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To how to lead, but there are good tools to learn. Each individual and organization have strength and powers that need the right back up and support. Leadership is to understand the gaps and support them right way forward. You do not know the reaction of your leader. You do not know how strong a leader you are in front of and even more what is your leader’s authority, what level of involvement and or not involved is your leader.

This program will help you support open gaps and give you the tools to empower yourself and your team. It will be tailor-made to support your needs

A Tool To Support


Get what you want in your life and keep it

The affirmation tool will keep you on track all the way


The Affirmation Tool

Check-in Every day and keep track

Your Affirmation Tool


Here is how The Program Works

It is your daily affirmation training for your goals to empower your performance.

Here you will practice your performance every day.


Your Daily Affirmation tool 4 questions

  • How are you?
  • What do you improve?
  • Did you improve today?
  • Are you in progress

Create your life and KEEP IT.

How to be happy?

How to be happy, is something very personal.

What do to and how to get it, is a tool that belongs to you solely. We aim to support you get the tools and support you need to find the way to your happiness and outcome. The first step is to get yourself a

Personal life coach to track and trace yourself, at Coaching and Life we first seek to find out what is it that you are spending your time on, what is your mind spinning around

The personal life coach to track and trace you is to give you the real view of what is really going on in your life. What are you really doing, most of us tell ourselves something and we do something else. With your personal life coach, you will track and trace yourself.

Your next step is to seek and find a life coach, not every life coach matches you and you will very fast find out how to learn, how to take care of yourself. The support from coaches from Coaching and Life will help and support you with the guidance to what is really important in your life. The fact is if you do it, it counts.

To find a coach and to have a good life coach with you is your tool to get the opportunity to ask yourself the right questions. You want things to happen in your life.

You love the inspiration you get on Instagram and Facebook but facts are that it is not your life.

Your life is here and you need to take action right here. If you want something to change you need to change it. Look at the inspiration you get from the media and make up your mind what is important to you.

A life coach near me to get clarity, well-being, and success in life.It’s the key to how to be happy.

That is what you want to have, a life coach near you get clarity – open your eyes to your life – once you see what you want, you will start asking the right questions for how to get it.

This is your time and how you spend it. Once you start asking for what you want your well-being will increase and you will feel so good, there is nothing like going for the goals in life you want.

You feel so good when things happen the way you like them to, and there is one thing for sure, if you do not take control you will need to navigate in what life brings your way.

Choose what you want and start working for what you want in your life. The first step is to get:


The Pocket coach mentor behind you to train good habits – Coaching and Life and the key to how to be happy

It’s your private tool to support you all the way, it is not easy to keep focus in a work that constantly wants to change you and make you do something differently.

Focus your mind and listen to the world but do not interfere with what other people want or need in their life. You of all people know that happiness is personal and we can never tell you what you need to do. We can only give you inspiration.

You are the master of your life and your performance depends 100% on how you decide to do it.

Your feedback is the results – if you want to achieve something you must listen to the feedback. A singer cannot sing-song and be famous if people do not like songs.

You do not go to a fat person for a diet, You do not seek advice and inspiration from someone who is not what you are looking for, you seek it from the one you believe can guide you and support you with tools.

Find the life coach that you believe can offer you the questions you need to find an answer to, and while you work with a life coach and mentor find more tools to support you like:

Meditation and Mindfulness lifestyle coach mentors near me, Coaching and Life

Using meditation and mindfulness lifestyle is a way for your to find out what you hold within, having and coach mentors near you, me at coaching and life is an even stronger tool for us to hold our own focus.

Never let go of who you are.

Never let go of what you want to show the world. You have a great opportunithttps://www.coachingandlife.com/my-kids-your-kids/y to show the world your dreams, how it can and will improve the world.

Coming together with different desires, dreams and wishes is our opportunity to help and support each other going forward in life – in YOUR life.

Don’t waste time use your time wisely and know where to add and where to let go.

Happiness is personal our life coach mentor in the pocket is your personal tool for your happiness.

Let’s support you be your strongest and best version.



Get Good Habits
Tailor your life till you love living it

Training good habits - We believe consistency
1. Start Dreaming 2. Get the Pocket Coach [NEW] 3. Dynamic as a tool 4. Track and Trace yourself 5.Need new life skills 6. Your contract GARANTEE

Choose one membership get Any Program you want!

Select One membership and Get Access to your choice of Program

Choose one membership get Any Program you want!

Select One membership and Get Access to your choice of Program

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