, at peace you take steps that feels good.

You are on your way.

What can a great coach reveal, is this a secret or is it the use of the skills.

Close your eyes for second and think, what comes to your mind did you not hear this before, did you not hear your mother or a close friend tell you, this many times long time ago, and you choice not to listen.

Other when we get the wake-up call, we smile because long ago my mother said this to me, and I choice not to listen, how could she know this or we have at a point in time gotten upset with a close friend when he said something close to the wakeup call.

What is the difference, it is how open minded and ready we are for what is going on in our lives, sometimes to hear things from one’s mother is not an easy thing?

Not much can be said wrong, before we get angry or sad. When we sit with a coach they ask questions and we need to look inside out to find the answer that is for us.

One of the huge differences is also the expectations involved, when our mother says it, to us, she loves us so much and want so much for us to be and do better than she managed. If said to us by a friend we can be afraid to lose the friend if we tell them what is going on for us within.

A coach has no emotions involved and can therefore accept or work with all answers, the work for a coach is what tools can be useful and if said honestly, well to be honest for a coach the only outcome that matter is that it is the right one for you.

A good coach knows tools, and has a box filled with different tools, that can be used for different challenges in life.

One of the most powerful questions to ask is, what kind of question would, your best friend ask your right now, or tell you right now, or what would a great friend of you ask you?

Once we ask ourselves what are good questions? A new world

We know the questions, we know what are the right thing for us to do, all we must do is listen.

We have it within and the best a coach can do, is make us listen to our inner, find it.

This voice, that we have within, that knows what is right for us to do, this voice we have, that can guide us to the result that we seek.

Where is, it coming from and how what kind of a skill or talent is it,

To reveal what level, we are on we need to work the levels of the competence level that we face, and to know what challenges there is in each of those levels

So what is life coaching in generel? Life coaching is life knowledge of file school, and in whatever we do there are lessons to learn, and the wiser we use our skills the more knowledge we achieve. Here are some of the indicators to the levels for life school and to understand first step in your life coaching.

4 levels of awareness and skills

So what is a life coach and what are the 4 leves of awareness and skills.

Where in awareness are you? and what skills do you have?

How do we know if we know and when do we have the skills? How do we learn and how are the steps to create the Excellency? We know that some are just excellent, we look at them and they just know how, what the different levels are and where am I.

To understand our journey, we need to know where on the ladder we are:

This little simple model can help investigate some of the angles and ways to get to the awareness we want or if we strive for Excellent.

This solely and one depends on how much we want it, if we want to we can do it, the questions is, are we willing, and then there are two angles to this, there is what we ourselves think and how we see it, and then there is what others see.

What steps do we work in the process and what do we see in each level?


My skills are Excellent, my skills and knowledge are part of me, I master the skill without being aware of it. I just do it. I am a master, I master it, and I am not thinking about it at all, it is a natural part of me. I do not register what I do, and I do not think about the process that I have been through. My subconscious mind has completely forgotten the process. The skill
and knowledge is used unconsciously


I know, I know how, I do it without thinking about it, but I am aware of the learning process that I have been through and I remember how many resources it required to fore fill the knowledge, my skills and knowledge is in my subconscious mind and I still have situations where I remember what I learned.


I know how to do it, I need to train and I need to keep on doing it, I am aware of how easy or difficult it is and I have trained, I have been through a process.

I am still working on it, I am aware of what I know and I am aware of what I do not know, I need to train more, I am trying to find out what resources I need to add to, so that I can improve to be even better. I am aware of what I know and how much I know, I am also aware of that there are things that I do not know.

I am learning and I am improving, I keep searching to find out how and what and I practice I keep working on it.


I know I do not know, I know I do not have the skills, you have seen others do it and you know it can be done. You are incompetent, not because you cannot do it, but because you know you have not learned it and you have not trained. You are aware of the some of the skills that it requires.


  • You do not know, you do not know, what it is and what it requires to do. You have not tried it and you are incompetent in all ways.
  • If you want to move yourself up the ladder, see, hear and listen, how do you want to be?
  • If you would like to improve your skills to excellent you need to:
  • Really want it, and acknowledge, respect, listen and learn it.
  • Need to see it, and visualize it, how is it done
  • Practice every day, practice more
  • Get feedback from someone, who knows how and are excellent at it
  • Feel it, how good it is to know it, all the way
  • Do it automatically, it is part of you, it is natural, master it.

So where are we, that is always the good question, what is our awareness and how excellent are we, how excellent do we want to be.

As we are aware of we are not coming from the same place and we are not going to same destination.

What is it that we need to fore fill and be excellent at, what serves what we do?

In business being able to make money is a great skill, if we start with 10 dollars today for all people in the world, tomorrow evening there will be a million of combinations of what is. Some has more some has less and some nothing?

I our minds this is the same thing about our thoughts, how do we go about the things we want to learn and how good are we at seeking the information that we need.

Think about how much you have already learned from your childhood, ethics, way of behavior, what to do, when you need to learn.

Where ever you are in life, no matter how much you want to let it go, you cannot hide where you come from, it is not what is important for the people you surround you with, that is to know where you are going. But facts are that the way you are and where you are going goes somehow hand in hand. It is how we have been tough from our parents to learn to survive that is important, the values in our families come strong to us over the years.

We do what we find is right.

We seek the information on the levels on the ladder, as the people around us, so if we speak to a person, who has lived all his life in one town, how, can he understand, what is in the world and how can you even have a talk about it. That is unaware incompetent, you have no idea, what it is like to be and live outside?

When we hear, people talk and we ourselves have a very high skill or are excellent in a field, we can also hear what our colleagues, friends and family knows. You know if you have right skills in cooking you know when you speak to someone who can boil and egg.

We know and we know this even before too many words are set on topics, somehow we can have strong emotions and knowledge how alike someone it to ourselves.

Awareness, the ability to follow a set of rules, the way of doing things in a certain pattern, a form, a behavior.

‘We know and therefore many times we are among some that are in the same level as ourselves.

We know, when we are among others, that are on a different level, we feel the challenge, we feel that something is other than we normal feel or see, we are challenged in our behavior, we get a choice to see, or feel, if we want to adjust our own competence. If we are not at the same level one of the ways to keep the level is to use anger, the temper is used to make sure that the level that is shown, is where we stay and want to be, this I my comfort zone, this is where I belong.

Did you ever hear a child challenge their parent with why, and then got and answer and then they ask why again?

How many why’s can you take? Our own maturity or culture, how far does it allow us to go? Are you in a culture and group, where seeking and changing is daily life or is tradition, rules and ways the set to go by. You do, what you do, because this is how we have always done it, you do now have the awareness of why and the competence is aware incompetent.

As we move on in life, we need to know where we are, we start with aware incompetent and we work our way up to excellent, if this is our choice. Good life coaching has same steps and journey and there is only our doing that makes the difference i all we do, that is the secret. You choose, it is your choice!

What is life coach training

Do you want to succeed with real life coach training? Life coach training can be done online and it is about understanding what goes wrong, not wrong because it is not right, but wrong because the person that is feeling and living it is not feeling that it is right. To get started you can signup here.