10 Reasons to write your topics in life and get feedback

Why scrutinize? When we write things down, we take the time to get the topic, the issue our challenge in life out of our heads,

Sometimes when we sit by ourselves and think, we say the same things to ourselves over and over again. We take our minds into a spin, where we do not solve anything.

That is why CAL is right, here you get to write your story, and you get to give the first comment yourself as to your best friend in life. When you write your life topic or story down, you get to see the words that you use and where you are. You get a chance to understand your subconscious mind even better. Many times or often there is a difference in where we think we are, and where we stand. Once we write our story or view of a life topic down, we get to see, what we are saying, and this gives us the opportunity to understand and make the changes that we would like in our lives.

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The first step can be to write what you feel, and then you look at what you have written.

Then close your eyes to feel, if this is how you think or this is how you see it.

Look to feel

To know if you are congruent with your story and ask yourself if you are ready for feedback?

Why do you tell your story?

Because, there is substantial learning in telling to know and be aware of, what you feel and see.

To know what to do, as you are the only one who can do the puzzle.

Since you are the only one, who sees all bricks and capacity.

Therefore, the feedback or advice or techniques from life coaching, that may be presented to you, know that this is only an offer to you and just you sit with the knowledge which one or what is right for you.

What do you do?

Many challenges we face are the same. Same trouble with different names. Just think back for a moment, is it not strange you encounter an issue or problem, and it repeats itself over and over,  till you learn how to cope or solve it, then you never face it again.

When we start writing our life story down and scrutinize them, we see things differently we get it out of our minds, and you will see that some of the challenges, are not as you think in your head.

What do you see? What words are we using to describe our frustration, our challenge, how deep do they go, how involved are we, how touched or affected are we.  Once we had writing it and looked at it, we see where we say we are standing.

It is how I see it

It is what I feel

These are my words, my mindset, and life level. It is where I am. I know you can say: it’s not right, but it is to me. That’s why the membership is called ME.

Knowing we are all different, we know, that we do not do things in same order and the same way.

We all understand things differently, even though it is the same word or action that we talk about, nothing is the same.

It is what makes life such a beautiful place.

Where we can scrutinize and analyze and we can come to different results, and we are all right.

Here you would rightly say, this can be challenged and yes it can.

To make it work for all of us, we have created a set of rules for which we within a frame can agree that this is where we with our culture are, and again this can be challenged, and yes this is true too. And this is a never-ending story.

We have to bear in mind.

It is that it is not worth anything unless we do it.

If not implemented, what is it worth?

It is why when we start writing down what is challenging us? we see, hear and feel

1). Where our focus is 2). What we are doing ourselves 3). What words are we using 4). What stage are we on 5). What are wise steps to take 6). Where do we want to go 7). What first step is smart to make 8). keep the faith that we are on right track 9). Keep doing it 10). Know we did it, the change knowing what is the right thing and right to do.

What do you see? So when we look at our story how far are we from the mindset we thought we had.

Leave it to let others give you feedback, especially people you do not know.

People that see you for the first time, all fresh, all is new; you get top of mind feedback from them, they are not twisted into your story and your feelings. They just see, hear and feel.

Remember that if your feeling gets hurt, STOP.

Strangers can never know if they hurt your feeling, they do not see your mindset or anything else, the look isolated on the story, in your words, this is a needle on a map. It is one brick out of a puzzle, You, me and we are unique, and there is only one.

Therefore, some of the feedback can hit you like a wakeup call.

You, me and we can get frustrated when reading what others are seeing.

This must and has to be where we use mutual respect, patience to seek to understand, use the phrase

“ first seek to understand then seek to be understood.” 

so if you would like feedback,

know you can get hurt,

know that it is only words,

know that it does not mean more than you let it say,

It is feedback to help you make the difference you want, and sometimes if we see or hear things from others it becomes more apparent to us, we can understand it

How do you scrutinize, and why is it that it is difficult for ourselves to take us out of that circle?

We try, and we try and sometimes it is not until we get the wakeup call from a good friend and total stranger,

Someone, who knows very little about us, life coaching is a tool and technique to help us get a choice, we get an opportunity to have options.

A choice to make a wise decision for us. By scrutinize we get to a higher level, our awareness and knowledge are to a degree, where the opportunity, we chose and decide to follow is not by how we feel.

We get a chance to get both physically and mentally on the same level, so there is a balance in our decision.

Later on, we will know why we did what we did.

Because it was the right decision we took

It is not where we come from that matter, but where we are going.

It cannot stand alone because where you come from, can mean all the difference to how you think. So it does matter where you come from? By nature, you face challenges if you change the path of where you are going.

So where you come from says something about the knowledge, the awareness that we have about different topics, this can be everything from language, habits, skills, learning or behavior.  If we need to change any of these ground rules, it is always good to seek and learn from the one who already knows.

We learn from excellence.

We learn easily when we feel that is congruent to us if it is a match for your personal space. You need to think that it is right for you and feel it right in body and mind.

You need to have inner peace, and you need to be calm to find the answer inside yourself.

It is not always that you have this inner peace of mind, or a mindset where you listen to what is happening within, if you are congruent, you know, you have something within that tells you, whether it is right or wrong.

Where that thermostat comes from or how you know, that is an excellent question to ask.

We know, that is also why we can get feedback from others or many and we do not engage, we do not want to do this, there is still a missing link, we have something that tells us that this is not the right thing for us.

All we need to do is listen to the answers are there. You and only you know how to find the right answers.

To have a wish, to make it differently, is a very open wish. It can be about almost anything, many topics many challenges.

To do it is a whole different thing, and it only matters if we do it.

All good intentions, all good dreams, and good wishes only matter if we do it.

If we take it live into the world, think about that.

When our mind can dream it, we have the capability to do it.

If you can see it, you can do it.

You can make it happen. You are the only real person with the knowledge of your capacity, your capability and your perfect pictures of how it needs to be.

Be realistic both feet on the ground, do not waste your time. 

What feedback would you give, if it was your best friend?

Be kind to yourself, be your own best friend, understand and seek more awareness and knowledge, give yourself the reason of doubt, why you have chosen to wait, you do it when you are ready when the time is right.

Being a part of a network the forum like CAL is a different, when you take the time to write your troubles down when you open up and seek knowledge and awareness, alone this will make you feel that you have done a step towards the outcome or goal you want.

The feedback you will get, are all opportunities a choice, and bear in mind, that is all, what it is.

No one has any answers to your life.

You alone hold the key, and the journey you chose is solely and holy yours, sometimes it is the feedback, the choice of words, the questions asked, that will take you in other directions.

We are so focused on the angle that we see the topic from, that we forget that there are millions of different ways of seeing, hearing, and understanding.

Just take a topic as driving a car or cleaning up.

Take a word as good enough. Think about good enough, what is good enough for one is not good enough for someone else, there is a massive difference in what and how we understand good enough.

In your feedback, what do you expect, how do you expect the input to move or change the way you see the topic.

  • What do you worry about?
  • Why do you think it can be different?
  • What would you improve?
  • Is it not worth anything on less you do it?

So at the end of the day, what the forum at CAL worth for you. It is your place to ask any life questions, as we are many we can answer many questions.

It is not about knowing it all; it is about having access to the right knowledge when you need it.

You do not need to be a professor in topics; you need to have a strategy for how you will proceed and find the answers to your questions.

By telling your side of the story, you give other members the opportunity to know, so that they do not make the same mistakes and misfortunes as you.

By getting feedback, you get a chance to solve your life challenges and change them to victories.

Change life challenges to learning useful ways. Use opportunities and be a friend to one who needs you.

The Forum is for you. Where you change your way share your life story and give someone else the opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

There is no reason for you to make the mistakes I already experienced. Don’t make my mistakes – learn from your team members. Do better – because you can.


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