Five Reasons Why How To Become A Life Coach Is Common In USA

How To Become a Life Coach in USA

How to become a life coach

Life coaching is what we do every day, we teach our children, we give our friends advice, we talk in the families. Five reasons why how to become a life coach is common In USA it is our life, that is what we do. We move on every day in the wish, that what we are doing will give us the family, the adventures and the outcome we seek in ourselves and in our life.

To change

Time changes and time changes fast these days and the skills and knowledge, that is required to really make it happen are hard to learn.

We see the skills in families go lost, we see more than ever families break up, and we see that family values have less or no importance, we get lost in nowhere there is nothing to hold on to, we stand in life alone, and we do not understand our place or which values we have in life.

That is one of the main reasons how to become a life coach, to find our own way in life.

Everything is open and we can do, whatever we want there is no limit. The more we challenge the harder we push the more the world looks our way and we become stars. We feel the adrenaline rush.

Everyone wants a place in the spotlight, everyone want to be TV-stars, be someone special be unique in life, look at me, see me.

We want it all, and no matter what it will cost us, we want it all.

We choice strange things, we make oud decisions, we do strange things for the world to look at us, we judge each other hard, we select our friends and family. We look for the best in all we do.

There is nothing wrong with that, except that what we look at is only material things. Those are the five reasons why how to become a life coach is common in USA, because we are looking for more, we want value and we know that there is so much more out there, we can be where we are today, but knowing that we can learn how to find the five reasons, is a new awareness to  Why and how to become a life coach is common in USA, we need to know how to do it, and make it happen.

What happened to helpfulness, kindness, tolerance and acceptance, what happened to all the strong family values and good behavior and langue’s.

What happened.

Why does things need to be so extreme, when we know, that there is so much in between, why is it the 2 minutes in the spotlight, that we aim for, what rush does this gives us and why does that makes us happy.

We seek acceptance from people we do not know?

In all this searching and going for the spotlight and fame, we tend to lose ourselves, we stress out, we feel like failures and we feel so alone in the world, we feel divergent and we lose ourselves.

For what?

That is the second reason why we start looking at the tools and how to become a life coach.

When we know that we are all unique.

We are all stars in our own lives and we need to find out what is right for ME to do. I am in a world where there are many like me and when we close our eyes and feel ourselves “our inner” voice . We know that within there is a voice, a dream, there is hope and there is a special outcome for us.

That is the third reason, why life coaching is great to learn and know, we need to find out what our own values in life are, what is important to me, and we need to learn to know, what we say “no” to.

To speak and be among others that talk in good manners, think about for a moment, how relaxing that is, think about when you’re among others,  that have tolerance to listen to your story without interrupting you, before you get a chance to tell, what you wanted to tell.

Think about when we accept,

that we are different from one another and that it is a strength not a weakness that we are different, and when we stop ourselves when focus is just on the outside, and we look inside instead to move our focus inside what that gives us, a new sight instead of having the focus on what other want to acknowledge.

Be yourself, be who you are, be your own best friend and follow your own dreams. What you do creates you.

That is why we are all good mentors or can learn how to become a life coach. We all know how difficult it is to keep focus on what is right for me and that is the fourth reason why many of us start working with coaching, learning new ways and skills. It is so easy to see what others are doing wrong and so difficult to correct by ourselves. Companies seek that feed-back tell me how we can improve.

What is change about

We do not have to change the world, all we must do, is change ourselves to be a good person with good manners that works on doing “ my best” in what I do. That is what it is all about. There is no reason to stress out there is no reason to run faster. All the right things will happen, when we are ready and if we do it right.

Facts for all of us is, that we have this moment. That is, what we have and if we do, what is right for us in this moment in time, why would we stress out and lose ourselves in all this wrong doing.

What is facts about

Facts is, that time is the same for all of us, and it is how we use our time, that determines, what outcome we get.

That is the fifth reason why we choice how to become a life coach

Facts is that if we make wrong choice for ourselves, we find ourselves on a road in a direction, we do not like, and what we need is to stop and this is better sooner than later.

We need to have the respect for our own values and listen to our inner to know, what to do. We need to know our own values if they are not aware to us.

Why do we get angry, and why do we do stupid things, head over heels, when we look back at what we did, we put ourselves in an even worse situation, and we regret what we did, and we spend so much time apologizing for our behavior and what we did.

Why can we not control ourselves?

Why do we have this bad manner?

Why is what we need to work through, look under the why tool in CAL.

Why do we even need to say it and how come others accept it, and do not stop it, look at TV and reporters today, all must be so extreme and the more the better and even when we look at all this extreme is has little or no impact on us.

Give me five reasons

Who determines the level and what is accepted, what is the limit?

In our lives, we have lost so much already, by letting other determine, what is right and what is wrong, we may have lost our family values and we stand all fresh and free to do whatever we want.

We have so many choices and it is no longer the question, if we have a choice, the question today is that there are so many choices and that we do not know, what to choose. We can do all we want for a period of time? and we at some point face the time, and time is the limit for many things in life.

When we do not take the time to listen to our inner, when we just do it. When we say, we are sorry, if we fail and then we do something else and move on. For some this process goes better than for others.

When we have tried, this a few or several times, we start feeling lost, we start feeling something is wrong and we feel alone and the people around us have difficulties understanding us,  because the people we are among, they can be in the right place, and it is very important to know, that there is nothing wrong with any of us. We are just not at a match at this point in life.

But what if we were in a world, where it was accepted to fail and try again.

What difference would that make for us, if we had that chance? And with this chance? We can make the changes and get what good in life we seek, that is why so many life coaches come to live, because in coaching there is the tool of seeking the awareness and next step to take.

We can do it, we can make the changes that will take us to the outcome we want.

Five reasons

All we do and what we achieve in life is for ourselves, the only one it really matters to is” ourselves”.

You can do, what will make you feel great and find the peace inside you seek.

So we have more than five reasons about how to become a life coach.

There is something out there for all of us and each one of us has what we need, all we must do is seek it and let it come to the surface, let it grow.

You can do it,

and you may even find, that you will be working even harder and more and you will just keep doing it, you will go on.

Did you ever think about, how someone got the strength to do or accomplice something, you lean back and you say, how on earth did the find the time and strength to do it.

Think about it for yourself, when you do something you like, time just disappears one day can takes the other when you do something, that makes you feel good, you do not think about when to stop, how to get paid.

You do it because within there is a great feeling and you smile and therefore you keep doing it. You do not seek excuses or ways to get out of it. You find time and involvement to do even more.

Which brings us back to where we stand today.

We need to find ourselves in this complex world, we need to find out what is important and what we like more of, we must find out where to find what we are seeking.

The extreme, the judgment, the missing tolerance and the behavior we see in the world today makes us nervous, makes us scared and afraid of doing something wrong.

Our lives do not take wrong turns, because we do something out of scope for a few days or even several times a year. We lose our selves over time, each day one more step in a direction that is not our path. One day we are so far out of our own balance that stress, fear, anxiety is what fill up our way of life. We try to fit in, we do all we can to please others, so they do not see how scared we are of doing something wrong.

We become pleaser,

that smile to the one, we think are stronger or has more power than us.

The strong one, and the once we are afraid of are they doing something wrong? No, they are not, they have the strength because they have found the trick the solution to make their dreams come true, they look inside and the reason we see them as strong and in balance or harmony, is because they do what they like, they do something that makes them feel good.

Where are you going?

Do not take yourself above the point, where you think, that you can do anything, life is balance for good, and when we cross the line and take too much, we hurt someone else, that is not doing good and well and we know, when we do so.

The arrow could change one day and point our way, and at that time we hear others say karma, which is a polite way of saying that someone crossed the line.

Doing our life, that is so short or long, we have so much to learn, so much to give, we are so fortuned to be here in a life time, where we know how to change things for the good and the better.

Who do we admire, who we follow and our way does make a difference and to learn to speak well, act well and do good does make a difference.

We can learn how to become a life coach and to use the tools that help us improve our performance, the help we learn and get not because to show the world, but for the good inner peace we get when we are in balance with what we have inside.

What is joy

There is no joy, like the joy we feel, when we have inner peace of mind, when we feel good with ourselves.

That is what makes how to become a life coach so power full, and so difficult, because no of us faces the same challenges and none of us use the tool in the same way. We adjust it so it matches for us.

That is what it is all about, finding the right tool to use, and starting using it so it becomes your skills.

Because, I know how to do for myself, does not mean, that I can help you, I can tell my story and I can give you the eyes opener I faced during my difficulties, but we are complex and the road or path for our solutions are not the same.

What input do you give?

When we learn how to become a life coach and when we use each other for life challenges we learn every day, we do and if we want different results we must give different input.

We are the input, we are the once that add doing to all life, and we have been given a hugs advantages, we speak, and we by explaining and listening to others we have a change to understand what they see, and if we listen we have an inner voice that tells us, what is right and wrong for us, we know, we feel it. We have for so long been focusing on the outside. Our mindfulness comes from within. We can never feel so good and in balance if we do not feel it inside out. Joy and peace come from our soul, because we do good things for our mind and body.

Your benefits to become a life coach

That is the benefit we get to become a life coach, a good mentor or coach. We get a chance to learn new tools, and we get a chance to learn the skills, so we over time can find our way back to what is important to ME.

For me it is important that we show tolerance and kindness, I do not always get it right the first time, I want to, but I need to be among someone, who can see beyond my first mistakes.

Using life coaching for all sides of life has given me, that awareness. That’s why becoming a life coach take your own life to a higher level.

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