People who Commit, Connect, and Create an Accountable Community

Achieve the goals they set out for





Are You Responsible For Developing Corporate Training?

Offering commitment and accountability to your staff using The Successful CAL SharePoint makes a significant difference, you increase completion rates and retention because commitment partnerships work.

  • You pair up with course members,
  • You get support to achieve your results
  • You sign a contract with yourself(optional)

You can get your team on The CAL platform into the training portal and get started fast! and know Each member is accountable for the team.


What happens

when we team up?


Are You Responsible For KPI’S and Results?

Peers help each other get through their training, the whole point is to discover the strength of a team so they can acquire the skills and knowledge you paid for.

It’s the most empowering, efficient and economical way to deliver valuable human result, You empower strengthen team performance to benefit your company, and your clients. >> Click here to get overal explanation

You can deploy our CAL platform and training portal and get started fast!


Coaching for Excellence:  Reach your personal and professional goals through the Mentor Groups, Mastermind Partnerships, Team Coaching Programs and Q&A.

All designed for you to achieve results that exceed your expectations!

Remember: People who want more out of life have questions, and our Services and Teams of Experts are here to help you find right answers.


How does CAL SharePoint Actually work? 

Use your Current KPI’s to create your targets and accountable questions for each model, or you can use the pre-defined models. 1 -9.

We then upload this to the SharePoint CALmunity for your members only and when your team members sign-up, they will get access to your pre-defined information and material.

To your team you explain that you are creating C-t-A (commit to accountable) partnership for everyone to work through your training and get their questions answered, the whole idea is for everyone to succeed together.

Once each member has created a profile, they must search for someone to peer up with and start working together.

Click >> Here is the process and it only takes a few minutes for members to start.

YEAH-we-did-it V.1


This is Coaching And Life – Get inspiration to your ME 

  Our lives are strings of waves and you can not always be on track

But you can ensure that you have a place to ask – to know what to do

where you know and are already engaged and interact

and waves are fun to ride if you know how




What happens in the team how do you work

Your team in the program meet over the scheduled virtual meetups in the CALmunity system from their own place at work or room.

The moderator with lead the session of questions, answers, and take the through the entire process and procedure.

To begin with first peer will acts as the moderator leading and asking the questions to the members. Then they switch – the role. Everyone on the team will answer the questions and every member must state their level of KPI, and they are done for this session.

Accountable to the finish line and you are done for the week



  • Improvement


After each session, your TEAM members enter their score-point

Track and trace – for visible improvements 

Month after month – Week after week or session after session, the CAL collects all members KPIs and create graphs and charts to illustrate their progress.

The proof in the form and in real numbers that their progress You get the results you paid for.

How to get Started

1 Ready To Take Action

What results do you want? What gaps do you see, ask your questions and write them down ( send them to us). We break your quesitons down and we make your models. From you give us your question to you have first model (5 days) and your team is ready to start working.

No need for individual coaching, all is set for 40 min a week.

Every week choose a “Life COACH” someone other people can ask anything and they will be open minded – wear a T-shirt – use a cup – I’m a Coach – ASK ME.

2 Contact and connect with CAL

Prepare yourself for our call, you must give us enough information for us to have a good call.  Send us your wishes and goals time frame and we will schedule a call to answer your quesitons to get you started.

3 How long does it take?

From you sign our contract, we work app. 72 hours to create your custom training, forum and Q&A just for your members.

Hereafter we schedule training session where CAL leads a meeting where you get details for signup, onboarding and Q&A times with CAL. CAL provides you support all the way to ensure a smooth start

4 Expectations and change

After 5 weeks use, you will begin to see a change in your team, they start taking and sharing and are more enthusiastic, they are building deeper relationships and they are feeling that they finally have a powerful workplace with members and friends and this is just the start.

Over time you will see your team empowering each other using each other strength and abilities. Teaming up for assignments.


Give us a call +1 ( 727) 300 8443 or send us an e-mail


Why team up and do team training?

Why team up and do team training?

We all learn so much from being in an open mind training. When we team up for a goal or a task we see the strength and support other people can give us and process. It is a eye opener for many employees and leaders.

How can I get started

How can I get started

If you need to have any questions clarified you have 3 options. 

1. Call us at 727 300 8443 – MON-FRI during office hours 8 am – 4 pm EST.

2. Send us an e-mail

3 Join our Q&A for everyone Mondays at 2 pm – find the ZOOM call on talk to us live. Here you have the opportunity to hear what other people are asking.

What's the Price

What’s the price

Depending on the size of your group or number of groups you want to set up

and the expert assistance you want. You can start for $15.00-$107.00 a month per person.

How will I know I get Value for the Money

Value for your money

We track and trace your teams improvements and every months you get an performance list.

How can this solve my challenges

How can this solve your challenges

You tell us what your challenges are and you tell us what your goals and KPI’s are and from here we form the models that

your teams will train. Excel your goals and challenges into victories and great team work.


with one purpose to give you the knowledge to choose


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