What makes a successful business even better?

Facts– Businesses with happy, healthy employees are more productive and therefore are more successful. The question is, how do you make that happen for your business?

There are common factors that contribute to employee satisfaction and retention. Some examples of companies with the most satisfied workforce are Facebook, 3M and DuPont. What do these top-rated employers have in common? They care about the work-life balance of their employees and do something about it. How?

That is where CAL, Coaching and Life, can help. CAL is a new way of approaching Coaching—and Life. CAL is an innovative way of addressing the field of personal and professional growth. We team up, and stand behind you.

At CAL we believe that employees who have “a space “where they can solve their worries and fears, think out loud and free their minds, will open the gate to clarity and better performance. CAL is behind your employees all the way to success.

CAL is an organic community model, members team up to empower and strengthen their commitment and we utilize the strengths of a variety of coaches specializing in different areas of expertise. CAL addresses multiple areas of need, affording our clients the opportunity to attain the lives they desire and deserve.

Your company can join 3 ways:

  1. Flat rate; give everyone access
  2. Choose 10-20-30-50 memberships
  3. Add as an opportunity with a discount – CAL will take the contact

If you are interested in honing your Talent Management to rival top tier companies, contact us today. Our knowledgeable representative will explain how you become a member of our CALmunity.