Alone, know that you are not alone.

You are alone, and even more if you do not action yourself out, out in the real world. It is not an easy thing to step out into the real world, but heavings you will feel good. You will stand by yourself and believe in yourself.

It is time to stop fearing all and listening to the social media scare scenario, let it go, feel yourself and start making your own stories.

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Who cares what you are doing?

You do, and this is why does it matter how you feel, it matters to you, who cares about you? And it is important for all of us to sound ourselves with people who care about us. You and me.

Having followers and likes does not make your day. It makes their day. It’s all wrong, using all your energy on social media will make you alone, and trust me you are their best customer.

There is nothing like a loyal customer, and if you spend 5 hours everyday on social media, you are a really really loyal customer. They sell your loneliness.

Alone is the best social media customer.

Social media will do anything to drag you to loneliness. Alone is the most loyal customer they can have and they can sell you over and over. How many “same promotions” do you see a day on social media.

How reliable are the services you see – or the news you read.

Even moreover, any of it you need in your life – Ups except to know someone out there is feeling worse than you do. What a relief.

No, not really

It does not help your life at all. You will not find friends, exercise or be happier. You will be left not smarter, wiser or better – dynamic to match your needs.

Your learning and teaching belong to you and learning and teaching will strengthen you, because when we share we grow and strengthen.

The wrong turn to alone

So, what is wrong with social media as we can learn a lot, and it is “sharing” but, No, it is not, because you are not with people, you do not engage or align.

You are told or you tell.

Sharing is a dialog with input, disagreements, alignment and understanding of output. If you want to share something with someone, it must be because they care about the outcome, or what happens. If you feel alone, it is because you share, are among people, who do not care about your outcome, victories or success.

Victories are in line with alone.

When you fight for something you believe you will stand for something and you rise like a star. Along the way you will align with the need, desire and what the task, job, the sport demands. You will use yourself as an instrument to achieve the results, but the prices is, you will be alone.

Someone will follow you for a while, and you will meet new people who like you are tough who wants to achieve and feel the power of overcoming the obstacles.

But then you will meet new people who like you are striving. The difference is how you feel, when you are fighting for something you believe.

You feel good and you will feel it is okay to be alone, it will not be lonely, it will be a break, a time to rethink, reevaluate, redirect and most importantly a time to set new measures and goals.

Life is ups and downs and in between, you are alone.

Lets be honest, there is nothing worse than not having a purpose or feel that what you do, say and want does not matter.

So rise my friend, rise and show the world who you really are.

It is soon NEW YEAR and it is time to step out of alone, and being the loyal customer to someone else life, it is time to believe and set your mark and start working for it.

You can never give up, you can never let yourself be defeated, you are the rising star, and it is your time.

What you need to do to step out of feeling alone.

Start dreaming? ( It’s all in your mind) – you have it.

Start seeing the hope that life brings you ( it’s all in your mind) – you have it.

Now comes the dare part, start talking about it, start believing in yourself, I can do this, I got this, and start sharing with other people.

Yes, you will fail, but start over, start dreaming, start seeing the hope life brings you, and start sharing.

You can step out of feeling alone today.

Today, you can change it.

It’s all in your mind, and you can do it, I believe you, I know you can do it, because like you this is what I do, I dream, I find the hope and I start sharing. Now I start seeing the real people, those who live and are not zombies and just sitting.

Alone is a choice you choose.

Alone is a feeling we get when we feel that no one is supporting us, and we stand all by ourselves.

1.You spend most of your time by yourself: If you find yourself constantly alone and have little to no social interactions or activities with others, it is a sign that you are alone.

2. Feeling lonely even in a crowd: Even when you are surrounded by people, you still feel a deep sense of loneliness or disconnection. This indicates that you are alone emotionally or socially.

3. Lack of close relationships: If you have very few or no close relationships, such as close friends or a partner, it suggests that you are alone in terms of intimate connections.

    4. Difficulty in finding someone to confide in: When you have no one to share your thoughts, feelings, or concerns with and struggle to find someone you can confide in, it shows that you are alone in terms of emotional support.

    5. Limited or no social invitations: If you rarely receive invitations to social events or gatherings, it may suggest that you are alone or not included in social circles.

    6. Lack of social connections: Having a small social network or feeling disconnected from your existing network signifies that you are alone in terms of social interactions and relationships.

    7. Feeling isolated or neglected: If you constantly feel isolated, neglected, or like an outsider, whether at work, school, or in social settings, it is a clear indication that you are alone in terms of acceptance and inclusion.

    Feeling alone

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