Child dream is the a driver.

Your child dreams what was it, and did you work to make it real. Did you believe in yourself or did you let go. Dreams – do come true, but you must master the plan, the vision for your dreams do come true – child dreams how to work with them and know how important they really are.

A child dream.

What feedback do you need to recover – get back into it or make your “child dream” come true.

Children dream, children believe, children trust, children know they can do it, children can play with everyone until their parents tell them they cannot.

Children see all the possibilities and to does. Children never give up.

What happens and why do we let this mind change?

Where are your children today? do you help them keep the faith? to stay strong in beliefs of what can be achieved?

If we take a look at what we do as parents, how do we support and listen to our children?

Do we have to stop for a moment, and think about our own mindset?

So the mindset we have learned and work with every day has taken me/ you to where we sit right now.

Do you want the same mindset for your children or do you want something else? I want something else.

I do not want my children taking these steps, making the same mistake.

So if that is the case? – what do I need to change?

I have 2 strong issues that I want to prevent.

I want my children to be strong readers and strong writers, this is tasks that have always held me down. I am thinking, is it enough that I read and write with them every day.

Or is there something else that has an influence on the facts – if one becomes a strong reader and writes?

My mindset believes that if we are good at communication you can handle almost anything anywhere.

This I know can be challenged and I hope you do. A child dream is there for a reason, challenge it and get support to overcome.

Skills training and learning.

Will those skills help my children to reach their goals, these questions can only be answered in time, and the difficult part is, we do not have the option to change it, in all we do with our children.

We have only a few changes, they learn so fast, and change so rapidly, that we as older may be wiser, but the mindset is much stiffer or locked in positions we seldom know why.

Walt Disney says: Dreams do come true? and that is true if we work hard to achieve it.

It’s child dreams

Why is it that we do not work hard enough?

What is challenges us or prevents us?

When in childhood does this happen? What can I as a parent do?

What do I need to do? if I want to be a parent that gives my child the believes you can do, you can make it happen and make a difference!


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