Stress coaching is a tool to bridge and solve what you face.

Humans can do and overcome mostly anything if we have the right coaching and guidance.

How to find a stress coach

A stress coach can give you tools to help you bridge and handle the situation you thought never possible. Take the tools and make your life easy, don’t make my mistake you pay dearly.

What does that mean?

If you know why you are doing it, you believe and there is nothing in this world as strong as a believer. How can you argue against what you believe? it is not possible.

If you believe you are going to make? nothing can stop you! If you do not believe nothing can drag you.

Most of what humans do comes from believing. I believe because we are different there is a place in the spotlight for all of us. How can you argue against that?

If we argue against a believer our own faith is challenged and what we find when we ague is our own belief.

We do not find the truth or what is real, no we find what we believe.

A stress coach

When you feel like sharing your challenges with a stress coach, it is because the link between you and what you are doing is stressing you?

Speaking from a mindset that has tried stress and burn out, I believe it is when you for a long period of time have been doing something a way that is not right for you.

How can I clarify:

Here is an example from my life:

I worked on a transportation set-up where pharmaceutical products where being transported. It is a setup with rules, law, temperatures, and time and I did not agree with management in the quality of the set-up. I could not see the model they wanted to achieve to match the needs.

Outcome was stress

I tried to do as they told me to, I tried to see if I could influence the situation, I tried to go against them and show them what was the right thing to do. The more I tried the more stressed I felt. It was wrong and it was so wrong that I could not sleep at night.

I needed a stress coach

Know why

What did the stress coach do, the first thing she asked me was? why do you believe you have stress? and like anyone else, I did not know, I have have been working with coaching tools for 20 years, and here she is asking me a simple question, why do I not feel good.

Not doing good

When you feel good you do good, and I was not doing good, and I did not feel good, to have a whole company against you wanting me to do something I believed was wrong. (See “the belief” comes in here and steers me).

The outcome

Staying and knowing I did something wrong within

Holding on to my belief and getting fires

I choose to get fired. It was not a good day and they made it even worse – that is a different story.

The fact is that the director went to his department and opened his arms and said – yes she is gone. Now we have free opportunities to do what we want.

The Point with a stress coach

She could ask me the questions I could not and she could open doors and make meaning in things I could not and most important she could talk to me listen to me and hear what I felt and why I was doing what I was doing.

The game of business and money is not about how you feel and what you believe. It’s about making money and using the power you hold.

I was in the wrong game for the wrong reasons and I need to find a good stress coach.

How to find a stress coach to help you bridge and solve

Finding a good stress coach changed everything for me. I found out what I believe and what I have to work for and with. It matters to me to do the right thing. I strive and work hard to find our what is the right thing, and sometimes it makes me a slow decision maker.

The fact is I did not need or gain anything from the setup to the solution, then why did it matter to me. Why did I not just let it go?

I should have let it go and I should have let years before

The stress coach made me realize so many tings about me and my job, it was an amazing discovery finding out what I am really about and what makes me feel good.

A stress coach can bridge and solve

Looking back

Lesson learned a very hard way – more than you can imagine and if you come to the closed private forums I will share my story. It is not a good story and it is not over and it is a story about how what you believe you really need to think about because it can destroy you and you will become what you believe.

If you doubt, fear or feel like you are in situations where you are losing out, share you beliefs with a stress coach and get the tools to win.

Not my company

I am fired and out and they did not stop there. What was the win for me? There was no win for me, so why did I have to believe and stay with my belief. The answers for by-invitation-only.

Facts are a good stress coach can help you bridge and solve problems and opportunities you thought not being possible.

Results and outcome

Take yourself forward in good ways and Here we are learning and navigating forward day-by-day and one thing is for sure. Trust what you believe but do not make it control you.

I failed I let my belief make it easy for the opponent the could play me and they were even so good that they could control if I liked them. ( and that is a different subject). There is nothing as easy as to control anger.

We never know what the day will bring

But one thing is for sure, there is nothing like feeling good and when you feel good you do good.

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