Have you ever heard of a supplier, that did not deliver? What you demanded or did much more than they were asked to or you paid for?

What is a supplier? we have suppliers on all different levels in life. How well do we understand the terms of a supplier?

  • The balance is  – Supplier – Customer?
  • The balance is  – Customer – Supplier?

Where do we see and use a supplier?

We use a supplier in business that is the most obvious place when we use the word supplier.

Supplier of goods and services that you pay for. We exchange knowledge for money.

Simple a supplier describes and labels the service the company offers, we as the customer looks at this service and we see if we like it.

We look at our requirements and we evaluate who can best fulfill the tasks and tents for the money we have.

So how well our tasks are solved is how well we define our requirements for the money we are willing to spend.

In business, we have tenders, where customers say, this is what I want you to adapt to.

That does not mean, that it is the best solution, that means, that this is the best way.

I as the customer sees it, with the understanding and capability that I process. today. That is the balance for the customers In business, we have purchased, where customers buy what the suppliers offer.

The customer takes in 3-5 suppliers and listens to what they say and takes what they see as the best offer for the money the process.

That is the customer balance, you do what you are capable of. You buy what you can get.

In business, there is the case where you purchase and see how you can develop the tasks together and maybe even take that workload and effort into a partnership where you see.

Who do what best for the best value for the money spend.

Those are just some of the terms of suppliers in business and maybe you can even add more.

But, there are other forms of suppliers than the terms of a supplier of goods and services.

In all we do and required there is a giver and a taker, that is what customer and suppliers mean – give and take  – there is one who enjoys and one who works.

There is always input and output and that must be in balance if you are to continue with what you do.

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What way is your demand solved

Do you even think about, what it is that you demand and how you find yourself to fulfill those demands?

Look at the last assignment you got from your own boss, not the small one that does not require that you change or do more.

One of the good once where you were challenged in how to solve and deliver the result.

How did you do? What was your strategy and what was your thinking?

How did you solve the task?

What was your thinking?

How well did you understand your own demands?

How well did you see your own capability?

What was your strength and what was your weakness?

What do we use suppliers for?

If we define a supplier as something, which we do not do ourselves, then we can define a supplier as a person or a company that fulfills tasks and jobs which we do not want to, cannot, or is willing to do ourselves.

Having said that it becomes clear

That to define the outcome you are seeking it the most important achievement you must work on.

What is your goal?

It is for your satisfaction, it is your seeking and how you work with fulfillment?

Is that, not why we have all the questionaries and wishes for feedback, why do you give your inputs for improvements. You know a better outcome

Is that not where you and I and test and challenges how well, how great and how good we understand our customers and ourselves.

How do we align and comply in what we say we want and what we get?

  • What do you want? Or what do you expect?
  • How well do you understand your own demand?
  • Do you know what you want?
  • Do you see how it is done?
  • Do you know the pain solver your supplier is?

We exchange in all we do. It is not possible not to exchange.

We do a job, it is because someone else needs something done, when we fight it is because of different agendas.

The split in life is because we are going in different directions.

When we unite it is because we see the same agenda.

If there is a demand, a wish, a desire, then there is a supplier.

Things balance out in life and it can only happen if you allow it to. You have one chance to use your power and after you have forced something through you are alone.

You may have people do what you say, but you will never have the person’s trust and creativity for the solution if you use your force and position for the results you aim and seek.

  • Think about a child that faces criticism or disapproval, how the child learns to condemn.
  • Or how a child that is hit learns to fight, how a child that is mocked become shy,
  • Or how a child that faces irony gets the feeling of bad conscience.

What do all the above have in common?

In common is that if you face disapproval from others you learn how to condemn because this is what you have learned yourself. If you face disapproval it must be because there is something right and something wrong. You face it you do it.

That is a customer-supplier solution too.

Customer-supplier solution is on so many levels in our lives.

The one most of us work is the business-related one, where work demands this of us.

We do what we are told and if this matches our personality then the job we do comes easily to us.

If we are asked to perform and create solutions that do not match our personality then the task and assignments require more of us as the person and the skills we process.

That’s why, when we apply for a job today.

HR test and investigates and seek if we have the right ability to fulfill the task and challenges we will face. Can we do it?

Other areas of Supplier Customer relation

Thinking about it, did you ever hear or maybe even tried it yourself.

I need a girlfriend.

When I look for a girlfriend she is never there, then I stop looking and then she stands right in front of me.

I was not looking.

If we step back one step, in the sourcing face, or the phase where you are looking. Do you set demands or are you out searching for the possible – what is there?

See that’s the challenge, in the search phase, we do not set demands or requirements, we are looking for all that there is, and we search to see what we can find.

If we then take one step forward we start setting out demands and that is when all our searching is tested when we did our searching, how well did.

We manage to give the “opponent” my girlfriend or customer the description of what am I seeking, what is that I want.

What journey are you in for with me.

That is when we start understanding that supplier and customer relations is so much more than just delivering.

What I ask.

Below is so much more.

Take an I-phone we all have one and even though we all have the same phone on the outside, each one is unique tailor-made just for you.

Your fit’s you and mine fit’s me.

hey look the same and yet they are so different.

If I am to succeed in finding my girlfriend that one that matches me.

I must be very good at understanding myself first, I must know what I need. Because I get the opposite.

If I want to play fair.

I will find someone who does justice, if I want friendship I must be kind and understanding.

If I want encouragement I will need to find someone who is confident.

Understanding the puzzle of what stones to pick and what bricks to lay is the challenge we all face.

Whether it is for business or in our personal life.

Facts are – if we do not like the output, we must change the input.

If we continue to do more of what we do, we get more of the same we have. That was not what you were seeking, was it?

Move On – let yourself be inspired, seek new input for new ways of understanding.

That is what business does, when they ask you for your feedback, here you give them your “sight” and view for free, your way of seeing it.

This can be worth so much.

Because to find someone, who is filing to tell you the way they see it, is the best feedback and addon you get. If someone sees that, someone else will too.

The question is, are you willing to listen.

I know, I have been told by so many for so long, do not tell the truth let it go. Let it be, let it fall.

Could I do that no, I had to tell it as I see it, and yes, I did pay the price and I have the consequences?

Do I feel bad, yes, I do, do I feel sorry, not I don’t?

Why because I know I was true, and I know what I have done, I know that in all my doing there was not one thing in it for me as me.

What have I learned?

That the agenda is so important to understand because where there is a supplier there is a customer.

Where something is happening and going on, it does because there is a customer there is a demand.

What should I have done?

Agenda, I did not search for the agenda, I did not see the customer’s wish.

I did not fulfill the wish of the customer.

The customer is the one with the money in the hand, the one paying for the service is the one with the power.

That is a fact no one can change.

Next step?

Once a customer and supplier relationship is broken is taking so much effort to build up or repair, if it can ever be repaired.

We know, how many have taken an old girlfriend or boyfriend back if they have cheated and once those boundaries, limits have been crossed the trust and the content will always be something different.

It can never ever be the same.

This life in this lifetime.

This life and this lifetime do not offer a reverse, and the faster and quicker things get transparent the wiser and smarter we must all be.

There is no stop, there is no pause. There is forward and fast steady speed. That is why we need input and we need to share our challenges in life.

It is very difficult to face challenges alone without having someone or several to share and explore this with, we need to see things from so many sides because we are measured on our results now.

There is no listening to the intentions behind the moves or taking the desire to wait to see if the outcome matches.

It is here and now, either you are in our you are out.

There is nothing in between, there is not the willingness to seek to understand someone who has a different mindset than me.  

We even now have a word for people we find out of scope – divergent, we even make movies about it. We see it and we do it.

It is no longer a person that reads our applications and looks at the person behind, it is a machine that looks for words and selections.

It is no longer me as an employee that can contribute with.

What I see and know it is for management solely and only.

If you are in!

You get to say what you think if you are out to be quite silent and let the once that are in speak.

We change the world so much by the lack of tolerance and patience, by the perfection we seek. Think about how great it is to know that we are not perfect.

Think about how much we can accomplice if we just let there be room for who we are. How much joy we can create.

Think about how much more you get when you are positive and you show tolerance, think about how much better you are a selecting the supplier.

How much wiser you know how to measure yourself and the supplier.

Strong is together keeping everyone in – think about it –

Think about –  how much more you accomplice, when you do things together.

That is what CAL coachingandlife is all about understanding, what kind of customer you are, what is your demands of life, because that is the supplier you seek, that is the outcome you aim for.

That is why we need to share our life stories because in our stories is the power of understanding, what it is we seek.

How well do we define what we are seeking, and what do we need to change and learn to find and get the outcome we aim for.

Good luck

Thank You for reading and know,

that you are already a customer and supplier on many levels in your life.

Be a good customer and a great supplier in what you choose To Do.