Overthinker or why do I overthink everything? And why is overthinking such a powerful tool in coaching.

First things first, if you need to get something good out of your overthinking – WRITE.

Because an overthinker is a person, who seeks the chain of understanding. What courses it to happen, why did he say that? What are they feeling? What is going wrong here.

An overthinker is an excellent problem solver.

bullying and the power of peers

Professions for overthinkers.

You are one of the best problem solvers, improvers or services minded people on the this earth. You know how to get the job done with excellence while including everyone involved.

Problem solving as overthinker.

As an overthinker you are analyzing the situation. You look at all variables and more important you are not only analyzing numbers and figures, you analyze human performance.

An overthinker can solve problems no one else can. Did you ever notice that it is not the figures and numbers that often solves the problems. It is the people – who uses the figures and numbers to tell – what must be done.

But actually this is not the real problem, which is why you often see – that takes business a very long time to get a good working environment if there is a boss, who is leading wrong way forward.

Same mistakes often happen.

Why: You build the same circumstance for the same mistakes to happen.

How: How do we do this, we do because life is small strings of happenings, and our mistakes is not the big once as, choose our profession, partner, house or have kids. No, it is the small mistakes as giving in, not doing or letting it go, or give it away.

When: People do not take anything from you, you give it to them. Your partner is not doing something to you, you are letting it happen.

What: You need to focus your life on what you want to happen, and you must let go of anything else. One goal one aim, and if you are lucky you can make this happen.

Success belongs to those who never give up. It does not belong to someone watching social media, and letting it all flow.

As an overthinker you know, what the right thing is to do, if not today, then your mind will search and find the right solutions for everyone involved.

overthinker_overthink_Ovhow to stop overthinking_

How to stop overthinking.

Overthinker and overthinking can be hard, and often you want to know how to stop overthinking. You stop overthinking by writing. Force your mind to structure your thoughts and get it out of your mind.

Easy sad hard work to accomplice.

It is why we are coachingandlife firmly believe the life coach forums, it is how you get the right input to your analysis without being told to stop, but to get an even better insight into what you need to do.

We offer you a life coach forum to join like minded who like you are seeking to succeed in a chain with success on a daily basis.

Write a book as overthinker

Often we become overthinker, when something happens in our lives. Especially if it is something, where we have been doing our best – lost control and failed.

Most often people become a life coach to solve their own problems. No one wants to be coached we all want to be the leader of improvements.

Being coached to better performance is what we use in sports. If you take any team at all world wide from tennis to baseball. A sports team without a coach.

A business without a coach.

When you hear a sports team without a coach what are thinking? but when you have a business where the team is much larger. How many businesses do you believe have a life coach to support their employees in 2022?

Here are a few keys to life coaching statistics

  • $2.85 billion global industry. 
  • Life coaching is growing fast.
  • From 2016-2019 race with 33%.
  • 99% of companies who hire a coach are “very satisfied” with the results.
  • 80% say that coaching improves their self-esteem, self-confidence.
  • 77% of clients say that coaching helps them improve their relationships, communication skills, interpersonal skills, work performance, work/life balance, and wellness.
  • 57% of companies who have a strong coaching culture have much higher revenues than other companies in their industry. Employees solve the problems and do not leave.
  • 68%, who hire coaches are able to make back their investment.
  • Average ROI is 7x the investment. 
  • Coaching can have a 221% ROI.
  • Avarage price  $100-$150/hour. 

Why do I overthink everything?

You do because you want to solve a problem. You see, something is going wrong and you seek to find the driver that made it go wrong.

For most of us it takes years to figure out what we are doing wrong, and why do I overthink everything, we actually make it sound negative.

It’s only negative when your results of your analysis place yourself as the core winner, but if your overthinking finds the solution for improvements and optimization for a team. You become an asset and a key player at work.

Overthink everything

Solutions and going forward comes from doing better and smarter. So yesterday I wrote a block with the use of AI. It screened the internet for my subject in 4 min. – But I have no clue what’s in the block and it did not support me in being smarter and wiser.

See when you write, you take your knowledge, learning ability to string it together all into one post or block.

Can you actually write so people care to read it?

How to stop overthinking, is a tool a method to achieve something smarter, faster and improved. So maybe you should ask yourself the question?

Is how to stop overthinking what I really want or do I need a purpose, result, improved life from what I do.

Join our life coach forum and start getting the results you aim for.

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