Are you looking for quotes about thankfulness? In this chapter, we go behind the word thank you as well as the quote thankful. We seek, We pray, We hope, We know, We have more to give.

The words, that heal, the look that makes you know you are loved, the touch that makes you feel special. We know, the moments and for all those moments, we are thankful. We know and we are thankful because, it is, those moments that we remember.

Thankful because you know

How can we forget, it is those moments, that gave us the feeling, the touch, the look that we need to carry on, we ourselves know those moments? Just now writing I think about those moments and they are in quotes about thankfulness.







Is this not, what we all aim for everyday to add to our lives, to do better, to upgrade ourselves and be a better ME, with better MY skills. Is it not, what every day is about, being well, having a good family, that is well, and have peace with what we do and achieve the goals, we set for ourselves.

What life brings to us

For all my days, I am thankful, I try to do my best every day and I want to improve my own doing, I try, at work to” really” understand the assignments given to me. I try to be a friend and a better friend and I try to fulfill my values by understanding others and their way, and by making my dreams come true.

I love my family, they are the stars of my life, the reason for so many things, they make it all worth, it is because of them, that I know, and I am thankful, they stand by me even in troubled times. The quotes that we read needs to tell us something where we stand today, if our awareness is in a different place and our next move and steps are somewhere else. Then the quotes will not appeal to us. We read from where we are, what our world is like; and our own understanding in this moment.

Moment and quotes about thankfulness

There is not a moment, that is the same for us, and our challenges in life changes what is right now most important. That is why coaching is a very powerful tool, your story is where you are right now, your story tells, what challenges you face, what level you are on, what skills can take you to where you want to be. All what you want to, and are willing to.

We are born with gifts and talents, but it is not all of us, who uses our born natural gifts or talents. Most of use the things we learn and knowledge we acquire over time. It is the lesson of life that takes us the place.

In our searching for what is right, we make many mistakes and during our journey, we find out what we are and what we like. That is when we awaken our own awareness and we become thankful.

We know what is important to us because we have found an understanding on a higher level of life.



It is so true, and when you stand, where I do on my level we see eye to eye. It makes good sense to me. It is the challenges I face and have for a long time. If this quote appears to you, then you know what I mean. Try to understand me, I seek and I seek, I change and I change, but I am never standing. I was always told, that is not true, that is not how it is.

Then how is it?

Help me unpack, makes good sense to me because I need to find out, what is right for me. I am and that is all I am. Like this quote for thankfulness, I am thankful for all the friends that accept me as I am, that I do not get the feeling from, that I need to change to be accepted or serve them.

See for me, there are more challenges in this quote, than you can ever imagine, this is about being me, knowing me what I like, who I am, why I do, what I must do. It is not about being for everyone else and doing for everyone else.

I can see; what needs to be done! to solve and assignment long before anyone else, I can also see what the best result and outcome will be, but I cannot stay true to myself. I focus too hard on the assignment; that I get. Then I do, what it takes. What does this make me?

Who am I?

That is why the quotes about thankfulness make so good sense to me. In my story, you find the understanding, why I do, as I do, and in my story I found, that help to understand, what is was, that I am really doing. I got, to see myself in a different light.

All quotes about thankfulness are helpers for our own understanding and wisdom, and we hear what we are ready to hear. We see the view from where we stand and from our own level of awareness, if we have not tried it, we can only imagine how things feel, and we can hear stories and see journeys, without having done it or been present, but the feeling when we are there or if we have tried it, is ours alone and can never be viewed or told. Then it can only come to us as an imagination.

Thankfulness and the felling of felling thankful occurs, when we have been pushed further of or out than we want to be or are willing to be, and we find our way back to where we belong and find, what we are about. That is why we protect things, that are in our zone, or place. We know the feeling of not having it, or we know the feeling of what it is like to lose it.

Those are only examples; because thankfulness is when we know, that is not something we imagine; or have been told; it is a strong feeling from within. Think about it, how a smell can take you to happy memories, how a piece of furniture can remind you of your family. It is that feeling that it gives us.

When you know, you look at it, and it takes your mind places where you found joy and peace, that is why it is worth something to you, and for this you are thankful. You know, it is you and for you it is the difference. This is not something, that you can speak or talk with others about, that are on different levels or attitudes in life. This is your awareness.

Quotes about thankfulness make a stand, and the feeling you get within gives you the understanding of that quote. That does not have to be, what stands there, we can read a lot and many times, we do not get it. One day in one place in one moment, that makes sense to us and makes all the difference in the world.

The understanding of the quotes

That is why quotes about thankfulness are helpers for us to move on, and all the quotes there is about thankfulness, are somehow connected to the facts, that you are returning, you are doing, you are moving on, because now you know. You know the difference. You know what it means to “have to” move on.

Life shows itself from many sides and each one of us; do not see the same side or face of life. There are so much to be discovered; and there is so much that we take for granted. We learn all our lives and our awareness and own understanding of what we achieve is what really matters, sometimes we just lose focus and take ourselves out of a tangent, that is only taking ourselves further away from what is really us.

If we read and listen, there are so many quotes of life to learn from. One of the better once is the one from the flight industry, where the flight attendants say every time a plane goes into the air.

“First take on your own mask thereafter help others”

Which we can use as a quote, meaning that how can I help others, if I cannot help myself. Or if I cannot do it, why do I think and assume that others can. We learn so much from all the quotes that we see, and behind every quote, there is a lesson learned from the one writing it.

How can we guide others to destinations in life, if we do not know, where we are going ourselves? How can we know? Quotes are feelings coming into words, and thankfulness in a strong feeling of knowing, because you know, what it can feel like.

You know, the difference it is your upgrade and your improvement in life.


Look at this quote about thankfulness:


That is all can we do, we give our most precious thing, that we have “time” to something, we dedicate our time to a course, a family, a friend, a project.We do for many reasons, and what is important for us, is to know why, and what it gives ME.

Do you remember the movie with Tom Cruise, “Jerry Maguire”, where they say, “show me the money”?

What is it that he say’s, show me, what is in it for me, if I do this, what do I get, but that is not all, we have to deliver and agree of what it is, that need to be.

That is our lives in all we do. First, we are a sister or a brother as children, then we grow up and are a friend, then we are a student, a wife or husband, then we are a worker. We have so many roles in life and each role has its own challenges. We learn and are taught things in each role from day one,

Each day we add, each day we learn something new, there is never a day in our lives; that are the same, each day brings something new to our story. For us it is to find out, what we want to deliver in each role, who we are, what we do, and what that gives us, it is our own understanding of what a good person is that we aim for.

Do we know, who we are, we see that in the result of our friends and the things that we do.

Quotes are a lesson learned, a wakeup call and change in life. it is what we see, it is what we hear and for all the quotes that we can find about thankfulness, we understand the once that are close to what is our own world.I seem to find and stumble over the all the quotes that has to do with a change in your life, and how grateful I am for, what I have and who is with me.

Thankfulness comes with other terms and understanding as awareness, gratitude, grateful, happy, respect, joy, prayers, hope, wellness, abundance.

Thankfulness does not come with anything negative, thankfulness gives hope to our lives, it is to know, it is to be, it is a mindset of understanding.

I am so thankful for all the things that are in my life. I know things could be better and I know there are many things that could approve. I know that I am doing my best, I know that I try, I know that I help when I am asked, I know that I am here right now.

I know, and I am so grateful for all, that is in my life, this does not mean, that I should not continue. It means, that when I do my outstanding best, I have the peace of mind, that I am seeking, because I know, I value, I feel the abundance.

To look for quotes about thankfulness and to really read them, to find out what the lesson is behind each quote and to close one’s eyes to see what they mean to me. Is to seek a new awareness and a new understanding of where you are.

If you are content, your soul, mind and body is in balance, you are doing something right, some of us, have some of our lives in balance, but are still seeking to find out, what our level is in other areas of life. We use quotes as our wakeup call or our reminder to, what we need to know, and to seek to find out what it is we need to change.

When we tell our story, others that are not close to us, can often hear, what the missing link is, and when we see a life coach, we get our chance to have our life stories made clear to us, and we get a chance to look at what we want to change.

We seek, we pray, we hope, because we know, that we have more to give, and we are looking for that thing that can help us move on, if we did not know, that it could be better, we would not be searching.

  • If you have a great husband and wife, you do not seek for another.
  • If you have a dancing partner, you are not seeking for another dancing partner.
  • If we have balance in life, we are not seeking to get unbalanced.
  • When we know, what we have, we are thankful, because we know.

Quotes about thankfulness is a good form that helps you know, that you have done your best.

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