Business and what you need to know

What you need to know

How to make good business takes insight and it in itself it is an art and a game. You need to know the rules and how to do good business. The art of business is the insight, it is not luck, it is hard work and a chain of making the right decisions. Here you find all we write about business gain inspiration and experience and how to play the game and make smarter decisions.

We are a data-driven portal and we gain our insights from analytics in real-time

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Describe a Life Altering Event.

Question of the Day.            For many, #naturaldisasters can be major #life-altering events—even when there was no physical or financial loss. The unexpectedness of such an event can cause changes that can cause long lasting concerns.            That said, there are many who get through said events and wind up stronger and a sense of [ Read more …. ]

Starting a Health and Wellness Business Gain improved good inspiration

How to start a health and wellness business! Here is an overview from idea to plan of what to do and think about when starting up a Health and Wellness business. By Nicole Rubin For potential small-business owners looking to start their own venture into the health niche, it can sometimes be daunting if you [ Read more …. ]

Understand Company KPI’s

Life coaching and KPI’s Nothing is more important than understanding the KPI’s of the company you work for. Do you understand your company’s KPI’s Do you know how to work them KPI’s Do you know what your boss says and is that equal to what he means? If you need support to understand your company’s [ Read more …. ]

The way we are at work, and how not to do

How not to do at work – 10 things that I failed on and for you to know First to look in the mirror and to know that the whole world knows you failed, that is one thing, to be at work and see that everyone is talking about you, just not with you, that [ Read more …. ]

Design Your Way

Design your way.          Make it happen, make the difference you need in order to make it happen, only you can do, only you know,  what it requires to make it happen. Within coaching, we believe that each goal or outcome start with the Congruence, you need to be congruent with what you want. Positively stated, [ Read more …. ]

How to be a strong leader; Get training from a life coach.

Destress, stop fear and worries Wake-up people stress and people burnout People are not happy, what habits do you get at work that is making you happy and what habits do hold at work that is stressing you out. This why a life coach or a business insider can support and bridge the gaps. We [ Read more …. ]

What is Great leadership? A dear word, used by many

Future leadership and the next version of our meetup from around the world Leadership is a dear word, used by many practiced by few or very hard to practice and how do you see it. This blog is about corporate people coming together and talking and sharing what leadership is and how it has impacted [ Read more …. ]

Redo Your Resume and Stay Busy in Retirement

Retirement is something we all work toward, but once you get there. What keeps you occupied? You’ll pursue hobbies and spend more time than ever with family, friends, and your partner. It all may seem like a walk in the park, but it might not be enough. According to, after about a year of [ Read more …. ]

Career Coaching How do I make the right choices? What can and can’t I change?

Existential Careers Coaching in practice Written by Career Coach: SharonKing Careers Coaching and Existentialism Seasoned Career Coach As any seasoned Career Coach is aware, career coaching is not just about finding a job or a career. Inevitably, in a session with a client, deeper concepts can emerge through the conversation., such as, what is most [ Read more …. ]

Top Upgrades to Your Home Office Space

One of the many bonuses of running a small business from home Is the ability to create, customize, and update your home office whenever you feel the need. You want your home office space to be set up for optimal efficiency and productivity, but you also want it to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, [ Read more …. ]

Business and what you need to know

10 reason why it helps
1. Business is the cores to making money and it is mind-set where you exchange service, this way you do not have to do it your self.
2. Think smart, people who do good business have a mindset to get people in the game feeling good.
3. You want to do business with people who make you feel good
4. Use what you know, and learn what you need so you can join the game.
5. Play with people at your level
6. Gain insight go for the becoming
7. Take your stand for what it means to you
8. Trust and reliable are strong cores drivers to make it happen
9. Build your brand
10. Become your dreams love what you and let it make you happy

It’s not easy and if you want to be come excellent it takes time and effort and you must find yourself a mentor to share and care with. Practicing to become great takes effort insight and facts. You need to find the tools and experience to learn from.

It’s like building a new habit to support your dreams.

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