What is a challenge?

How to manage complex change in life

Life is one-way street. We move forward and we explore, expand, develop, increase, improve ..

Change is Challenge – it’s life moving forward – never ending never stopping

You will face challenges in your lifetime, where you need insight learning and training to overcome


Progress changes.

What drives forward. We do – Companies drive progress for results, and if the management believes, that the people they have cannot deliver the result.

Management will fire you. Let me give you an example:

Being fired can be a huge challenge

I did not want to add my name to a tender that did not keep the rules of GDP. It leads to a gap and they fire me.

They hack my data, they call everyone, they try to destroy my name and the good mindset. That is a huge challenge when a multi-company plays dirty.

That is a challenge for you and me when this happens

Being redundant can be a huge challenge.

Your skills are taken over by technology and the skills and the knowledge you process are no longer needed.

Where are you going to go, what are you going to do? It’s time for new learning and new thinking. That is a challenge for you or me when this happens

New Family Values

You just meet a new girlfriend and she comes with 2 kids, that are raised differently from what you know.

Things do not have the same meaning and understanding. It’s like starting over but not only that, it is also about finding meaning in what is already there.

That is a challenge for you, your girlfriend your kids, and her kids, it demands flexibility openmindedness, and love and care.

It is a challenge for a long time and can need clarity and insight.

Health and Healthcare

Your health your family’s health, your friend’s health and we can go on, health is the key to doing what we want and if our health gives us restrictions it can be very challenging for everyone around us.


Technology and Software

Technology and new software are what faster and faster will change our way of life, the software will take over and drive many task and jobs for us, good or bad it is what is in our future.

Here at Coachignandlife, we work with an analyzing software tool that helps us gather information in realtime.

You cannot beat real-time, You cannot beat real-time analysis. You cannot beat automized filing and results. That is a challenge for the people who use to do the excel – bring data together.

We will work smart and we will do better.


Feeling and Emotions

It’s all in the way you make me feel. If you meet people you do not trust and that are not loyal to you. What are you going to do? You will let them go.

Silence is for people who do not care. Who does not take the time and effort to care about other people than themselves? We kill the messenger.

People who do not care about anyone else but themselves will say, why do you add gas to the fire.


Performance and Rank

We are born to compete, we are born to improve and do better and the challenge is how can we compete and rank while making other people feel okay

Most important is learning. Finding out with yourself, what you did not see, hear, feel and get.

What were you missing, what learning is in it for you? How do you want to do better? For my part, the challenge is not to become like them.

I look at them and I see a company, I see people and they represent all that I do not want in life. That is a huge challenge.

It’s a huge challenge to get the learning and training to steer and navigate through and become what I want and admire.


The Challenge?

89% of your challenges are good challenges that you overcome without thinking about them. Is the last 11% that are the problems, because the 11% will determine who you become and what mindset you will define.

How you solve difficult challenges?

Do you fire people? when you fire people you let them go, you let go and you do not care.

That is the issue, not care because when do you know when you fire the right person and keep the right person. How can you? you do not care.

Do you let your boyfriend go?

How can you overcome the difference in your values and work out understanding and compassion for what is different from you or the way you want it.

Love and caring are about giving and taking. That is the topic and if we never solve the real topic? – hmm where are we then going?

How do you choose to move on?

How can you define the challenge?

If you can?

Or even if you want to?

To define the real challenge you need a good self-image and to keep a good self-image you need feedback, Coachingandlife works as an automized feedback tool in realtime. It’s amazing what software offers us and how it helps. We forget that people actually develop software to help out?

The most important thing for you and me is to define the challenge. Before we know the challenge we cannot address solutions.


How do we move on or get over it?


What happens if you do not overcome the Challenge?

That’s a challenge If a challenge breaks you. I once knew a girl that chose to be sick, not really sick just so sick that she had to have her own office, could not attend dinners, could not be around many people. When what she should have done was to leave her job and husband. Her life with him was making her sick and she needed to isolate herself from the world.

That is what happens to us if we do not work with our challenges,  we always work with our challenges if that is eaten too much, having too much alcohol, doing scam business, cheap and lie. We always work the challenge and companies that need to fire, lose profit, are all signs of how they work the challenges

– wrong people make wrong results.

Good leaders make good results and show people the good sides of life.

You know when you meet a good leader. It’s not something you see, it’s a feeling deep within.


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